TWH 3/2/16

Super Tuesday Hangover.

When you blame people for not voting, you criticize people that have lost hope.

The ruling class would have us believe it doesn’t matter who you vote for, and they hand-select candidates that prove their point.

But they can’t control the outliers – the ones that take on the ruling class, and, for some reason, obtain a following that defies the control of ‘mainstream’ media.

The real threat to the ruling class is someone who they cannot control.


You can get your Super Tuesday results here.



38 thoughts on “TWH 3/2/16

  1. The “ruling class” knows exactly how to control moi. Two options: wait till I croak from natural cause, or shoot me now. I do now, therefore and hereby (having just watched “them” in their Super Tues. “victory” speeches) invite both Got Rump and Truss Ted to stop by at any time and try either option. I want them to learn the meaning of “disappointment.”

    Meanwhile, Bernie won Colorado. πŸ˜†

    • Bernie! – Again the statistic that backs up BNF’s thesis above – Donald Trump gets 72 times more coverage on TV/media than Bernie Sanders.

        • Reality TV – the US presidential election has become the ultimate reality show – you are right it’s nothing but money – Simon Cowell must have creamed his jeans by now.

        • Just imagine what would happen if Trump called out to Roboto – “You’re fired” at the next GOP Poo-fling

          • Not sure The Rubiot* would even know what that meant.

            *The Rubiot and his imagined “mission” were perfectly defined in The Rubaiyat (of Omar Khayyam):

            A Moment’s Halt–a momentary taste
            Of BEING from the Well amid the Waste–
            And LO!–the phantom Caravan has reach’d
            The NOTHING it set out from–Oh, make haste!

            • His devotees are, well, not so corporate. Lotsa narcissistic supply flowing….

  2. The alarming statistics last night were the record turnouts on the GOP side, voting for Donald Mussolini …..and lower turnouts on the Dem side. What Cenk Uygur says on the electability question is true – Hillary does not beat Trump (but maybe ‘Smell-my-fart’ and Roboto) but Bernie does ….. Dem voters are making a big mistake I fear.

    I am going for QOTD today (Badmoodman, come on back!)

    “When you think of how stupid the average American is, remember half of them are more stupider – and they have found their candidate”

    Donald Trump – Making America Xenophobic Again.

  3. My kids were talking about me giving them their registrations of UK ‘citizenship’ (actually called being ‘subjects of the Crown’ – sounds like serfdom eh?) so they could bail whenever they could get the wedge together.

    • Begging for a Caption Contest:

      “He said ‘Ball Washer’, that sounds like an important job – I like sports, I like the sound of that”

        • I’ll make things even scarier.
          Remember how George was Dick Cheneys’ ball washer?
          Yeah, now imagine Christie in that role reversal.

          • Oooh, yeah, scary scary! I wonder if Christie would also glom onto things like spray-tan and squirrel pelts atop the dome? Make him look more “presidential” y’know.


  4. What is this about Romney is going to give a ‘State of the Race’ speech? 😜

  5. In case you missed it. Cenk hammers Bill0! It occurs to me that, if we had a functional media in this country, every self-respecting “news” show on TV and radio would invite Cenk to repeat this editorial, verbatim. Alas. we don’t have a functional media and “news” shows are more likely to be self-important than self-respecting.

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