Sunday Roast: What the…what??

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At a rally in Florida, the GOP front-runner, Donald “Drumpf” Trump, encouraged people to raise their right hands with a promise to  vote for him in the upcoming primary.  Yes, the photo above is real, and people didn’t have a problem, or didn’t understand the horrible historical significance, of a large crowd raising their hands in such a way.

Yeah, I know, Godwin’s Law and all that, but COME ON.  Doesn’t the photo of the Drumpf rally make you all squirmy inside — and not in a good way?

Is Drumpf just trolling these ignorant people, so he can have a laugh later on with the wife and kids?  Or is Drumpf actually that friggin’ stupid?  And do I really want to know either way…?

Here’s what Drumpf said, while wagging his stubby little finger, after he got all the rubes to do their clueless Nazi imitations:

“Don’t forget you all raised your hand,” Trump said at the conclusion of the pledge. “You swore. Bad things happen if you don’t live up to what you just did.”

He’s finished talking to people at a fourth grade level — now he’s down to speaking on a pre-school level — which seems appropriate since toddlers, much like Drumpf, tend to “say what they think,” too.

I weep for this country…

This is our daily open thread — Sorry, not sorry.

47 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: What the…what??

  1. DSM Shocker – Impositional Religiosity Declared a Mental Disorder (Satire)

    In the following essay, I suggest that the serious embrace of religion can and often is a mental condition, but I recognize that this is not an original idea:

    Devout, orthodox, or dogmatic religion (or what we might call religiosity) is significantly correlated with emotional disturbance.

    People largely disturb themselves by believing in absolutistic shoulds, oughts and musts…The devoutly religious person tends to be inflexibly closed, intolerant and unchanging. Religiosity, therefore, is in many respects equivalent to irrational thinking and emotional disturbance.

    Albert Ellis, Psychotherapy and Atheistic Values (1980)

    Introduction: The DSM

    Despite vigorous protests from Republican presidential candidates, the Vatican, Fox News, Westboro Baptist Church and preachers across the land, a new entry has been added to the authoritative Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Social scientists term the new mental disorder, the 298th official DMS entry, Impositional Religiosity. It is seen in all parts of America, but is far more common in common in those states with Republican legislatures. It is characterized by passionate tendencies to evangelize for policies, laws and other rules that impose elements of faith-based beliefs, dogmas and creeds on secular societies. As a consequence, religious beliefs are inflicted on many who view such perspectives as unwelcome, irrational and even preposterous.

    I’m glad the writer put (Satire) in the title. For a minute there I thought we really had something to worry about! 😛

  2. I’m optimistically wondering if maybe Drumpf’s fascism starting to catch on in the media. Just last Friday night, e.g., Rachel did a detailed segment on the current Republican politic in which she even used the words ‘brown shirts’ and ‘fascism’ and showed old film clips of both Mussolini and Hitler and their thugs. She wasn’t as ‘bold’ as she could have been in the comparison, but for a major news network it was both surprising and refreshing to watch.

    I wonder what will be the effect if/when one day the MSM actually speaks reality and defines today’s conservative GOP as classical fascism and uses Hitler and Mussolini as role models for what we’re watching every day? My guess is the screaming over at Goebbels . . . err FOX (sorry) “News” will be both loud and vicious.

  3. On Fox News Sunday, Rush Limbaugh explains Trump’s appeal. He should know, he uses the same tactics as Trump!

  4. George Will: “I think we may have passed ‘Peak Trump’ as it will be known. I don’t think Mr. Romney was under any illusions that he was going to talk Trump supporters out of supporting him. I think he knows the axiom, that you can not reason people out of a position they have not been reasoned into.”

    • “Peak Trump”? What, right after The Donald boast of the size of his genitalia we have to talk about “Peak Trump”?

    • What Romney really said the other day: ‘In channeling Ann Coulter, I’ve realized that if we don’t nominate Ted Cruz, Trump will get the nomination and we’ll lose in November.’


    Should The Zoo endorse a candidate for the Presidency?

    If so, how should we go about obtaining a consensus?

    • It was always our policy from this site’s founding that The Zoo would not endorse any particular candidate, but that we could express our individual preferences in posts (provided we’re clear that we speak for ourselves, not for the site as a whole.)

      I am an unaffiliated liberal libertarian voter. I am not a registered Democrat and, therefore, I feel I have no say in who they nominate to be their POTUS candidate. I will very likely vote for the Dem nominee (though not necessarily), but I absolutely will not vote for the Republican under any circumstances. I am opposed to virtually everything on their national platform. They are what is currently wrong with America.

      Why wouldn’t I not certainly vote for the Dem nominee? I believe one of the problems with our electoral system is the two-and-only-two-party system. Unlike conservatives, I am not a binary thinker. I don’t need my options boiled down to two and only two choices. I don’t want a majority of Democrats or Republicans leading either House of Congress. I want them to have to work with other parties and philosophies to govern effectively. So I want to support third party candidates.

      If a candidate for POTUS gets at least 5% of the national vote, that candidate’s party automatically gets to field candidates for national office (Representative, Senator, POTUS) for the next four years without having to gather signatures to get them on the ballots. That can save some of the smaller parties thousands of dollars every election. (The Reform Party was entitled to this four-year automatic ballot slots right after Perot got 19% of the vote, but they ended up going to court and breaking up over which faction should get those spots. I think nobody won.) That gives us a better chance of having someone other than the Democrats and Republicans ruling us. Wouldn’t you like to see a huge chunk of the Liberal side of the aisle representing working families/labor have a say in whether or not TPP passes? Or environmental groups have a say in stopping bad legislation and treaties?

      We’ve all noticed the Democrats have a cozier relationship with the world of big business than we would like, and smaller parties are a way of keeping them in check. I once had a series on my original blog (which I might spruce up and bring back) called, “Give ‘Em The Bird, Vote For A Third.” All that said, I wouldn’t mind seeing Bernie, or someone who thinks like him, become POTUS. That doesn’t mean if he’s not the Dem nominee I’m staying home. If the Dem is going to easily win my state, then I can feel free to use my vote to help a third party get their 5% nationally. But if it’s going to be too close to call, then I’m going with the Democratic nominee, whoever it is.

    • I guess my fundamental electoral philosophy is that I’ll endorse/vote whomever I want, and hope everyone else does the same. This year, I ‘feel the Bern’ because I am, like him, a “Democratic Socialist.” I believe society’s first responsibility is to care for itself as a whole, not just for the assaholes.

      I also would vote for any candidate whose platform included the phrase “wage peace, NOT war.” Quit wasting money on death and destruction. Make it count: help people — ALL people.

      I’ll support anyone who proposes those general directions, will automatically dismiss anyone who doesn’t.

      • “I believe society’s first responsibility is to care for itself as a whole, not just for the assholes.”


  6. I have a feeling that’s it for the Trumpster. Nobody can tell me he didn’t know what picture he was going to create, when he did this. He is enough of a media pro to know. He has overreached here. This visual will be too much for evangelicals, libertarians, moderates, neocons and the media alike, even though they’re angry. He has reduced his appeal to the fascist fringe.

    While this is good, Ted Cruz is stepping in, where Trump loses support. I have a hard time to consider this an improvement.

    Democrats better go vote in November, having escaped Trump just to watch a Cruz inauguration in January isn’t good enough.

    • Cruz also appeals to the ‘fascist fringe’, albeit a different part than defines Drumpf’s white supremacist base. Cruz isn’t quite white, after all, but he’s extremely mean-spirited and cast in the mold (mould??) of an Old Testament Evangelical Christian, those “godly” champions of Hate and Fear. He may well snag those of said ilk who currently support Drumpf, leaving squirrel pelt with “only” the white supremacists (Aryans, neo-Nazis, etc.)

      • As I said, stay at home in November at your own peril. And ours, but we won’t be asked. And to be perfectly honest, that beast has reared its head here again, too. We’re busy fighting our own old demons.

        • Yes, I’ve had the feeling, after seeing some reports from Europe, that ‘the beast’ seems to have come out of hiding there too. Just like here. Makes me sad to once again ‘know’ that irrational hate and fears are two of the biggest drivers of the human herd. I don’t understand it, never have, never will. Over here, the GOP view is to hate and fear Hispanics, Black people, Asians (particularly Chinese and Koreans), Muslims, people who don’t speak Amurkkkan, LGBT people of any persuasion, non-Christians, atheists, non-theists, . . . the list is endless. Me, I don’t fear anyone. Hate? Well, the GOP I guess. Bummer.

  7. I think that most political pundits and other observers of the Drumpf campaign agree that Godwin’s Law no longer applies, because the comparison is REAL.

    So, with Godwin’s Law suspended until further notice, make all of the comparisons to Hitler that are necessary – and they are!

  8. I too am registered as unaffiliated, but with so much in play including the SCOTUS issue(s) and with so many of our freedoms in jeopardy, particularly freedom from religion, I feel I personally have no choice but to vote the “D”.

  9. I am not so much wrapped around the axle on the ‘raise your right hand’ stuff – the ignoranti who support this man and their failure to grasp history is well-documented.

    What I am disturbed by is the request for what seems to be a personal oath of support (and the kindergarten threat to go with it). That was what turned Hitler from the Chancellor to the Fuhrer. Germans were asked to swear loyalty to the Fuhrer, not to Germany. All the dictatorships, left and right do this – check out the cult of the Kims in Korea.

    Anyway SNL broke Godwin’s Law too

  10. I believe a surefire way to get Donald Drumpf (German translation:small hands) off the national stage would be to shave his head!

  11. Anyone who has ‘little understanding’ of why he is doing so well has lived a very sheltered life and has only viewed America from the safety of being with like minded people.
    Trump is doing well because there are a lot of scared, uneducated racist, sexist, xenophobic people out there. And with Trump they hear someone ‘telling it like it is’ and wanting to turn Murrica great again. (Never really been to sure as to what period of America that refers to)
    The GOP has been cultivating this mentality for decades, but has always skirted around the outright hate speech. Trump saw an opening and said xxxk it, I’m going to go reap what this hateful ignorant party has sown.
    Go away from the internet and drive around the more rural isolated areas, places with populations under 10,000 and see what you find and then you’ll get why Trump is succeeding. His success is a result of a long string of failures on the part of politicians on all sides caring more about politics than the well being of the actual people here. Now, sadly, the bigots and ignorant in this country created have a hero to look up to, and we can’t just blame the GOP for that.
    People galore made him famous, watched his shows, used his catchphrases, bought his merchandise, stayed at his hotels etc. Trump *is* a product of America, from wealth to decadence to privilege, arrogance, media face, celebrity, super models…you name it. We made the guy, now we get to see it all over the media.

  12. CNN is at a high school in Maine where so many have showed up to caucus, that they’re going to have to essentially convert it to a primary, because they can’t fit everyone into the school. What was that I heard about the Dems having low turnout?

  13. TPM has reports on “Romney For President” files papers with FEC and reactivates campaign bank account. These occurred on January 30, 2016!

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