TWH 3/9/16: Not Benghazi

Benghazi was, apparently, not the real scandal regarding the U.S. military intervention in Libya.

Prior to reading the above-linked article I thought Libya was the right way to intervene for ‘regime change’: a civil war breaks out, a faction calls for outside help and recognition, the US helps that faction with air power, limiting the exposure for Americans to lose their lives in the conflict. This was done earlier in Bosnia, where US assisted NATO airstrikes helped put an end to a Christian genocide of Muslims.

What I did not know was that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton actively pushed for war and undermined diplomatic resolutions. That’s the true scandal. But it’s not the one Republicans talk about. Why? Because Republicans by far and large support war. It’s their only jobs program.

Bush broke Afghanistan and Iraq, and, as a byproduct, Syria. Obama broke Libya. I doubt we here in the US can even come close to understanding the unfathomable human suffering going on in those countries on a daily basis.

Drone strikes aren’t the answer. You don’t bomb a populace into submission. If all you’re going to do is bomb them, you have to bomb them into extinction.

Diplomacy is the only path to peace. And by diplomacy I mean reaching out in friendship to rebuild a broken society and bombed infrastructure. It won’t be easy. We’ve given ‘terrorists’ and would-be ‘terrorists’ millions of reasons to hate us, to mistrust us. But if past performances is a predictor of future performance, the prospects for diplomacy under another President Clinton appear dim.


15 thoughts on “TWH 3/9/16: Not Benghazi

  1. Its Weds and BNF has not posted a satire today – I feel cheated 😉 ….. but then there’s a Salon article I need to read.

    • How about we spend as much on education and social programs as we do on the military. Cut the current military spending by about 45% and divide that money between all non-defense spending! Any increase in military spending requires equal increase in non-military spending. Any cut in social programs to require equal cut in defense budget.

      • In a sane world, the military budget would be zero. Since the world isn’t quite sane, I’d think maybe — off the cuff — that $100B ought to be plenty if it went along with a promise to GTF out of everywhere but here at home. No threats, no warmongering, none of that stupid stuff. Keep a force handy for emergencies, but none of that ‘our dick is bigger than your dick’ nonsense. Use the savings to help people, to educate, to enlighten, not to kill them. Idealistic I know, but I’d like to finally see some evidence that humans might just have the ability to offer some proof that they’re at least as intelligent as, say, dung beetles (If we could only accomplish that much, it would mean the extinction of Republicans everywhere was imminent — a very good thing).

        I know, I know, my fantastical reach is often inappropriate in any world where a species other than wolves is dominant, but still one can hope, right?

      • Yeahh….about that Constitution thingy, it’s all in the belief of the belief holder as to what that document means. Unless, of course, the SCROTUS has already ruled on it, then, if that decision isn’t to your liking, reserving secession as an ultimate option…Y’see..

  2. Just watched a quick video of TrumpDuck spouting “Islam Hates Us”.
    So tomorrow morning, I’ll sashay up to my buddy Ray, the Pakistani Database Administrator, a devout follower of Islam and ask him why he hates me.
    Should I videotape his jaw hitting the floor?
    Duck off Fonald.

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