Sunday Roast: Can’t stop watching…


I admit it:  I can’t get enough of Drumpf getting the shit startled out of him when a protester made it past the security gates (although not on stage).  I wish I were more of a computer geek, so I could make a loop of the initial panicked grabbing of the podium, through the “I just want to go home” look when the secret service guys let him go back to inciting the crowd.

Drumpf was probably hoping they’d just rush him back onto the Drumpf Aeroplane, so he could he could have a bit of a crying jag — and then have his manservant bring him fresh drawers.  He talks tough, but I think he actually pissed himself in Dayton, OH.

You reap what you sow, you bombastic blibbering baboon.

This is our daily open thread — Watch it again!


33 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Can’t stop watching…

  1. The one favorable consequence of Trump, so far to date, is that FINALLY we’re beginning to see some media and blog call out using the words ‘fascism’ and ‘Germany’ and ‘Hitler’ in re today’s radical “conservative” movement in the US. Amazing it is how closely Trump’s evolving campaign resembles that of what Hitler was up to in the early 1930’s. A recent post on C&L by David Neiwert pretty much tells the emergent story, and is well worth a read.

    Violence Begets Violence — Just The Way They Like It

  2. “[Trump] talks tough, but I think he actually pissed himself in Dayton, OH.

    After his diaper change, Trump put it this way: “I was ready for him, but it’s much easier if the cops do it, don’t we agree? And to think I had such an easy life! What do I need this for, right?”

    Right. ‘Go home to mommy,’ Donald.

    • I was thinking that popping an air filled paper bag or two or three at one of his rallies could really get the Donald looking even more presidential, than the above incident did, as he proclaimed .

      And whats with his switching between 1st and 3rd person when talking about himself?

  3. at 1:17 someone holds up a sign with the wicked witch of the west, “I’m coming for your children….to destroy their future.”

    I notice there was at least one jump cut – the original video I saw yesterday you could hear someone yell to beat up the protestor, later the same person yelled ‘pull her hair out’.

    Trump supporters, such a lovely bunch of christians.

  4. It occurred to me that a coordinated assault by 4 or 5 individuals & they’d run out of secret service agents & body guards. The first 2-3 would draw off security while the last one might get through to put a pie in his face…not that I’m advocating anyone throw a pie in his face, but it does make great a great mind movie.

    • Eggs, you don’t have to be that close, they make it through metal detectors and a dozen eggs delivered from 12 different positions provides for a much greater chance of successful delivery. Save the pie for after you get out of jail!

      • eggs don’t have the humorous import of a crème pie in the face. (I maybe dating myself, but I remember all those old black & white movies that had at least one pie fight in them – & the end of each episode of the Soupy Sales Show)

    • Sorry, I can’t help but notice the similarity between that idea and Dr. Stabby’s idea of “If we all charge the gunman, he can’t kill all of us.” (“Dr. Stabby” nickname courtesy of JoeMyGod.) 🙂

      • Except, as you can see, the Secret Service weren’t gunning the protestor. It just appeared that about half the detail tackled him.

  5. How much difference is there between Trump offering to pay the legal bills for supporters who brutalize anti-Trump protesters, and the money paid to families of suicide bombers? Both are an incentive to commit a violent crime.

    • What is even more perplexing is when Donald offers to pay a person’s legal bill, he’s sorta like impling said person will be arrested but then he says he’ll have the protesters arrested which will “ruin their lives!”

      From what I’ve seen of his rallies I have no doubt that a majority of Trump’s followers would prefer to have him pay for their lawyers than stand idly by watching law enforcement escort people out.

    • Any time you install anything on a computer, you have to pay close attention to those pre-checked boxes in the agreement. You never know when something like this will happen. 😉

  6. Before I embarrass myself and politely but respectfully reply to this tweet, I have to wonder if some kind of double standard is at play here. The Senate Republicans tweeted (then deleted) that Tammy didn’t “stand up for (or possibly ‘with’) veterans.” And everyone said that was in poor taste because she lost her legs in combat. So is it really in any better taste for her to say this?

    What am I missing about this? If it’s “just an expression”, then shouldn’t that apply to both usages of the phrase? Why was one usage worse than the other? Because it criticized her support of veterans (however accurately or not)? If the point of the outrage was their use of the word “stand”, then why is she using it?

    • That was a Betty Bowers tweet a few days ago.

      I don’t think Tammy Duckworth has a problem with the hashtag.

  7. Here’s ‘that word’ again. Carl Bernstein still is willing to call it what it is.

    Carl Bernstein: Donald Trump Is An American ‘Neo-Fascist’

    CARL BERNSTEIN: Well, it’s a difficult term and the word “neo” meaning “new”, has a lot to do with it, a new kind of fascist in our culture, dealing with an authoritarian, demagogic point of view, nativist, anti-immigrant, racism, bigotry that he appeals to, and I think we need to look at the past. And I’m not talking about Hitlerism and genocide, and I’m not making a direct parallel to Mussolini — but a kind of American fascism that we haven’t seen before, different than George Wallace who was merely a racist.

    This goes to authoritarianism. It goes to despotism. The desire for a strong man who doesn’t trust the institutions of democracy and government.

    And my point is that we now need on cable news to have a debate, a historical debate about what fascism was and is and how Donald Trump fits into that picture, because it is something very foreign to our political culture in terms of a major presidential candidate in the 20th, or 21st century. And that debate is going on in print, online, but it is not part of our debate on cable.

    No interviewer as far as I know has asked Donald Trump, “What is fascism, Mr. Trump? How are you different from the fascist message?”

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