The Watering Hole; Thursday March 17 2016; Truth

“Let us begin by committing ourselves to the truth – to see it as it is, and
tell it like it is – to find the truth, to speak the truth, and to live the truth.”
(Richard Nixon; nomination acceptance speech, 1968)

Truth. Not a very popular concept in politics these days, especially when Republicans are present. Not sure why that is, given Richard Nixon’s admonition, his commitment to find, speak, and live the Truth. Must have been a lot easier in Nixon’s day than it appears to be today. Still, my guess is that today the problem arises when one defers to the Truth on most any (political) matter. Doing that, after all, can cost a LOT of money and, in the process, make lots and lots of really rich people really mad! And that is most certainly NOT any way to run a political party, much less a country!

In any case and with all of that in mind, I must admit that I’ve yet to hear a Republican — ANY Republican — suggest that s/he has EVER subscribed to any behavior OTHER than that demanded by absolute Truthfulness, no matter the date, no matter the topic.  To emphasize, I offer here the perfect current example via a mere handful of links, each of which emphasizes exactly how determined today’s Republicans are to follow former President Richard M. Nixon’s admonition to find the truth, to speak the truth, and to live the truth:

Michelle Fiore (R-NV) Asserts Bundy Terrorists Were Just ‘Camping At The Malheur Refuge’

GOP Rep: Only Ted Cruz Can Save Us From Single Moms Having ‘Anchor Babies’

Donald Trump: If I Don’t Get The Nomination, There Will Be Riots

Fox Pundit Jeffrey Lord: Liberals Have ‘The DNA Of Violence’

Todd Starnes Blames Obama For The Violence At Donald Trump Rallies

Alex Jones: Hillary’s ‘Seen More Tail Than A Toilet Seat’

There. I know that is just a tiny example of inevitable truthfulness on the part of Republican politicians and pundits everywhere, but it should suffice to make and PROVE the point that Nixon’s absolute political integrity still thrives in today’s GOP every bit as much as it did during Nixon’s presidency! So I say that NOW is the time for ALL of us, regardless of politic, to swear to uphold Nixon’s admonition! TRUTH! Because the benefits are so obvious!

We can begin our quest with the following quote:

It is time for a revolutionary act. It is time to tell everyone you know the truth.
What is left of our democracy hangs in the balance.
(Anthony Wade; August 15, 2006)

Yes! Anthony Wade made a tremendous point there! It is with great respect that I do hereby add yet one more TRUTH in the spirit to which Wade has referred:


WOW! That felt GOOD!



26 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Thursday March 17 2016; Truth

  1. Donald Trump. Turning the American political arena into one big World Wrestling event.


    • What’s this – the next G7 meeting when Hollande says “Er non, we are not going to let you build a golf course at Versailles.”

  2. “GOP Rep: Only Ted Cruz Can Save Us From Single Moms Having ‘Anchor Babies’”

    I read this and an image popped into my head – women’s thong, white, with Ted Cruz’s face on the gusset….. I can’t get it out of my head….

    • “He stands up to the idea — he’s not for anchor babies,” Grothman said.

      Why would an anchor baby not be FOR anchor babies? Makes no sense.

      As for the ‘single mom’ nonsense, I believe there is some question as to whether Cruz’s mother was, at the time of his birth, married yet to Rafael (first husband divorce issues).

      OTOH, every non-aboriginal American is descended at some point from an anchor baby, so what’s the worry? Actually, at this point in time, if the government deported me to Sweden for being descended from an anchor baby, I’d have zero complaints!

      Wonder where Grothman would be deported to?? Would they let him in? I mean, being stupid isn’t a trait most countries are looking for in their citizenry.

      The issue is SO confusing! 😉

  3. I saw Governor Snyder trying to look like a unicorn in the sea of shit coming through the Flint water system. As much as he and most Republicans on the committee were doing to try to blame the EPA. it was the Snyder administration that made the decision to change the source of water for Flint, not the EPA.

    I have read that the reason for the change appears to be part of a long term effort to privatize (gain control over) water systems around the world. The principle player is a French company with US facility in Jacksonville. There was no mention of this in the hearing.

    Is Chaffetz looking to move up to the Senate? He was somewhat reasonable today and Cummings gave him a heartfelt thanks. I liked William Lacy Clay from Missouri questions and the way he asked them .

    • A French water company?
      Not possible.
      That would mean that you only got water four days out of the week for six hours a day with breaks every hour.
      The remainder of the time the taps would flow with wine and Belgian ale.

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