The Watering Hole; Friday March 18 2016; Zoo Primary: VOTE HERE!

In the spirit of the moment, it occurred to me that we here at The Zoo should most definitely do as does the rest of the nation this year and hold a presidential primary election. In the interest of intellect, however, it seems a bit of a waste to repeat the insanity we’ve already witnessed, esp. in re the Republican race which has featured, as its candidates, mostly humans, practically all of whom have shown themselves to be grossly incompetent, ergo most surely inadequate. Why is it that we the people are expected to stand in line to select from a panoply of critters who offer us nothing but egregious failure in exchange for our vote of support?

Seems to me that some significant changes are in order.

With all of that in mind, I’ve chosen a different ballot presentation for the various candidates. Rather than a written name which basically tells the voter nothing of substance, the ballot below consists solely of PHOTOS! — a far superior setup given that the average voter will instantly recognize the entire agenda of each of the several candidates. I have assigned each candidate a number to further simplify the process. Note: in the interest of simplicity, I’ve placed each candidate’s number above its respective photograph.

So here you go! Select our next Fearless Leader!


C.sculpturatus pos


0722-Pollinating beetle, yellow thistle


Bee in White Rose 367






So there you have it! Simply select the number of the candidate you find most suitable, and we’ll take it from there!

BTW and in the interest of openness, my own selection is NUMBER 1!



47 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday March 18 2016; Zoo Primary: VOTE HERE!

  1. Number 3, because I need to pollinate, and I want my leader to lead me to the Queen. Thanks Obama.

  2. The fly, number 5, is my choice at this point in time. The primary reason being that a fly survives well around a pile of shit and we currently have a mountain of primary shit to digest. Now I must prepare my morning meal. 🙂

  3. I’ll go with #3 because I’m doing splits and requeening hives.
    The cicadas and Donald Trump are out.
    They both make annoying sounds but the cicadas eventually stop once they’ve mated.
    Donald never shuts up, even after he’s screwed over everything he touches.


    It’s got my vote, cause it scared the shit out of me!
    Oh, and Drumpf? Go Phux yourselfish self.

    • It’s a Cicada, Verde Valley AZ-style. Very patient critter. Sat on that log for as long as it took me and my camera to immortalize him.

      Every bit as handsome as Drumpf, wouldn’t you agree? Lot better hair, too. And a REAL tan, not a spray-on!

      • One hell of a lot better looking than Hair DrumpfTruck.
        He is also a shitload scarier.

    • When I was a kid, my sister out one of those in my glass of milk…..I’m still not right.

    • Snucking Fort!
      Fossilized snails, you say?
      Yes, I find them each spring when I rake up the planter. Don’t recall Noah’s flood happening last winter, but we did get a lot of rain.

    • “Texas man” explains it all. Could have saved the trouble and just gone with:

      “Texas god-botherer knows nothing about science.” and attributed it to Captain Obvious. 😉

      • What would they say if the exact same fossil was found on another continent in a vertical strata?

        • That would at least be proof that the whole world was underwater, wouldn’t it?

          Did Noah carry snail pairs? Anyone know?

          Oh, and if the whole of the world was underwater, that means it would have been around 30,000 feet deeper than today’s ocean surface. Where’d all that water go after god stopped the rain? Anyone know?

    • When I was six we moved into a house on a hill overlooking San Diego. Our back yard ended in a nearly vertical bluff so, being six, I immediately started climbing all over it. I very quickly started noticing all kinds of fossil sea shells and was a bit puzzled about how all those shells ended up several hundred feet above the nearby ocean. So. Dad explained to me about how sea levels have changed and mountains have risen and that the bluff in our back yard used to be the bottom of the ocean. I immediately understood what he meant and the impossible idea of a Great Flood never entered either of our heads. I also realized, at that age, that it takes longer for a shell to fossilize than the few thousand years asserted by creationists. I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t find any dinosaur fossils but the strata I was exploring weren’t quite old enough for that.

      Then we moved back to Minnesota and I started finding much more primitive fossil sea shells just about everywhere I looked for them. I was a bit puzzled and disappointed that I couldn’t find any dinosaur fossils but soon realized that was because the strata I was searching predated the dinosaurs by a few-hundred million years. I did find a 18″, nearly intact, shell of an ancient cephalopod (Picture a nautilus shaped like an ice cream cone) but some SOB stole it when I left it with my biology teacher to see if we could pin down it’s identity.

      By the time I was six I knew more about science than this moron from Texas ever will and before i graduated high school I was cognizant of a world history far more grand than any creationist could possible imagine; much less accept. Of course; the real kicker is that it’s entirely possible, given the location and the depth of knowledge of the guy in question, that the snail shells he found are modern snails that are either terrestrial or freshwater snails and aren’t even fossils.

  5. FYI, Nonewhere has a new post up, but it’s waaayyyy down the front page, because it’s the first non-sticky post.

  6. Bernie scares Trumpy! (Warning: If you don’t already know what the title means make sure you don’t have a mouthful of liquid when you click play.)

  7. Ah! The wonderful and surprising things that get discovered in comment threads. This young lady is multi-talented. I guess it’s also kind of an unofficial kickoff to music night; whether it happens or not.

  8. Hi, Everybody. Yeah, the Watering hole is a little dry right now, but I am working on it, and I have already picked a topic and started writing about it, which is the first hurdle. Those who enjoy mocking people who believe the Bible is literally true may enjoy today’s post.

    • I wouldn’t say that I enjoy mocking Buybull literalists but I think it’s the duty of rational people to do so. If one can get a chuckle out of the endeavor? so much the better!

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