TWH, Wednesday, April 23, 2016. Make America Great?

America is a stained glass window, pieced together some 200 years ago by men with hope and a vision for the future. Even then, some of the panes were stained obscurely dark, but the overall picture was bright with promise.
Over the years the brightness faded, to be refurbished every now and then. Lately, it seems, some have taken to throwing stones at the window, shattering a pane here and there.
Will the window ever be rebuilt so that all the panes are bright and light? No. But the dark gives us the contrast by which we appreciate the light.
Maybe it’s not about making America great again – – maybe it’s about making America greater than it ever was.

18 thoughts on “TWH, Wednesday, April 23, 2016. Make America Great?

  1. Donald Trump is asking the American people for a job so that he can fire them and burn the place to the ground.
    He wants us to trust the worst possible person under the auspice that he will do the right thing.

  2. Yes, the Constitution is indeed an enlightened document that describes an enlightened governmental premise. There were/are exceptions to the ‘enlighten’ concept, of course, but many have been corrected by amendment. Seems to me that today’s wingnut Republicans, however, purposely confuse the Constitution with the Articles of Confederation and, in the process, find the means to easily prey on the biases that have been cultivated amongst the uninformed masses.

    The fact that the ‘prey on biases’ factor has become not only popular but successful as well does not speak favorably in re ‘making America great again,’ but rather speaks loudly to the other far more likely consequence — to make America Fail, finally.

    Does the GOP work to create ignorance and milk the consequences, or has ignorance created and motivated the GOP? Gotta be one of those two options, neither of which speak well for the nation’s future.

  3. Electing Drumpf president will leave a permanent shitstain on those windows, representing the epitaph of a once great nation.

    • When will these assholes understand that life in Europe is not the same as life in the United States. They don’t enjoy the same freedoms we have. I remember seeing it summarized this way: “In the United States, everything is legal unless there’s a law saying it’s illegal. In many European countries, everything is illegal unless there’s a law saying it’s legal.” They don’t have the same freedom of speech in Europe that we enjoy here, and forget about anything resembling Second Amendment rights. Life is not the same there as it is here, and whatever problems they have there we don’t usually have here. And vice versa. You can’t base American policy on what the Europeans do. Besides, that’s why we revolted and broke away from them. 🙂

  4. America will not be great again. Not for the poor. Not for the working class. We have been sold out by both parties. The Democratic party has been taken over by a dominant faction that emerged in the 90’s which has turned its back on blue collar workers and have represented white collar workers on Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

    Democratic voters are voting for the candidate who is part of the dominant faction and the establishment. These voters are squandering a chance of their lifetime by not supporting the candidate of our lifetime in Bernie Sanders.

    The Democratic frontrunner tells us that she will get things done. That she will work with the Republican Party. Does this mean more war? More failed regime change? Continued weakening of Dodd-Frank? The approval of the Keystone XL pipeline? The signing of on more trade bills like TPP, TTIPS and TISA? What else could the Democratic frontrunner possibly get the Republicans to agree with her on?

    The political revolution has grown. If it dies once the primaries are over, we are in deep trouble as the establishment of both parties at the behest of their moneyed overlords will continue to rape, pillage and plunder America and the rest of the world.

  5. Hillary won’t save us. Trump or Cruz won’t save us. A vote for one is a slow death. A vote for the other two is death by one thousand cuts. Cuts to all that has once made America great. One is business as usual. The other two will put the American worker and our country in a race to the bottom.

    A vote for Bernie is a big middle finger to the Democratic Party. Sadly too many Democratic voters seem to like how things are. Stay the course. Wall Street and multinational corporations will look out for our best interests.

    Over the past 16 years while blogging at progressive sites the common theme taken from the commenters at these blogs was despising the GOP for their ties to Wall Street, big business along with their war hawkishness. How quick they have forgotten how much they hated these traits by the GOP as they throw their support behind Hillary Clinton who has the very same traits.

    I’m not claiming Bernie can save our country but God damn he sure as hell gives us a better chance of at least trying by keeping the issues important to progressives front and center for four years. We will get with Hillary what we got with Obama. Appeasing the Republican’s for the sake of getting “things” done. Shame on those who call themselves progressives who so easily forget what they once hated and now embrace just so that history can be made again.

      • Heh…Thanks Briseadh na Faire. I’m an old timer from days gone by originating from split with Think Progress. I’m just more angrier and disillusioned. Just thought I’d stop by as it has been a while since I visited the Zoo. (Lost the bookmark)

        I used to go by the name of Uncle Fester Lurks and later Insidious Prophet. Needed something to match my anger and what I see within America and what is coming to America in the future. 🙂

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