The Watering Hole; Friday March 25 2016; Infuriation

Conservatives are not necessarily stupid,
but most stupid people are conservatives.
(John Stuart Mill)

Some things make me mad. Anger. And some things enrage –infuriate — me. Infuriation. In my world, anger pops up maybe one or twice a year; it’s rare. Infuriation, on the other hand, is really rare. Once every what, two or three decades? At the most? At least that’s the way it used to be. And then came Ronald Reagan and all the conservative-teabagger-nutcases that have popped up in his aftermath as a consequence.

Each of the following links points toward a different path, but each is driven solely by the ONLY two currents which drive the entire of this country’s political right: HATE and FEAR which is, sadly, the sum total of the political right’s contribution to civilization both today and over the centuries.

See for yourself:

New Bill Would Eliminate Law Enforcement On Public Lands, Despite Risks Of Violent Extremism

Introduced in Congress by Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) because it’s County Sheriffs, after all, that have final authority, not the feds. It’s in the Constitution. Somewhere.

The GOP ‘Baby Parts’ Committee Is On A Witch Hunt Against Medical Researchers

Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) leads the latest charge after the bogus ‘baby parts’ non-issue because, well, Joe McCarthy, Salem Witchcraft Trials — make God happy and save Amurkkka. You know.

Ted Cruz responds to Brussels attack by calling for special patrols of Muslim neighborhoods

We must assume all Muslims are terrorists, otherwise . . . umm . . . we’ll all die? Something like that. Oh, and to hell with the Constitution.

Ted Cruz Adviser: Joseph McCarthy Was ‘Spot-On!’

Commies, Islamists, they all hate us. And they’re sneakin’ around in the gubmint! Damn Obama.

What Would It Look Like If Ted Cruz Put His Pal Mike Lee on the Supreme Court?

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), good friend of Ted, is highly qualified, plus he KNOWS that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Child Labor Laws, Food Safety, Minimum Wage Laws, Disaster Relief, Food Stamps, the Violence Against Women Act, and (of course) the Affordable Care Act are all unconstitutional. It says so in the Constitution. Somewhere.


Stupidity either makes me laugh or makes me mad. But when the reach stretches far beyond the merely stupid and gets into the DEMAND for hate and fear of EVERYTHING that might somehow benefit the balance of society, of civilization . . . well, then it’s time to introduce HATE and FEAR to the . . . ummm . . . stupid(?) among us. Cuz they’ll vote for ME!! (that’s a thought quote, attrib. Drumpf and Cruz, at least).

And finally there’s this, the consummate definition of STUPID! courtesy of (the brilliant?) Wayne LaPierre.

Wayne LaPierre: ‘We Gun Owners Are A Heck Of A Lot Smarter Than You’ll Ever Be’

“Never have there been smarter, freer American citizens than America’s one hundred million gun owners. Let me say that again. In all of the world, some of the smartest citizens are American gun owners.”

I give up. Infuriation. Commenced.

Liberalism is trust of the people, tempered by prudence;
conservatism, distrust of people, tempered by fear.
(William Gladstone)




28 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday March 25 2016; Infuriation

  1. I seem to be constantly infuriated lately. Somebody call me out if I start sounding anything like a Trump voter.

    • I spend time in my hives.
      It has a calming effect that other people cannot begin to understand.
      They ask if getting stung doesn’t bother me.
      I’ve been stung so much I have a high resistance to stings and my bees aren’t that pissy to begin with.
      When I’m in the hives, I find people are much less inclined to bother me with inane questions.
      I say”come on over and we’ll talk”.
      They don’t.

  2. Cruz Backer Bryan Fischer Calls For Ban On Mosques To ‘De-Islamize’ America

    No More Mosques. Fischer says there is no constitutional problem with state governments banning mosques “if we use the Constitution given to us by the Founders and not the one mangled by the courts.” Fischer argues that the First Amendment’s establishment clause does not apply to the states, which he says “have unilateral authority to regulate religious expression within their borders.” In other words, he would see no constitutional barrier to Texas, for example, allowing only Baptists to worship openly.

    If they can get that to work, I’m going to demand that the only “arms” we can “bear” are muskets and flintlocks. Like the Founders had in mind.

    Also, in order to teach bigots that what goes around comes around, I’d like to see all Christian churches banned. State by state, of course. Keep it Constitutional.

    • As usual, Fischer is being misleading. It’s true that the First Amendment has no authority over the States, and it can even be argued that by specifying Congress as not having authority to regulate and dictate Religion, it was a power the states had. The Fourteenth Amendment, however, negates that argument by saying the People of the States had the same rights as the People of the Nation.

      • That’s the perfect nutshell summary of how wingnuts “interpret” the Constitution. They see only what they want to see, and in most (all?) cases have never peeked beyond the words or phrase that might support their particular prejudice.

        Their “states rights” via tenth amendment thesis is particularly annoying, as is their “Christian nation” nonsense. Seems to me the “no religious test shall ever be required” line in Article VI of the main body should be a sufficient hint that religion has nothing to do with anything beyond the personal, but I guess maybe they’ve never seen that line.

        Personally, I’d like to see Keith Ellison elected President — the mass suicide amongst wingnuts would be amusing.

  3. And then there’s this lunacy. Thousands of people with a fairy tale understanding of guns want them to be carried at a political convention packed with people who have already proven to be violent if they don’t get their way in every tiny detail. what could possibly go wrong?

    • I do definitely support Republicans carrying arms to their Convention! Talk about a really cool way to, shall we say, ‘narrow the field’! Plus, of course, since ISIS is SO likely to show up, they NEED to be locked and loaded!

  4. Keith Olbermann Returns And Perfectly Explains Why Donald Trump Will Not Win

    Keith Olbermann returned to talking about politics, with an appearance on The View where he perfectly explained why Donald Trump won’t win.

    Olbermann said, “Because of the premise of the campaign, I don’t think he has a reasonable chance of being elected. At this point, from what I’m hearing, I don’t even think he’s going to get the nomination. Because I think the Republican Party is going to say, everybody who is in the Republican Party goes if he wins, we all lose our jobs. If he loses, we all lose our jobs. He’s probably not going to win. Let’s make sure he doesn’t lose. We’re going to lose the party to him one way or another. Everybody in the Republican Party, in the establishment, has a self-interest in keeping him away because he could bring down congressional results.”

    Keith Olbermann also shot down Trump threat of riots if he is denied the nomination, “To be fair, who are the people who are supporting him, generally speaking? What I’m saying is they’re mostly people who can’t really be trusted to find their own homes again once they leave them.”

    The former ESPN/MSNBC anchor explained that Republicans are really good at preventing things that are supposed to happen from happening. Olbermann said, “This is their own house. This isn’t some governmental agency. They can do what they want. They can change the rules….Whatever rule they need to make to make sure that he doesn’t get the nomination.”

    Another clip of this morning’s appearance besides the one at the link.

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