The Watering Hole, Tuesday March 29, 2016 – Environmental News and Food Politics


“Back in 2010, the price of a barrel of Brent crude (the international oil price benchmark) topped $80. That made it profitable to extract oil from tight shale formations, which is especially costly. A drilling frenzy ensued, domestic oil production skyrocketed, oil companies raked in profits and oil patch communities prospered.

But all that new oil on the market, plus China’s slowing economic growth, began to dampen oil prices in the summer of 2014. Instead of curtailing production to keep prices afloat, OPEC’s leaders launched a thinly veiled price war, clearly aimed at putting U.S. producers out of business. Here are some indicators that OPEC won the war.”

Oil bust – A red state phenomenon. Will this affect 2016 elections?

29 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday March 29, 2016 – Environmental News and Food Politics

    • That was covered on NPR today too – the piece missing from the discussion?

      Why do the fracking companies get to dispose of millions of gallons of toxic fluid underground and who the heck is regulating it so we can sure it’s not getting in the ground water and aquifers? *crickets chirping*

      Full disclosure – I managed the control systems for three deep well injection systems in Texas 92-95. I know what it takes to manage an injection well

      • We cut steel plate up to eight inches thick with high pressure water and garnet powder using machines called waterjets. It doesn’t take toxic chemicals to fracture shale, just high pressure water. Clean, high pressure water. The stuff they dump into the ground is byproducts of refining processes that they used to have to pay hazmat disposal fees to get rid of, before Cheney rigged the law so they could get off cheap.

    • Well of course they’re tied with California! They have a subsucking plate called Oral Roberts Black Hole of Reason located within their state boundaries!

    • That’s pretty sad isn’t it? I wonder what this says about:

      1. Clinton’s belief and or sincerity in her own positions
      2. How close she and Bernie ‘say’ they are on Citizens United
      3. Her level of self-awareness.

  1. One of the best essays on the Dem. politic that I’ve run across:

    We must smash the Clinton machine: Democratic elites and the media sold out to Hillary this time, but change is coming

    In media res snippet:

    Sanders often says he took on “the most powerful political machine in America,” by which he means the Clintons. He’s really fighting the whole Democratic Party: White House, Congress, DNC, elite media and, sad to say, national progressive groups. That includes organized labor but also nearly every liberal lobby in town. He’s been a more constant friend than Hillary Clinton to almost all of them — but he must face and defeat them all. That he’s done so in 14 states — 15 counting Iowa-and fought four more to a draw is a miracle — and a sign their days are truly numbered.

    • The federal government was funded with ‘sin’ taxes since 1791. When the distillers refused to pay taxes in western PA, George Washington, of first president fame, sent a militia to put them down. It was called the Whiskey Rebellion. It is crazy to think that 250 years later we are worried about ‘the wrong message’. The wrong message is letting our government finances get to the point where states fail because of insufficient funds.

  2. David Barton: If You Tithe, God Will Bless You With A Car That Goes 200,000 Miles

    “I love the example with Cain and Abel,” he [Barton] continued, “he said that Abel brought the first fruits of the flocks and God was pleased with that. It said that Cain, in the course of time, brought the crops to God and God wasn’t pleased with what Cain did. So when you do it first thing off of the top, God can really bless that. And I’ve seen that. We both tithe, we know the benefits of that, suddenly your cars go 200,000 miles rather than 80,000 miles, your clothes don’t wear out as fast. It’s what the Bible says, [the Israelites] went for 40 years and their sandals never wore out.”

    Last time I was in a church was July 1995 for my uncle’s funeral. Last time I gave money to a church, I was (iirc) still in high school, back in the fifties. OTOH, my car, new in 1995, has a bit over 130,000 miles on its odometer and still runs well.

    How’d that happen? Is it possible that religionistas are full of shit?

  3. This is NOT how to move up to a national network job: MSNBC Reporter Admits to Network’s Softball Questions to ‘Keep Relationship’ With Trump

    • I don’t understand why ‘journalists’ fear a lack of access if they ask tough questions of a candidate or any newsworthy personality. All that’s needed is a credible threat to invite the opposition to tell their side of the story if someone refuses. Once these charlatans realize their refusal gives airtime to the enemy, they won’t ever refuse to appear.

      • Sensible proposal – but then the media also doesn’t want to give Bernie Sanders any airtime either …. 72 times as much free coverage to Drumpf

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