TWH. 3/30/16 another wall?

The Zoo Exclusive!

The Zoo recently learned that Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau has been secretly planning to build a wall between Canada and the U.S.

According to our sources, the influx of Americans fleeing the U.S. should Trump get elected will exceed Canada’s capacity to welcome all foreigners with welcome arms, Maple leafs and hockey pucks.

The proposed wall will be situated along the border between Washington State and Canada, to keep western liberals from migrating northward. Trudeau’s advisors feel the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River will provide enough of a deterrent to east coast liberals.

Trudeau expects Trump to pay for the wall. “That will be easy” one advisor said, “We’ll just tell Trump that Canada is like Mexico North, and the country on the south side of the wall has to pay for the wall.”



11 thoughts on “TWH. 3/30/16 another wall?

  1. Wall schmall, I’ll take a boat out of Neah Bay and land in the Queen Charlottes somewhere.
    Or swim with the Orcas….

  2. Trump vows to appoint Supreme Court justices who will investigate Hillary Clinton’s emails

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told Good Morning America on Wednesday that he would appoint Supreme Court justices who would investigate Hillary Clinton’s emails.

    At the very end of the interview, ABC News host David Muir asked Trump to respond to a comment Hillary Clinton made this week.

    “As scary as it might be, ask yourself, ‘What kind of justice would a President Trump appoint?’” she said during a speech at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Monday.

    Trump replied: “Well, I probably would appoint people who would look very seriously at her email disaster because it’s a criminal activity and I would appoint people who would look very seriously at that to start off with. What she is getting away with is absolutely murder. You talk about a case, now that’s a real case.”

    Trump seems to have no clue about the separation of powers among the three branches of US government. YET!

  3. With global warming coming, Canada will become a desirable temperate zone that even Republicans will want to move to. I think they need a wall from Washington all the way to the Great Lakes, and should start building it right after I scoot across the border.

  4. Teadems will bring us down. Just a random thought. I’ll go to my bedroom now with the comfort that l’m pure. Don’t even try to get my bodily essence.

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