The Watering Hole, Monday, April 11, 2016: I’d Vote For This One

This ad has no demonizing, no demon sheep, no end-of-days predictions if the other candidate wins, and it’s not set to “Il Fortuna.” What’s not to like? One thing’s for sure, I’d vote for the “Generic” candidate over Trump or Cruz any day!



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11 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, April 11, 2016: I’d Vote For This One

  1. I have to admit I like this, too.. Oh, and this MoP got kicked out for the day for calling PM Cameron “Dodgy Dave.”

  2. It wasn’t “nothing.” It was singularity.

    I wish the Creationists would stop mis-characterizing the nature of the Universe before the particular big bang which created ours happened, and then saying it sounds pretty stupid. Well that’s not on us because we didn’t say the Universe had “nothing” in it, their Bible did! The Bible goes wrong on the first three words – there was no beginning!

    • I had an “origins” chat with a Christer once, several decades ago. We did ok till we got to the singularity, at which point I noted that as of that moment, science could not explain the origin of the singularity. He said, “Oh, that’s easy. God created it.”

      I said, “Where did god come from? Who or what created it?”

      He replied, “God’s eternal.”

      I said, “If you acknowledge eternity, then all you need is a singularity and the laws of physics, and no god is necessary.”

      Crickets. I’ve used the same argument on occasion since then, and the “god is eternal” tome is all they’ve got, and it’s also a meaningless argument. Silence is always the consequence.

      Of course, I’ve yet to encounter, say, Tony Perkins, or Glenn Beck, or Jimmy Bakker, or . . . etc. I’d be curious as to what nonsensical argument they could come up with, but I doubt I’d be surprised at it.

      • I still maintain that the most logical explanation for everything is a continuous space-time continuum whose contents change over time. I like to watch the Science Channel, especially the programs about the Universe and what goes on within it, and one thing that’s clear to me is that they don;t have all the answers yet, and that they’re mostly going on prevailing theories right now, but these theories are changing and being modified as they see and discover new things out there. At first they thought it highly unlikely there could be other planets out there like ours, but now they’ve seen more than a thousand. All this tells me my theory isn’t any more wrong than any of theirs, and I still say it makes more sense.

        I refuse to believe there was this giant, immense, infinite Space-Time continuum sitting there with absolutely nothing happening within it until some God-type creature just decided to make something out of nothing. Sorry, but that theory (“and it’s just a theory”, as they like to tell us) has even more holes in it than mine. I’m going to see if I can consolidate my theory and get NdGT or Bill Nye to comment on it. 🙂

        • God is a myth created by ancient politicians to enable control of the masses. Nothing more, nothing less. Science WILL answer the question(s) some day, probably sooner than later — and what a finer place this planet will become on that day! Well, maybe not on THAT day, but however long it takes after that to teach religious folks that their beliefs and fears are all based on absolutely nothing, nada, zip zero.

          I expect that will all happen a million or two earth years following humans’ self-imposed extinction and the ensuing evolution of, finally, an INTELLIGENT! creature. Meanwhile we have to deal with faulty amygdalas and their consequences. Republicans, in other words.

          Are Muslim fundies also Republican? Hmmh. Prolly, I’d guess.

  3. We’re born, we live, we interact with our environment and the people, animals and things in it, for better or for worse.
    Then we die.

    If you need religion, cool. but that’s really all there is to it.

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