TWH, 4/13/16, Hump Day

Tired of politics as usual? Then sit back, take a break, and enjoy the scenery.


No rain, no rainbows.


A Bird of Paradise taking flight.


Banyan tree, Lahaina, Maui



Water spraying out of a blow hole in Maui’s most recent lava flow.



Cinder cone at Maui’s most recent lava flow.



Ocean spraying about 100 feet into the air at the Nakalele Point blow hole, Maui.



Aloha and mahalo, Maui.


All photographs © Briseadh na Faire 2016

All rights reserved.


17 thoughts on “TWH, 4/13/16, Hump Day

  1. When someone earns their Ph.D in Finland, they are given a top hat and a sword.

    That is just so god dammed cool.

  2. Ronald Reagan, suffering from Alzheimers disease, would clean his pool for hours. All the while not realizing that secret service agents were replenishing the leaves in the pool.

    • Ex-Half_Quitter Governess, how many of the nation’s climate zones registered the hottest March on record?
      No, not zero…
      All of them, Ex1/2Quitter Bimbette.

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