The Watering Hole; Friday April 15 2016; Climate Change: Is It Visible?

“Nature is always presenting us with surprises.
And perhaps we are surprised only because we are ignorant.”
(John C. Van Dyke)

I’ve been wondering if/when some signs of climate change and global warming are going to become visible via a quick glance out of my (or most anyone’s) window. In that regard, in fact, I have to wonder if maybe I might have spotted one of those local indicators, and maybe even managed to record it digitally for posterity — last month, March 2016, globally the warmest March since records have been kept.

Below is a series of five photos of the same basic scene (Rocky Mountain Front Range, the series of peaks called the Sierra Mojada, or the Wet Mountains) taken from the same spot (my tee-tiny office’s window). The dates begin in September 2009 and end just last month in March 2016, and each one shows the mountains on the morning after a heavy snowfall. I should note that the four main snow-clad peaks are, l. to r., Greenhorn, North Peak, Mt. St. Charles, and Round Top (clipped, not fully shown). Each peak stands above the timberline and ranges in elevation from 11,750 ft. to 12,350 ft., and all are typically white with snow from late September thru mid-May. Till this year, that is.

The first photo is the ‘oldest’ and shows three of the four peaks noted above, and each of the mountains are snow-clad from summit to base (approx. 7000 ft.). The pair of pines in the foreground stand a block from my window at roughly 6000 ft. and about 7 miles from the base of the mountains. The Mojada are about 5000 ft. tall, i.o.w.

0922-2009 Wet Mtns, 2 frames

▲1. September 2009▲

The second photo mainly focuses on North Peak and Mt. St. Charles (with portions of Greenhorn and Round Top, l. and r., resp.). Note that the pines in the foreground are free of snow but the peaks and the heavily timbered mountain slopes are covered with the white stuff.

Wet Mountains, high noon, 4-19-09

▲2. April 2010▲

Photo number 3 shows the result of a heavy snow from the summits to below 6000 ft, foreground pines included.

▲3. October 2011▲

Photo 4 shows Mt. St. Charles the morning after a heavy snowfall that once again coated the pines at 6000 ft. Note the date.

2015 Feb 26 Mt St Charles 952

▲4. February 2015▲

Finally, the fifth photo shows one of the strangest snowfalls I’ve ever seen. Note that the summits of both North Peak and Mt. St. Charles are far less snow-clad than is typical — lots of bare spots — and the 6000 ft. foreground pines are also clear of snow. The only fresh snow is in the band from the mtn’s base (around 7000 ft) to the cutoff point about halfway up the slope, or around 9500 ft. The date is 13 months beyond number 4 above — March 2016, the “hottest” March since records have been kept.

Mar 19 2016 North peak-St Charles low snowfall 2206r

▲5. March 2016▲

Is that weird snowfall pattern a ‘symptom’ of climate change as seen through my window? I have to wonder how often, historically, mountain snows have made it a point to avoid the summits and instead go for the mid-range elevations elevations only. First time for everything, I suppose, especially on a world in which the most intelligent species consistently performs (and then ignores the consequences thereof) the role of what could easily be viewed as LEAST! intelligent.

I should check with James Inhofe, maybe? Or Trump? Is what I’m seeing happening because of something the Chinese are doing in their effort to sabotage the world economy? Something like that?

If I do hear back from them, I’ll make sure to spread the word. Meanwhile —

“If we but knew our facts, they would point their own conclusions,
and neither theory nor argument would be needed.”
(John C.Van Dyke)




21 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday April 15 2016; Climate Change: Is It Visible?

  1. I didn’t watch the Dem debate last night, but reports I’m seeing this morning suggest that the Bubbafication of the Democratic campaign has finally ‘Bubbaled’ to the surface and has left civility in its wake. Politics. I hate politics; it subtracts all meaning from the discussion.

    • I watched, but muted the audio while Hillary was screeching throught most of it…..the only way I could get through.

      Granted, actually only hearing one side of any debate is defeating the whole purpose of having a debate, but Billary is beginning to annoy me with hubby’s gestures and speech patterns. She spreads the bullshit like a cake decorator.

  2. Seeing as how my lillies are coming up two months early this year, due to an unseasonable warm spell in Jan/Feb, there’s my evidence, in my front yard.

  3. On Jan 15 we had 2 – 5 inches of snow. Since then, 3 whole months including March, our usually wettest month, we have had virtually no moisture. A small shower or two that didn’t hit our house. To sum that up – 90 days (winter and spring) with zero (0, nada, zilch, less than .000001,) moisture. Not good.

    • Good thing there’s no such thing as climate change or global warming! As Trump has pointed out, “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” Too bad it impacts Canada too, but I guess the Chinese must have had their reasons.

    • Yep, looks like shit for the next 4-5 days. Wind, rain, snow, chill, the whole winter mess now that it’s spring. Oh well, we were in the seventies the last few days, so what the hell. Clouds building, temp falling, wind blowing as we speak.

      Yuck. Damn Chinese. 😯

  4. We had virtually no winter this year so my bees are taking off like wildfire.
    I’m already pulling honey which is unusual for this time of year.

  5. Fun article on WaPo today, regarding Drumpf’s complete lack of foreign policy chops
    Donald Trump’s Farcical Foreign Policy
    Salient quote from article
    “Trump’s appeal is social and cultural. It is not ideological. So positions on ‘issues’ are just vehicles for communicating an attitude.” Zelikow asserted that “there is actually no way of knowing what Trump would really do about any particular issue as president. He doesn’t know himself.”

    And, on the subject of abject clarity Drumpf prattles
    On intelligence collecting, and specifically, on the U.S. having tapped into German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone, Trump dissembled, making no sense at all: “Well you see, I don’t know that, you know, when I talk about unpredictability, I’m not sure that we should be talking about me – on the assumption that I’m doing well, which I am, and that I may be in that position…”

    • One thing about Trump: whatever happens to be the percentage of voters who support him, be it 20, 25, 30 or even more, we will then have specific data that tells us with full certainty just exactly what is the percentage of brain dead dumb shits that are registered US voters.

    • I suggest the next level up (down?) — allow open carry in all Churches every Sunday! I’ll even volunteer to write the bill, no charge! (so long as I don’t ever have to go to Mississippi, of course).

    • It gets worse. I crunched a few numbers.

      1. In the 24 months since April of 2014; 20 have set new records for high average global temperature.
      2 2014 and 2015 are the hottest years ever recorded.
      3 2016 will be the hottest year ever recorded even if the remaining months of the year conform to the average.

      • Reinforces that sneaking suspicion I have that direct local impacts of climate change are on their way to being visible out of front windows everywhere. I do indeed wonder how long it will take for GOoPers to finally admit that what they’re seeing is real and not just a Chinese plot. I won’t hold my breath in anticipation, though; I’m still too young to die, at least IMHO.

  6. Bernie Sanders Meets Pope Francis During Visit to Vatican City

    Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders met with Pope Francis in the Vatican on Saturday, calling the short visit an “honor and joy.”

    “Today certainly was the highlight of the trip,” Sanders told NBC News of his 6 a.m. (midnight ET) meeting with the pontiff outside the papal residence’s breakfast room.

    Sanders was in the Vatican to attend a gathering about social justice and economic issues. Pope Francis later flew to the Greek island of Lesbos to highlight the plight of migrants and refugees struggling to get into Europe.

    • The media everywhere has been obsessed with the notion that somehow the Bern’s invitation to the Vatican was bogus, that it was contrived puffery designed to make Hillary look bad in comparison. Plus, he was going solely because of an invite from a relative nobody in the Vatican. Francis clearly not involved or interested.

      This from the Bubbafied (Daily Kos) media this morning:

      Commonweal has a knowledgable dissection of Bernie’s Rome trip:

      What is not unimaginable is that the Vatican did its best to dissuade Sanders from coming by scheduling him to speak at 4 p.m. Rome time (10 a.m. Eastern) on Friday, which would be just hours after the end of his Thursday night debate in Brooklyn. If it was meant as a signal—“please don’t come”—it either wasn’t received by the Sanders team, or wasn’t interpreted as such. Next, the Vatican tried to ignore Sanders and downplayed the pending visit; over the course of several press conferences, Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office, never once mentioned Sanders. Only today (April 14) did he do so, officially announcing that Francis would not be meeting with the candidate.

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