The Watering Hole, Tuesday, April 19, 2016:

Political Genetics





  1. (in informal use) a unit of heredity that is transferred from a parent to offspring and is held to determine some characteristic of the offspring:

    “proteins coded directly by genes”

    • (in technical use) a distinct sequence of nucleotides forming part of a chromosome, the order of which determines the order of monomers in a polypeptide or nucleic acid molecule which a cell (or virus) may synthesize.
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I never knew this until recently, but a grain of rice has more genes (50,000) than humans (about 25,000). You would think a more advanced creature like us would have more, but scientists theorize that rice has been around longer, and had had to make more adaptations, thus creating more genes. An organism can never reduce its number of genes, but they can be added over time but the influence of environmental factors. Genetically the two fish below are brown trout. The first one has evolved in the environment of northern Europe.

The second has evolved in Italy.

There are many more isolated populations with color morphs more drastic, but they are all salmo trutta. The color morphs reflect the effect local environments have on the species. When they reproduce in the isolated rivers where the morphs are distinctly different, the offspring resemble the immediate parentage, that is to say they are evolving in to a very different sub-species.

Can the same be said to be true for humans political evolution? Has our species had enough time in the environment of democracy to take on unique characteristics? The politics of Iceland, or Sweden seem so very different from Italy or the US. In politics, as in the animal world, do superior traits win out? Or asked this way, will the US ever get to the point of being close to the Nordic countries? Are they on a different evolutionary path?

Open thread.

26 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday, April 19, 2016:

    • Health crisis?
      War, being maimed for life, killing hundreds of thousands, plundering a country in the name of democracy when it is really a corporate take over is pornography.
      Titties never started a war but whole bunch of dicks always managed to.

    • The Mor(m)ons landed in Utah courtesy of Brigham Bringem Young, whose slogan apparently went something like “Bringem short, Bringem tall, Bringem fat, Bringem small, but BRINGEM YOUNG!” Lately, there’s been a reincarnation of that old-style LDS bunch of worshipers, this time in Colorado City Arizona. Can’t remember his name but their one time Prophet is currently in the slammer. He had a whole lot of “wives,” most of whom were teenage girls — he was Bringem Young’s model prophet.

      Mor(m)on “men” traditionally had lots and lots of wives. “Pervs”?? Good word.

      • Seems a safe bet that Eduardo’s papa Rafael prolly established the family protocol on the matter. When he lived in Canada, at least.

        Hmmm. Does the Constitution allow foreign-born higher animals (rat spawn, in this case) to run for president?

    • Once again I find myself wondering whether they don’t know or don’t care. Are they fundamentally dishonest or just so stupid and crazy that they actually believe the crap they spew? I guess, in the end, it doesn’t really matter other than as a matter of curiosity. I can easily foresee myself voting against every GOoPer running for any office for the remainder of my life. I don’t think that rightwhiners can be fixed or even countered so we smart and sane folk need to outnumber and outvote them.

        • I think that it’s pretty clear that Raygun and/or Chimpy are the most out of touch presidents in U.S. history. Trumpy just might be the most obtuse and clueless presidential candidate in U.S. history. He constructed a bunker in his mind some decades ago and no mere fact from the cause and effect universe inhabited by sane and smart people can even penetrate his armor. Even Hitler didn’t begin his political career from inside a bunker.

  1. Since both parties had their primaries tonight, I’m at a loss to understand why they would light up the Empire State Building for that. I believe you CAN buy colored lights for your occasion, or ask them to do it, but lighting it up in red would have nothing to do with who won. So I doubt it’s because of the GOP primary. That’s what people are saying, but I doubt it. The only way it would be for Trump is if he paid them to do it. Nevertheless, people are having fun with it.

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