TWH, Hump Day, 4/20. Need I say more?

So, yesterday Hillary Clinton notched a victory in Wall Street’s home state. She now has 1893 delegates to Bernie Sanders’ 1180. Ms. Clinton only needs 490 delegates out of the remaining 1704 delegates still available to clinch the Democratic nomination. If not for the wisdom of the upper echelons of the Democratic Party, it would be a much closer race: 1424 to 1149. But Democratic Superdelegates have thrown their weight behind Wall Street’s choice and they will not be dissuaded by popular opinion. That’s what makes them so “super”.

On the other side of the political spectrum, Trump trounced the opposition in New York. He walked away with 60% of the vote to Cruz’s 15%. The Republican delegate count now stands at Trump, 845; Cruz,559; and Kasich, 147. Trump needs 392 out of the 734 still available to have the nomination locked up. If he keeps picking up delegates at the rate he did in New York, Trump will walk in owning the Republican Convention.

Now, while you, gentle reader, are digesting the ramifications of the above, for something completely different:

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      Not sure I quite understand the problem.

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          Hmmm. Clarified mud expresses itself in the strangest ways.

          • Sometimes one of our Contributing Critters posts something and doesn’t remember to make it Sticky. The result is this new post shows up below all the Sticky posts. If nobody unsticks the Sticky posts, the non-Sticky posts will never be seen by most people.

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  2. On a different note, “independent” voters in New York learned that by opting out of both parties, they have no voice in either party’s primary. Well, the case can be made that if you opt out of the club, you have no right to pick the club’s leader.

    Yes, the system is rigged, and always has been, to protect the interests of the wealthy against the whims of an uneducated and/or “misguided” populace. In a system of checks and balances, this gives the wealthy few a check against the multitude of poor.

    • But in order to be included ‘in the club’, a voter had to modify their party designation in October, before even the first debate. See how that keeps out the ‘undesirables’?

    • I am an unaffiliated registered voter. While I often support Democrats, I don’t always vote for that party’s candidate. I often vote for the Working Families Party candidate, who is often (though not always) also the Democratic nominee.

      I have no problem whatsoever with not being able to vote in yesterday’s NYS primaries because I don’t belong to any political party and, therefore, I shouldn’t be allowed to vote for somebody else’s party’s nominee. It makes no sense that I do.

      If we had open primaries in NYS, there could possibly have been more registered Republicans voting in the Democratic primary than Democrats, and more Democrats voting in the Republican primary than Republicans, just to try to screw up the other side. because that’s how we like to do things in New York.

      Which is why open primaries are a joke. If I worked full time for a political party (doesn’t matter which), I would not want people who didn’t belong to my party having a say in which candidate my party nominates and, consequently, which candidate I have to go out trying to get elected. If your state is going to have open primaries, you might as well not bother having political parties at all.

    • The American system is a joke – there I have just blurted it out and I can’t think of a reason why I am wrong. Government of the people by the people for the people? Not a chance, you either have to be filthy rich to have any chance and on the in with one party or the other – after this primary season and the heavily Gerry-mandered election to come where 54% vote won’t get you a majority on one side of the aisle.

      Sometime in the future there will be barricades and petrol bombs.

  3. Another name for Super Delegate is ‘Crony Delegate’, since you don’t get to be a crony unless you’re a delegate. Or a wealthy donor to the Clinton Money Laundering machine.

    • The first thing that went through my mind was “Candygram for Mongo”

      Spanks? She handed him his ass.

      • I’d like her to put her hand on my ass too – and squeeze, ever so gently.

  4. Speaking of Drumpf, there’s a great video of Hair Drumpf at a noisy rally, praising the N.Y. Heroes of ….7/11.
    Gotta wonder if Apu at the Quickie Mart is also included in the Drumpf happy fest.

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