Sunday Roast: Let’s Go Crazy

The year 2016 has been pretty rough on the music world.  It’s too depressing to make a list of the amazing artists who’ve slipped the mortal coil…

Let’s Go Crazy is my favorite Prince song; it’s just SO perfectly Prince.  Purple Rain is the iconic Prince song, but Let’s Go Crazy — to me — is Prince & friends having a shitload of fun making great music.

Speaking of Purple Rain, Bruce Springsteen opened his most recent show with a tribute to Prince Rogers Nelson.

I truly hope that Prince made arrangements for his unreleased music to come out over the next few years.

This is our daily open thread — Post your fav Prince music, if you can find it!

7 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Let’s Go Crazy

  1. Country’s oldest African-American newspaper endorses Sanders

    Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders received an endorsement from the country’s oldest African-American newspaper Saturday, ahead of next week’s Pennsylvania primary.

    “Sanders offers an inspiring message and bold vision for America without the excessive baggage of Clinton, which is why Sanders is our choice for president in the Democratic primary,” the editorial from the Philadelphia Tribune read.

    The editorial cited Clinton’s support of the 1994 crime bill, her use of the term “super predator” to describe black men involved in crime and her paid Wall Street speeches for reasons against endorsing the former secretary of state. And the editorial board said Sanders has always lobbied for the African-American community.

    The phrase ‘better late than never’ doesn’t apply here. All these reasons were known six months ago. Now that he’s badly trailing, due in a large part to African-Americans voting for Clinton in the early primaries, to endorse Bernie now is nearly an insult.

  2. Alabama preacher says sex is the biggest reason for homelessness, abuse and lowers your IQ

    “Sex has never been ordained by God,” he says sitting behind two phallic lighthouses. “In fact, it was the first sin, Adam and Eve and the serpent. And you see what happened to the serpent on that. But, like I say, sex is the problem. If you don’t mention sex, two men or two women can live together, share a place, have a place, and one can leave whatever she got, and they can have a ‘merge partner,’ they call it.”

    “I say this to the young people: Sex is a very dangerous thing. As dangerous as can be. As dangerous as cocaine or anything else. If you start, say as a young person, and get hooked on that, and it’ll paralyze your mind where you won’t learn very well like you ought to, most time. And it’s gonna create all kinda problems.”

    . . .

    “Sex, I think, well, sex is the biggest, the most reason, well, all the homeless, abused children in the world is because of sex. And 99.9 percent, I guess there’s been a few [intelligable] that was because of money then. But money and sex is the two worst things out there and sex is a mighty big one.”

    “Sex is — was here for the world to multiply, and that was kind of a punishment,” he has concluded. “It’s never been ordained by God. It’s not sanctified by God.”

    I’m guessing he’s a virgin. Prolly. Hopefully.

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