The Watering Hole, Monday, April 25th, 2016: Take a Deep Breath

Old orchard in spring

Old orchard in spring

I know that I’ve trotted out this photo a few times over the years, at least in springtime. But it is one of my favorite pictures, and, well, it’s Spring. Although the apple blossoms are barely budding yet, lots of other flowering trees are blooming and the air is fragrant in the warming sunshine. The first of newly-mown lawns add their evocative scent. Bees are humming and I saw my first butterfly of the spring on Thursday. Of course, this also means that there’s a pollen alert every day, and this spring for the first time my allergies have escalated to the “burning eyes” level. But as long as I can breathe through my nose, even a little, I still want to stick my head out the car window like a dog and drink it all in.

Breathe in the springtime – it’ll do you good.

This is our daily Open Thread–what’s on your mind?

7 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, April 25th, 2016: Take a Deep Breath

  1. Find yourself some local raw unfiltered honey.
    Store bought honey is an abomination with horror stories that go with it.
    If you can find a local beekeeper, buy some from him or her and enjoy.

    • Local honey is a must for allergy issues. I spent my life allergy free until I moved from the midwest to the desert southwest. There’s something blooming in the desert all year-round, things foreign to my system. Local honey helps a lot especially on a day like yesterday with 30 mph winds blowing things around as I tilled my garden. Hot tea, honey – lemon toddy.

  2. The Cruz-Kasich lash up to block the Drumpf smacks of desperation. As well is should. As it is.
    Given Hair Drumpf’s polling against anyone and everyone else, the R’s should be fearful of the rot they’ve wrought.

  3. Happily out of the country and avoiding the news (the US news). Though I can say Obama’s call for the UK to stay in the EU went down like a pork pie at a barmitzvah with everyone I talked to.

    He probably gave the ‘Exit’ vote a boost of a few %. US attitude to Brexit was seen as hypocritical, interfering and condescending – he really backfired…

    Meanwhile in Munich I encountered a Periga protest in the Marienplatz today – vigourous debate going on in Germany about immigration and cultural assimilation.

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