The Watering Hole, Tuesday April 26, 2016 – Environmental News and Food Politics

Which trees face death in drought?

Some species succumb more readily than others. Mass die-offs have happened in several western states in the past few years.

The Forest Book of the Dead


In other news, Pennsylvania MD and CONN all have primaries today. Can Sanders cut in to Hillary’s lead?

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32 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday April 26, 2016 – Environmental News and Food Politics

  1. Guten Morgen von Munchen….

    Leading the news today are two Ukrainian stories: 30 years since Chernobyl – one of those – ‘do you remember where you where when you heard’ moments if you lived in Europe ins this time.

    And my only Ukrainian joke – “Why don’t Ukrainians wear boxer shorts? – Because Chernobyl fallout”

    And this one – a BBC insight into the MH17 shootdown also in Ukraine – a summary of the conspiracy theories surrounding the shootdown – surprisingly (or not) all the debunked theories come from Russia…. a few crucial points missed from this summary – that the Russia TV channel Lifenews, broadcast a shootdown of a Ukrainian AN26 transport approximately 90mins after the MH17 incident and then, with the anchor not even allowed to change her dress, switching the story using the same video of the Ukrainians shooting down MH17 – see for yourselves on youtube – a deleted news broadcast from Lifenews – and also Tass – . The Russians boasted they shot down an An26 and it was in fact Mh17.

  2. I wrote this back in summer of 2004 whilst spending much of the summer in the high mountain forests of Eastern Arizona, a lot of which was dead or dying even then.

    Elegy Written in a Dying Forest

    The trees were dying, one by one,
    Through fire, disease, and drought-drenched sun;
    Where once lived lush green firmament
    Now stood dried bones of dark lament.

    I gazed upon what once had thrived
    In climate harsh, where life survived
    To offer self in Nature’s Way,
    In service – balanced – night and day.
    No other lives were lesser made
    By gathered sun, by filtered shade,
    By Spirits who, no germ of greed
    Could ever sow, and still succeed.

    In other lands, where men are Kings,
    Where gluttony in quest of things
    Defines deep shallowness of Soul,
    Where Nature’s Way is ne’er the goal –
    ‘Tis there that men are born to die
    Not ever having sensed the sigh
    Of generous and selfless Grace
    Which ere defined this wooded place.

    While men pretend, and mimic God,
    Scant few amongst them find it odd
    Or even pause to sense, to see –
    God’s image – more – becomes a Tree.

    It’s worth noting that in June 2011, the Bear Wallow fire burned and destroyed nearly 850 square miles of that same Arizona forest. The fire was fueled by thousands of acres of dead trees — the end-product of decades worth of forest mismanagement, combined with current manifestations of human-caused climate change.

    • The Rodeo fire was equally devastating.
      I remember driving through it. It was like a waste land.
      On the upside. The areas that burned were opened up and new life move in.
      Meadows were formed and elk and deer populations increased along with hunters on quad runners and litter.
      Someday’s there’s just no winning.

      • Yep, I well remember the Rodeo-Chediski dead zone, had to pass through it to get to the as yet unburned E. AZ Apache NF. As I recall, the R-C fire burned close to 750 square miles in 2002, so today it’s the second largest fire in the state’s history.

        I’ve thought for years that hunting and noise machines and idiots should be permanently banned from national forests, that they should each and all be designated Wilderness, the haunt of elk, deer, bears, wolves, cougars, et al., along with humans who have an IQ over 100 which would leave out all Republicans, ATV enthusiasts, and gun owners (assuming there’s any difference in those three groups).

  3. Prince’s death foretells the end times says man who calls himself ‘Third Eagle of the Apocalypse’

    April 21, the day Prince died, also has some significance according to the “prophet.” Two years ago on that same date, Pope Francis told a woman in Argentina “that even though she was divorced and remarried outside of the church [he] told her she could receive communion.” This refers back to what [William] Tapley [self-described ‘Third Eagle of the Apocalypse’] calls a “Pope’s recent abomination.”

    Thus, Prince’s death signifies that the Apocalypse is upon us.

    Shit. It’s so bloody obvious, how’d I miss it?

    • Well, you’re obviously not a Prince fan.
      Everyone else knew this except you and me.
      You see, purple rain was a metaphor about acid rain and little red corvette was a metaphor directed towards Hillary Clinton.
      Party like it’s 1999 is song depicting the reckless abandon of the M.I.C. and its sycophant relationship with lobbyists and war.
      Let’s go crazy was about republican congressional obstructionism and their denial of physics and science infused with foaming at the mouth religious kooks foretelling the end of times.
      It’s all there in front of you.
      You just have to play the record backwards to hear it.

      • I’ll be truthful and honest: I have never, ever, heard Prince “sing” any song. Period. I had heard OF him prior to his death, but can’t explain why. I do look forward to the end times, however, esp. if it claims the existence of idiots everywhere. Hoping it leaves intelligent creatures (wolves, cats, roaches, etc) behind and sucks up only humans. That would be good.

  4. Awkward: MSNBC Skips Chris Matthews’s Wife Suffering Huge Loss in Maryland Congressional Race

    Among the more intriguing results from Tuesday’s primary contests, the crowded race to fill the heavily-Democratic Eighth Congressional District in Maryland featured none other than the wife of Hardball host Chris Matthews whose candidacy included accusations that the couple leveraged their coziness with the D.C. and Hollywood elite for campaign donations.

    Unfortunately, MSNBC made no mention of this race during their live results coverage when polls closed at 8:00 p.m. Eastern until 1:00 a.m. Eastern and along with the MSNBC personality being absent from the coverage due the the campaign but, most importantly, that Kathleen Matthews finished in third.

    As of this writing (around 2:20 a.m. Eastern), far-left Maryland State Senator Jamie Raskin was the winner at 33.7 percent followed by Total Wine & More founder David Trone at 27.3 percent and Matthews behind them at 23.8 pecent.

    Matthews was name-checked by co-host Brian Williams as being “off tonight attending to family business” at the top of the 6:00 p.m. Eastern hour, but it was never disclosed to any uninformed viewers that the reason had to due with Kathleen’s campaign.

  5. No place to post today, so tagging it here.
    A sign of the economics of the 1% that are polluting our economy.
    A great article from, of all places, Time (used to be magazine)
    The Sad Truth That Apple and Exxon Reveal About Our Economy
    Salient quotes:
    Exxon’s downgrade shows that risk has spread more broadly. But what’s ironic is that Exxon was able to pay all of its $31 billion in capital expenses last year with cash from operations. This is not a company with nosebleed leverage ratios. What’s giving it trouble now is not just falling oil prices, but also the fact that it continued, under market pressure, to borrow money to fund dividend and share repurchases that have helped bolster its stock price.

    That’s where Apple comes in. While it still has plenty of cash on hand ($233 billion), it has also issued vast amounts of debt in recent years to do exactly the same sort of share buybacks – often at the top of the market, just like Exxon. Apple’s strategy is less a reflection of confidence that its stock will rise than a desperate attempt to keep that price up when the company’s underlying growth strategy isn’t making investors bullish enough.

    And, the punch in the gut line:
    All of this financial wizardry underscores one of the great ironies of American business today. The country’s biggest, richest companies have more contact with investors and capital markets than ever before, yet they don’t actually need any capital. At least, not to run their daily business. The biggest economic conundrum of our age–why many companies aren’t investing their cash in things like factories, workers and wages—turns out to have an easy answer. It’s because they are using those funds to bolster markets and enrich the top quarter of the population that owns 80% of stock via capital return programs instead. A recent paper from the Roosevelt Institute shows that as borrowing to fund paybacks to investors has increased over the last few years has increased, investment into the real economy has decreased — as has growth.

    • when you point out the numbers of the Obama Recovery – gas, jobs, deficit, people on healthcare, company profits and stock market highs to your knuckle-dragging Trump brownshirt relative … wait for the “I’m not doing any better” and counter with: “Hmm Trickledown isn’t working for you then?”

      • Oh, there’s trickle down alright.
        Just don’t tell them what that warm feeling running down their backs really is.

  6. LOL Ted Cruz has announced that Carly Fiorina will be his running mate…. if he is selected. That’s the joke! LOL

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