The Watering Hole; Thursday April 28 2016; “Oh ICK!”

Oh ICK!!
(Radar O’Reilly)

In the aftermath of Tuesday’s five primaries, it now seems a safe bet that Bernie will not overcome Hillary, the Republican Establishment will not overcome Drumpf,  and November’s electoral choice will reveal whether the next President will be the first woman — or the first squirrel pelt — to ascend to the Oval Office.


So far I’ve noticed that Trump has at least one Republican Establishment figure that enthusiastically “supports!” his probable candidacy. That would be former Reagan and Poppy Bush staffer Bruce Bartlett, who has shown no hesitation in his backing of Trump and even voted for him in the Virginia Primary.

Former Reagan official Bruce Bartlett on why he backs Trump

Here’s a summary of Bartlett’s views, in his own words:

  • I think the Republican Party is sick. It’s dying, it just doesn’t know it. And I think anything that speeds up its demise is to the good, because then it can reinvent itself and return as something healthy. . . .
  • I think that Trump is a symptom of a disease of rampant stupidity, pandering to morons and bigots and racists and all the sort of stuff that defines today’s Republican coalition. And I just think it’s awful. . . .
  • So I think that giving Trump the nomination is the surest path to complete and total destruction of the Republican Party as we know it. And I look forward to him getting the nomination for that reason. . . .
  • I think he will have a historic loss. . . .
  • But . . . my hope is, at least, that he will lead to a really serious assessment of the problems of the Republican Party, and lead to some opening of thought, opening of discussion, conversation among groups that have been sidelined for quite a long time. Mainly moderates and people of that sort who have been just pushed to the sidelines in favor of ever more rabid, nonsensical, right-wing authoritarianism.
  • But . . . I also don’t think it really makes all that much difference whether Trump gets the nomination, because he’s already succeeded in destroying the Republican coalition as far as the general election is concerned. . . .
  • So either way the party is looking at historic losses, historic defeat. And I think that is really, really a wonderful thing.

Bartlett may well be the first Republican I’ve run across in decades who has managed to summarize the past-due fate of the Republican Party’s crackpots-for-fifty-years-and-counting dilemma. Given his past associations I’m surprised it took Trump’s Primary successes to flip on all the lights, but what the hey, any port in a storm is better than continuing to ride the bouncing waves!

In any case, I have to go along with all of Bartlett’s notions, and given that TRUSSTED just selected Snarly Fiorina as his VP running mate, I’m hoping for results to come in sooner and not later. Meanwhile, Any enthusiasm I might have had for the other party has pretty much dropped off the map at about the same rate as Bernie has, given that I’m much more of the Democratic-Socialist persuasion than I am a DINO-Warhawk. What’s left, in other words, isn’t all that much, at least insofar as I can tell.

So I’ve decided to take a different tack this election year. I’m surely not interested in helping Drumpf “Make America Great Again;” also not particularly intrigued with what amounts to a neocon (lady, this time) warhawk in the Oval Office. I’ve seen the consequences of all that stuff way too often over the years and have gotten way too old (and wise) in the process. So I’ve come up with what I consider to be a genuinely intriguing alternate goal.


From all the things I’ve heard and read over the years, Eden be THE PLACE!! NO Republicans! NO Democrats! NO Commies! NO Fascists! Nothing but Peace and . . . well, you know. 😀 Clearly the search has got to be invariably tricky, but still, there are CLUES which will lead the way! Emily Dickinson pointed out the obvious:

Not seeing, still we know —
Not knowing, guess —
Not guessing, smile and hide
And half caress —
And quake — and turn away,
Seraphic fear —
Is Eden’s innuendo . . .

So I’ve set out on the quest, and may well be getting closer — In fact I do think that I have indeed stumbled upon the Seraphic fear of Eden’s innuendo!

2014 June 29 Bullsnake 124

I’m well on my way! And the best part is that all I have to do to assist Bartlett in his goal to destroy the Republican Party is to bring Drumpf, Cruz, Snarly, et al. and introduce them first hand to what I’ve found, and then, after their freak-out passes all the gas that inflates their non-resilient egos, the rest of Eden — the really good parts —  will magically show themselves and . . . well, you know! We won’t even need (or miss, for that matter) Hillary; only patience and determination, and all will be well!

Rowing in Eden —
Ah, the Sea!
Might I but moor — Tonight —
In Thee!

(Emily Dickinson)

Indeed. And today, even snakes be cool — compared to Drumpf (et al.).



12 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Thursday April 28 2016; “Oh ICK!”

  1. Quick comment on the ‘sticky post’ topic: I didn’t use the ‘stick to front page’ option for this post, and this morning it showed up three or four posts down from the top of the page. So I did an edit and hit the sticky button to put it up top where it belongs. I’ll be using the ‘stick’ button from now on, given that almost every time I haven’t, the post has landed somewhere other than up top.

  2. Prison will do to Dennis Hastert what he did to young boys.
    Payback, it’s a bitch.

    • Too bad he only gets 15 months…Should be 15 years. Or until death do he part.

  3. Trump: “America First!”

    Hmmh. Why am I suddenly reminded of that other earlier slogan that was shouted from treetops a long time ago. Lessee. How’d it go? Deutschland Über Alles! Something like that.

    Are all fascists like that? Or is it unique to Trump and Hitler?

    • Was discussing that with 13 year old Amber, who is studying the Holocaust in 7th grade English class… We came to the same realization, substitute Muslims for Jews and the foo shits…

      • Wow! Studying the Holocaust in 7th grade English! I was in 7th grade English at this time in 1955, had not yet even HEARD of the Holocaust. Didn’t learn any details, in fact, till I was in my third year of college, and then only because I independently read ‘The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich’ by Wm Shirer. The Holocaust was NOT routinely discussed or taught back in those days (along with a whole lot of other historical detail of the kind that can make one’s stomach hurt).

        Maybe there’s hope yet for education . . . well, until the Republicans get their hands on it. Then kids will learn about Noah’s Ark and shit like that.

        • That surprises me Frugal. I was well aware of the Holocaust before I was 10. My father had a multiple volume pictorial history of WW ll on the bookshelf in the living room. The photographs were all taken by military forces, both Allied and Axis. A young boy doesn’t easily forget the picture of a bulldozer pushing hundreds of bodies into a trench…

          • Interesting. None of my immediate family were military — too old, too young — during WWII. There were a few vets in my little town, but they never said anything about the war or what they might have seen over there. And the school was totally silent about everything other than locals who never returned, Pearl Harbor, and VE/VJ days. Not much was said even about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, although I do recall hearing about the White Sands test of the A-Bomb. And I seriously knew very little of the Holocaust till I was in college for 2-3 years when I first learned of its horrors. My interest hasn’t waned in the 50+ years since passed, either.

            I still puzzle over the silence, way back then. And now, for that matter.

            • I wondering now whether the laws that have been passed that concern veterans were proposed by veterans. I read recently about having women register for the draft. I been thinking that requiring military service as a requirement to be eligible to run for a Federal office might be a good idea.

            • Personally, I’d like to see the “Defense” budget cut back to pennies on the dollar, with the guarantee that the savings would be spent waging Peace for a change, and not/never again on preemptive war(s). And no, I really don’t care at all that Republican dicks will forever shrink and never again get really big. The world will be better off, for sure.

              As for “service,” I’d prefer to see a draft where youngsters could choose between military and social service. Me, I got lucky back in the sixties, managed to avoid the Nam by working in a lab on bio/chemical agents. Better than the Nam, but not much.

              In retroview, the best thing about the draft was the resistance it fomented. Burning draft cards was cool; burning bras, more interesting! 😉

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