The Watering Hole; Friday April 29 2016; Nutso Factoids

The Wingnut World gets more nutso every day.

This factoid just in: Removing Jackson From Currency Shows ‘The Leftists Are Not Different From The Islamists’

[That’s the premise of] Joel Gilbert, the right-wing filmmaker who promotes the alternative birther theory that President Obama’s “real father” was labor activist Frank Marshall Davis; [Gilbert] joined far-right radio host Rick Wiles on his “Trunews” program on Monday to discuss what Wiles called the “cultural cleansing” taking place with the removal of President Andrew Jackson from the front of the $20 bill.

Gilbert took offense at the very idea of removing Hero Jackson from the twenty and putting up a black former slave woman! in his place. He found that whole notion to be as offending to white racists everywhere as are all those efforts to  get rid of the Confederate flag. In his mind, all that subversive stuff is nothing more than the effort of Liberals to, in effect,

“. . . change everything and pretty much apologize and condemn the greatness of America and the history and judge it according to current value standards of the media and condemn American history, apologize for American history and then cover it up.”

He further points out that

“The leftists are not different from the Islamists. Don’t forget the Islamists, when Islam burst out of Arabia in the sixth century, seventh century, they came to Jerusalem, they renamed it al-Quds. Several centuries later, they took over the Christian city of Constantinople. Now it’s called Istanbul.

“This is a way of changing the history to accommodate the new ideology in town, and changing the currency to wipe out the founding fathers from our consciousness, their principles and their ideals that created a nation of individual free markets and free speech, that is a way to achieve their long-term goals.”

Right. Because this here’s Amurkkka, dontcha know, and only us white male asshole bigots have any meaning at all. And wimmin, ‘specially black wimmin, ain’t got no business havin’ there pitcher on are money!

Something like that.

And remember, them damn Islamists changed the name of Jerusalem to al-Quds and the name of that Christian place called Constantinople to Istanbul., right? Right. And them Islamists are the same as our are Leftists, right? Right. So I’m guessing what that all means is that Leftists are gonna pretty soon start changing names of places in this here country. It figgers, right? Right.

So with me being a Leftist and all, I think it’s only fair that I git get that process underway by proposing we change the name of our Capitol from Washington to something that more closely recommends right wing Republican ideas, ideals, and their “principles.” With that in mind, here’s my suggestion:


Seems apropos, somehow.

That’s not likely to ever happen, of course. And there’s a really big reason for that:

Rick Wiles Warns Target Restroom Policy Will Spark Nuclear War

After reading from a statement about the bathroom policy from Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder, Wiles bellowed, “How about if I just urinate on your floor? How about that, Molly? Because you’re defecating on this nation. . . .

“God is going to use the Russians to bring down Sodom and Gomorrah if there’s no repentance in this land,” he said. “Listen, these freaks are going to get us all killed. They’re going to get us all killed. When there is a nuclear war, we all die.”

Oh well, so who cares. We’ll all be dead, right? Right. Yeehaw.


13 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday April 29 2016; Nutso Factoids

  1. The inhabitants of my town have moved from fearing Muslims going to the bathroom to fearing transgendered people going to the bathroom, even though I assume both groups have been going to the bathroom for a really long time without serious incident. Given that none of my children ever went into a public restroom alone until I was certain they would scream bloody murder if anyone was ever inappropriate with them, I wonder why they don’t just watch their children better if they’re so worried.

    • When my oldest daughter turned three, she and I celebrated her birthday by going to San Diego for a couple of days. One afternoon when we were ‘playing’ in a huge public park, she had to use the bathroom, so I took her to the little bldg with two doors, decided she should use the “ladies” room, and showed her the door. She went in and did her thing, all the while I stood outside, near enough to the door to hear any untoward commotion. A minute or two later, out she came, and none the worse for the wear. Was I concerned? Yes, a bit, just as I would be concerned any time my three year old would be out of my sight in a public place. Was I worried? No, not at all. Would I be worried today if a transgender person (or a Muslim) was in there with her at the same time? Of course not.

      The fact that so many screwballs own and carry guns is a hell of a lot more worrisome than which people are using which bathroom. I’m surprised no one has pointed out that the number of peopled killed by guns runs close to 1000 per month even as the number of people killed by trans people in public cans averages zero per year.

    • News Flash…..Trans people have been going to the bathroom for eons.

      The only thing weird about the whole “crisis” is how weird the conservatives are who worry about everyone’s bathroom habits.

      Besides, we need to ban congressmen from using public restrooms, that seem to be the hot spot for cheating on your wife.

  2. I’m watching Antenna TV, a 1964 episode of the Jack Benny Program, with guests Peter, Paul and Mary, who are singing Blowin’ In The Wind. 🙂

    • It’s funny how there can 1000 teevee channels and the best programs are reruns received by antenna for no cost.
      Starsky & Hutch, Route 66 etc…

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