The Watering Hole, Monday, May 2, 2016: So How Was Your Week?

I haven’t been around much lately. I don’t want this to turn in to some giant complaint, so I’ll be brief. A couple of weeks ago I awoke with some minor back pain which got worse and worse over the next couple of days (along with some pain in my side if I moved wrong.) Not only was I unable to go to work, I had to go to the emergency room, since the doctor I went to said she couldn’t give me anything stronger for the intense back pain. While there were no broken bones, there were a couple of disks separated oddly (is about the best way I can describe it.) They suggested I “establish a relationship” with an orthopedic surgeon. That part’s taken care of, he’s one of the best in the country, and I’ll make an appointment with him him soon. Which is good because over the weekend, I had one of those famous home accidents in the bathroom. I was wearing very slippery socks and they gave out on the bathroom tile floor, which made me fall straight down on top of the edge of my bathtub, squarely on the right side of my chest. No blood, and no head injury. And it hurts quite a bit, but there’s no bruising or discoloration of any kind, and my breathing isn’t labored at all because of it. I think I got lucky and just got a little bruise. Funny thing is, the drugs they gave me at the ER were great for the back and side pain I had, but didn’t really help the chest bruise so much. Oh, well. Despite all that, I think I had a better week than Larry Wilmore at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Personally, I didn’t find it particularly funny. Maybe the jokes were too inside for me. I hope you’ve had a better week.

This is our daily open thread. Have fun.

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I'm a Liberal, Libertarian, Atheist Humanist. I believe that though the world is a dangerous place, it can be made better if we stop dividing ourselves by how we're different from each other, and reach out to each other through what we have in common. And that is that we are all human beings on this planet. Please remember that.

32 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, May 2, 2016: So How Was Your Week?

  1. Well, last Monday I pulled an abdominal muscle at work and had to stay home Tuesday and Wednesday, while it eased up gradually. I managed to work Thursday and Friday, and finally felt well enough to mow the grass yesterday after the racing.

    • Sorry to hear about that, House. Glad you’re feeling better. Despite the pills I took a couple of hours ago, my chest still hurts a bit, but not so much that it’s debilitating, like the back pain was. Just an annoying inconvenience.

      Get well soon.

  2. I sent myself flying by tripping over my own trailer hitch in a parking lot.. Nothing broken, but I’m beat up a bit. I hope both of you gentleman are on the mend.

  3. I got stung a bunch of times this weekend when I was working my bee hives.
    I grabbed a frame to quickly and there were some girls under my fingers.
    They let me know it.
    I actually enjoyed it.
    Kind of a Jackass version of beekeeping.
    I’ve got to the point where I enjoy being stung.
    Apitherapy, yeah, that’s it.

  4. I realize that it’s the bigots in America who tend to be loud, proud, and more heavily armed than necessary, but we have to start denouncing these morons as the sub-humans they claim non-whites to be.

    The idea that mixed marriages are “offensive,” or that Old Navy “hates” white babies, or that White Genocide is really a thing, or that “miscegenation” is really something to be feared or even concerned about is ludicrous. People who believe any or all of these things are, by a large majority, Trump supporters. If Trump doesn’t start denouncing these kinds of supporters, then it’s up to the rest of us to denounce him as a like-minded individual who thinks like the worst of them. And that’s another big hint: Bigots are often the ones saying Trump says what they’re thinking.

  5. Apparently all economic woes are Obama/Dem’s fault. Apparently GWBush never existed.

    Fox’s Fartaromo And Rep. Issa Blame Dems For Slow Economic Growth

    It seems that Ms. Fartaromo has compartmentalized all the Bush years into a section of her brain that is inaccessible and inconsequential. . . . She’s not alone.

    Only about a third of Americans (34%) know that the government’s bailout of banks and financial institutions was enacted under the Bush administration. Nearly half (47%) incorrectly say that the Troubled Asset Relief Program – widely known as TARP – was signed into law by President Obama.

    To lend credence to her false fabrications about the Obama Administration, she carts out the wealthiest car thief and arsonist in Congress, and paragon of virtue, Rep. Darrel Issa (R-CA). This accomplished purveyor of pernicious prevarications (all alliteration aside), blames President Obama for the slow growth during his terms. Rep. Issa also has no recollection of the first eight years of this Millennium. If Hillary Clinton is playing the ‘woman card,’ these Republicans are playing the ‘selective amnesia card.’

    • ‘I’m in twaining for kitten-weight champeen of de wurld!’

  6. Sorry to hear of the ailments for all…. I have a burst blister on my foot from walking 8-10 miles around London 3 days running over the weekend πŸ™‚

  7. Ouch, Wayne!!! ((((gentle hugs))))

    You need some of those horrible socks they give you at the hospital, with the traction treads on the bottom. There’s nothing better to make you feel 97 years old. πŸ˜€

        • Are you kidding? I couldn’t have wandered around the room if I wanted to, and they had me in my own little ER room and bed. I was in too much pain to wander anywhere.

          They told me to get undressed and put on the hospital nightie and to tell them when I was ready. Two minutes later, when I’m half undressed, they sent someone in to get my blood pressure and pulse. They couldn’t have waited?

          • Or knocked. :/

            I hope you don’t have to have back surgery, cuz I think you’ll be as “good” a patient as I am. πŸ˜‰

            • After waaaaay too many hospital stays; I have become “The Best Patient Ever”! I’m the patient who amuses myself by fomenting rebellion among the other patients. But? I only foment rebellion against the doctors and nurses’-aids. I have found that nurses are among my favorite people on earth but the other two can go pound sand.

  8. Been there, done that, Wayne. It sucks! I have been told that I am one spinal fusion operation away from having to carry around a mirror so I don’t have to look up or down. Left-right is still a bit easier but that’s because my hips are still in decent shape.

    Waaaay back, when I was working on a production line, I pulled a muscle in my neck. Because of previous experiences with addictive behavior I was sent home with a prescription for a massive dose of Naproxin. It didn’t do eff-all for the pulled muscle in my neck but, for a couple weeks, every joint in my body felt like I was still a teenager!

    • I worked on toxicity testing for horses given naproxen at Syntex back in the early 70’s. Being a NSAID it’s pain relief was minimal but for arthritis, yep it works.

      • Indeed. I usually take one before I go out to fly my planes because then my neck doesn’t hurt either during or after. Now I just wish I could find a way to eliminate that loud and painful “CLICK!” when I turn my head the wrong way!

  9. We sane people could not make this shit up. Do you remember the weeping, screaming, terrified young woman in the back of Lavoy Finicum’s SUV? It turns out that the mother who placed her in that situation has 10 kids, one of those kids was taken away by a court, is not currently married, and assaulted police officers trying to evict her from her domicile. Sigh… She is probably in negotiations with TLC to air her dirty laundry for a handsome price. They could call the show “Half the kids; double the crazy”.

  10. MSNBC has called the Dem primary in Indiana for Bernie! 53-47 at 62% reporting!

    • Saying Trump is better than Cruz is damning him by faint praise, but Trump is better than Cruz, using the ‘lesser of two evils’ comparison.

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