TWH, 5/11/16, time-out, to contemplate the metaphysical nature of the universe


Half Dome



Lady of the Mist.JPG


El Capitan

Earth, Wind, Water & Fire;
All played their humble part,
In creating,
Carving and shaping
That which we know as


feel free to contemplate the metaphysical nature of the universe, if the Spirit so moves you


16 thoughts on “TWH, 5/11/16, time-out, to contemplate the metaphysical nature of the universe

  1. You need the Fifth Element, to combine with the other four elements, to form the ultimate weapon to defeat evil.

  2. One of my favorite childhood memories, Yosemite trip when I was about six. Took a raft ride on I believe, the Tualamie (sic) river.. Remember ‘fire falls’ at night. Beautiful place…

  3. I am going to venture a guess that the trees shown in the photos above are Manzanita…???

    • I’m thinking we need to amend the Constitution to let them go.

      • I have a daughter that currently lives in Tejas. She was born in AZ, however, so I assume for her the border would forever be wide open even if?

        Beyond that, though, I wouldn’t think Tejas would be worth another civil war.


    Hmm Moore has a point …. Sanders has a very good point – all the states that Dems need to win – Sanders has either won or been edged in – HIllary’s delegate count comes from the already-lost South, where anyone wearing a pillow case or carrying a cross gets the vote and from of course the Suck-up delegates.

    This country could be so… very very fucked.

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