The Watering Hole; Friday May 13 2016; The Meaning of Life

Take all away from me, but leave me Ecstasy,
And I am richer then than all my Fellow Men . . .

In today’s human world,  the sad reality is that all that really counts is money, both the acquisition and the possession thereof — the more the better — all without any concern whatsoever for anything else, the earth and everything on it included. As a consequence, one need not look far to find massive evidences of human-directed destruction and contamination of virtually every aspect of the planetary environment from air to land to water to everything between, including virtually any and all life forms, humans included.

We (humans) are not all like that, thankfully. In fact, large numbers of “us” find infinitely more pleasure and purpose in hanging out with and observing critters who have zero interest in money or wealth; they don’t even know, much less care, what money is. No reason to know, because, after all, when your corner(s) of the world provide everything needed to make life meaningful, what would be the purpose of Money? It has no meaning to the talented, to the self-sufficient, to the gifted; it only has meaning to those who have no talent, no gift, no self-sufficiency, to those who can find no real meaning in life itself.

Below are eight photos — each and all from 2016 — which portray the genuine Meaning Of Life, a meaning which seems to, with every passing year, elude ever more humans, most especially those whose sole interests are Money, and Politics, and the presumed Power that comes along for the ride. But “Meaning” does NOT elude these critters!

The first four are of some local Colorado Front Range Canadian Geese including this year’s crop of goslings. I managed to get them to “pose” for me earlier this week, on May 9, when the little ones were roughly three weeks out of the egg. Already they’re out exploring the world — under the close watch of their moms and dads, of course — and already are more aware of legitimate survival techniques than the great bulk of humans of most any age. And they don’t have/need either a bank account or a gun, even!

May 9 2016 goose family 2244

May 9 2016 two goslings 2249

May 9 2016 goose family on water 2263

May 9 2016 goose family on water 2260

Next are four photos of one of this year’s family of Sonoran Desert Great Horned Owls, courtesy of Arizona Naturalist and Photographer Denny Green, longtime friend and resident of Tempe, AZ. These feathered folk typically nest in Giant Saguaro Cacti which are, I’m sure, one of the planet’s safest domiciles.

Great Horned Owl X7A9326

Great Horned Owl chicks X7A9009

Great Horned Owl chicks X7A8960

Great Horned Owl family X7A9511

Speaking of close-knit families! As for money, who needs it!


Finally, a bonus shot, this one from Thursday May 12:

May 12 2016 Gosling 2279

Money and wealth, polytics, power — Bah Humbug!

Ill it becometh me to dwell so wealthily
When at my very Door are those possessing more,
In abject poverty –
(Emily Dickinson)




27 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday May 13 2016; The Meaning of Life

  1. 42

    Sometimes your friends turn into penguins. Or sofas. It’s all a little weird.

    If you ever discover why the universe is here, it could be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

    That might’ve already happened.

    Anything that happens, happens.

  2. Sometimes it seems as though the critters ‘out there’ may well understand human’s “money” world better than do, say, Republican voters:

    By big margins, GOP voters falsely believe unemployment and the stock market are worse under Obama

    Republicans claim by a 64/27 spread that unemployment has increased and by a 57/27 spread that the stock market has gone down.

    I guess I could understand if a Great Horned Owl expressed such an opinion — owls could care less about unemployment or stock markets — they just go about life by living it, by understanding what that means. Republicans, otoh, not so much. Apparently.

    • It would appear that the Reichwing CAN fool most of their low information acolytes ALL the time.

    • I know a Trump supporter who swears his business is suffering because people can’t afford to fix their cars due to Obamacare. This in spite of the fact that his wife has medical insurance for the first time in their marriage due to Obamacare.
      I gather the GOP voters polled either don’t own stocks or get their investment advice from the same source as their news.

      • I actually have to wonder if the bulk of the GOP even understands numbers. Would they know, for example that a DJI of 17,850 under Obama is larger than, say, 7,850 was under Bush? Are they aware that Unemployment of 10% is higher than Unemployment of 5%? Or maybe their current bias is based on the “low” price of gasoline at the pump which happened because the price of crude is half what it once was, prolly because of that damn Obamacare!

        Honest to god, I’d rather converse with a three-week old gosling than a Republican. At least the little folks have a functioning brain!

      • I suppose it would never occur to him that his business might be suffering BECAUSE he’s a Trump supporter. Maybe he has a Trump sign at his business and people like us with IQs in the three-digit range drive by and take our business elsewhere. I know I would.

    • And … George Washington’s first act after Crossing the Potomac? Burn a cross in some Loyalist’s front garden?

  3. Speaking of “meaning” and “life”:

    “There is just no such thing as God”: A physicist searches for meaning in the natural world

    It is time to face reality, California Institute of Technology theoretical physicist Sean Carroll says: There is just no such thing as God, or ghosts, or human souls that reside outside of the body. Everything in existence belongs to the natural world and is accessible to science, he argues. In his new book “The Big Picture: On the Origin of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself,” out this week from Dutton, Carroll describes a guiding philosophy along these lines that he calls poetic naturalism. It excludes a supernatural or spiritual realm but still allows plenty of room for life to have a purpose.

    “I think we can bring ideas like meaning and morality into our discussions of the natural world,” Carroll says. “The ways that we talk about the universe are what make it meaningful.” He eloquently argues that point in his far-ranging book, which takes on the origins of consciousness, the likeliness of God based on a rigorous application of Bayesian probability statistics, and many other “big” questions that scientists are often loath to tackle.

    My only quibble is that “meaning” need not be esoteric, it can be simple — which most any close look at the natural world readily demonstrates. “poetic naturalism” — it’s everywhere. (Ask Emily Dickinson if you doubt that premise!)

  4. Big development in the #mh17 story over on the Tweeter….. satellite pictures and a corroborating dash-cam video, place a Russian BUK launcher in the general area of the launch site predicted by the Dutch Safety Board who reported on the crash in October 2015. Russian Tweeter trolls going ape-shit… The Dutch-led Judicial Investigation Team – carrying out a criminal probe, published the video this morning on their website.

    • Hoping that the Democratic Candidate for Prez rams this up Drumpfs arse., repeatedly. If Putin likes it, it’s evil, bad and ugly.

      • Well, just remember that a whole lotta wingnuts really LIKE Putin cuz he’s a REAL MAN as opposed to our guy who even wears mom jeans.

  5. In memory of Music Night; I’m a big fan of Cake. This song recently became particularly poignant to me. Again.

  6. I first heard this song very recently on a McDonalds commercial, and I was so sure it was ELO, that I searched for the song, couldn’t find it, and came up with the title and artist by searching for the actual commercial. I would like to hear from anybody that can tell me the title of the ELO song that sounds most like this one. This is Telekinesis, and the song is Lean On Me, and not anything like the Bill Withers song of the same name.

    • Rush is just projecting more of his sick fantasies onto his audience and the public at large. A poster at Discussionist earlier posted a story about a molester attacking an 8 year old girl in a rest room. Nowhere in the Breitbart article does it say he was dressed as a woman, or disguised in any way, yet the shithead contingent there acted as if it was all about Obama trying to allow perverts to prey on children.

      • Then there’s this li’l tidbit:

        White House Dismisses Texas Lt. Guv’s Outrage Over Trans Student Guidance

        Earnest emphasized that the letter sent to schools on Friday simply offers guidelines and suggestions to schools looking to comply with federal law and accommodate the needs of transgender students.

        “This is not an enforcement action. This does not add any additional requirements to any school district or state under the applicable law,” he told reporters. “This is in response to extensive requests for guidance and for information and advice that have been put forward by school administrators and teachers and in some cases, even parents, who are seeking practical solutions to this challenge.”

        Wingnuts everywhere freaked out over Obama’s ‘order’ that you better have trans potties or we’re gonna getcha!

        Not even close. GOoPer hyperbole only.

        I do truly HOPE that Trump — or anything, really — manages to completely destroy that party of fear mongers and haters before we sink to the lowest low imaginable.

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