The Watering Hole, Saturday, May 14, 2016: The Man Who Would Be Last

Last night’s closing segment of “Real Time” had Bill Maher addressing the accusation that Donald Trump’s popularity is the fault of Liberals. Like so many things Conservatives say, this is the exact opposite of the Truth. But as we all know, in political debate in America, facts don’t matter. They don’t. Regardless of political leanings, when people are confronted with facts that contradict something they believe, they will simply refuse to accept that they are wrong. Most of what Conservatives believe to be true is not, while a substantially lower percentage of what Liberals believe is false. Studies have shown that even Liberals normally willing to be persuaded by new evidence will still cling to about ten percent of their belief system against evidence to the contrary. By comparison, Conservatives are persuaded by almost nothing that contradicts their beliefs, even personal experience. To Conservatives, facts are just somebody’s opinion about Reality. What matters is what you believe to be true. Even when it isn’t. Here’s how Bill Maher responded:

One small but important clarification about something Maher said, the Boston Tea Party (the historical event after which the modern political Tea Party takes its name) was a revolt against a tax cut. King George cut taxes on British tea going to the colonies, thus making them cheaper to sell and harder for the colonists to compete. It was not, as many in the Tea Party movement believe, a tax increase being protested. But Maher is correct that these people have had their taxes lowered since Obama took office. And the problem isn’t that we’re taxed too much, it’s that we’re taxed too little, especially the wealthiest Americans. Taxes are the price we pay to live in a civilized society, and a necessity if we want our government to do the things we actually want it to do. Conservative Republicans often complain about our national debt being too high, but it’s their own fault and something else for which they refuse to accept responsibility. They believed something demonstrably untrue, cut taxes because of it, but continued to increase spending while lying about its effect on the national debt. They constantly claimed that tax cuts for the rich would pay for themselves by bringing in more revenue. It was a position that defied logic and the facts, but they went ahead and kept saying, not only that it was true, but that it was good for America. Then they turned around and tried to say that money spent on social welfare programs and national infrastructure was unjustifiable when our national debt was so high. Yes, they actually tried to make that argument. They still do. No amount of spending on our military is too high to them, but try to find a couple of billion dollars to make poorer people’s lives better and it’s, “Sorry. No can do. There’s a war on.” Except that war is not being financed by a single penny of tax revenue, it’s being funded by deficit spending, the thing Conservative Republicans claim they hate so much. There’s a lot of hypocrisy and flat out denial of the truth when it comes to right wing thinking, so it should surprise no one that Donald Trump will be the Republican Party’s nominee to be POTUS. He’s completely unfit to hold public office, has no grasp of factual reality, and is completely clueless about the nature and purpose of being a public servant.

Donald Trump is incapable of being a public servant because Donald Trump serves one person, and one person only – Donald Trump. His policies are based on either pure fantasy or rampant racism and bigotry. He has no understanding about how diplomacy works, nor why it’s a good thing. He seems to think the POTUS personally negotiates trade deals and treaties with other countries, and that he can do better than all previous presidents have done. The man is not simply a narcissist. Anyone who thinks he or she is capable of being POTUS has to have a big ego to begin with or else they would become overwhelmed by the responsibilities. It’s true of President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretary Clinton, Senator Sanders, Senator McCain, Governor Romney, Humanoid Dick “the Bruce” Cheney, and everyone else who has thrown his or her hat in the ring. But Trump’s narcissism is in a category of its own. He talks as if he’s never failed at anything in his life when Ivana and Marla could tell you otherwise. So can the several bankruptcies he’s filed for businesses that could not be called “successes.” And the lawsuit he’s facing for his sham of a school that made promises he had no intention of keeping. Yet he’s so thin-skinned that he constantly threatens to sue anyone who tells the truth about him. He even said he wants to limit the freedom of the press and make it easier to sue them for defamation when they say things about him he doesn’t like (such as truthful things, and things that really happened.) His campaign rhetoric has been so atrocious and despicable, that many white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and KKK groups have publicly endorsed him for POTUS. Even David Duke thinks he’d be a good choice for Trump’s running mate.

Apparently Mr. Duke hasn’t thought this out very far at all. I mean, is there any reason why Duke couldn’t be taken out first, then Trump, to prevent exactly what Duke threatened? A David Duke presidency? No, it would be much, much worse than any of that if Trump were to become POTUS. It would mean the end of America. It would mean an end to the greatest experiment in governance in the history of Civilization. Thanks to the Republican lack of support and outright disdain for Education dating back to the Reagan Administration, most Americans are unaware of just how unique this country is. For starters, in just about every other country on the planet, there is an official religion and it’s usually whatever religion the head of the country practices. The USA under our Constitution was the first country to say that would never happen here, and that people would be free to follow any religion they wished free of government interference. Christian Conservatives very much want to change that and make some unspecified version of Christianity our nation’s “official religion.” A President Trump would also bring an end to the rest of the First Amendment, too. Journalists would not be free to publish articles critical of Trump, and people would not be free to peaceably assemble to demonstrate against his inhumane, ill-conceived, and illegal policies. And do you really think the rest of the world will stand behind President Trump when he starts a war with China? No, if Donald Trump were to somehow win the election this November (and I can’t imagine how that could happen without massive Republican cheating and voter suppression of likely Democratic voters), he would be the last person to hold that office. This great country would cease to exist, and something truly evil would take its place. And someone like Ted Cruz and his dad could be in charge of it.

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14 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, May 14, 2016: The Man Who Would Be Last

  1. If only it (next POTUS) were me, I’d work to fix both the first and second amendments, as follows:

    Article I.
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or [but] prohibiting the free exercise thereof [is fine]; . . .

    Article II.
    A well regulated Militia, [not] being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    There. So simple. Article I, delete one word, add 3 words; Article II, move the word “not” from where it doesn’t fit to where it’s a perfect fit.

    All problems solved! šŸ˜Ž

  2. Nevada Dem convention devolves into chaos

    Tensions were high at the Democratic convention in Nevada Saturday, with Bernie Sanders supporters demanding delegate recounts, booing Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and causing other disruptions, according to local media reports.

    Sanders supporters were angry over a voice vote that adopted a set of temporary convention rules as the permanent rules, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

    And supporters also reacted angrily to the count of delegates attending the convention, which put Clinton at an advantage.

    If the National Convention gets this bad, we’ll relive Chicago 1968 and Trump may win.

    • I agree concerning the National Convention. The real shitty part, though, is that the Dem establishment has had the whole process rigged from way before the very beginning, and it’s not hard to imagine why the “upstart” candidates supporters are more than a bit pissed off at the whole thing.

  3. FORD at Discussionist may be onto something. Refer to the TPP as the Transgender Pacific Partnership, and the Republicans will never vote for it.

  4. A Discussionist thread that might be worth watching:

    Let’s separate the Real Christians from the fakes

    As a thought experiment, let us suppose that loving and believing in Christ and doing ‘good’ work, while very pleasing to god and his son, actually led to eternal torment in hell for whatever reason, while doing the opposite while alive led to an eternal paradise.

    Who among the self-proclaimed Christians would still love Christ and do good while on earth?

    Probably vanishingly few. That proves Christians are looking for a reward, and looking to avoid punishment. Just as a child will do with his parents.

    • I separate Conservative and Liberal Christians. It’s the RW X-tians who are justifying their bigotry for everything with “religious freedom,” even though LW X-tians don’t do that. They don’t exhibit the bigotry the RW does, and I often hear them quoting the parts about caring for those less fortunate than themselves.

      I think the problem is that Christianity is not the right religion for people who put their own interests first, which American Conservatives do.

    • Trump needs a low wage, pregnant, black, Hispanic, transgender woman as a running mate, if he’s going to pander to every group he’s offended so far in the campaign. I don’t think Christie can help him with any of those.

  5. Best F1 start in years! Both Mercedes out on lap 1 after Rosberg crowds Hamilton onto the grass, then Hamilton slides into Rosberg because he can’t brake for the turn.

    • Fuckin’ AWESOME!!!!! 18 year old Max Verstappen wins the race in his first weekend after being promoted to the Red Bull team from the Toro Rosso team! Youngest winner in F1 history!

  6. Well, shit. Finding an awesomely cute video and deciding to post it for Sunday Roast is not the same thing as actually posting it.

    I swear, my brain is turning to Swiss cheese. Hang on, cute videos coming up.

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