The Watering Hole, Saturday, May 21st, 2016: Contents Under Pressure

Yesterday at work, after glancing at my calendar, I did a mental double-take, thinking, ‘holy jeez, it’s May 20th already, 2016 is going by too quickly!’ Later, after some Trump BS refocused my attention on the upcoming election, my thoughts changed to, ‘holy jeez, there’s still nearly six months until the election, I wish we could just jump ahead to November and get it done and over with!’

I doubt if any of us, during the campaign season that led up to King George being anointed by the SCOTUS, and even during the eight years that we (and the rest of the world) suffered through under the BushCo maladministration, ever thought that any candidate for the Presidency could come along who was even more unqualified than Dubya, and just as amoral as Darth Cheney. The stress of those years pales in comparison to what we, and everyone else in the reality-based world, are experiencing during this unbelievably mind-numbing Trump campaign.

A continual state of stress is unhealthy for an individual both physically and mentally, as we all can attest to. Is it any wonder that the heightened stress of these last several months is having an even worse impact on so many Americans than that of the Bush years, even with the never-ending war(s), the “you’re either with us or against us” mantra, and the economic crash that affected every American except those who caused it?

And after BushCo, the undercurrent of American racism, which slowly became ‘acceptable’ when President Obama won in 2008, turned into the norm in an ever-growing and ever-more-violent tide that has eroded the foundations of the Republic nearly to the point of collapse. Even if Donald Trump doesn’t win the Presidency, will the added pressure and stress of the national and international turmoil brought about by Trump’s – and his followers’ – jingoism, ignorance and hatred be too overwhelming to keep this Union intact?

Personally, I think something’s got to blow under all of this pressure, because it’s not going to ease anytime soon. It only leads one to question: when, how big, and how toxic will the fallout be?

This is our daily Open Thread – what’s on YOUR mind?

21 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, May 21st, 2016: Contents Under Pressure

    • Reminds me of a line I used to use to describe Bush — with Drumpf it’s a better fit:

      ‘The depth of his shallowness is only exceeded by the shallowness of his depth.”

  1. All the pressure illustrated above is only part of the problem. The schism in the Democratic Party between the corporate-friendly Dems and the FDR-Bernie Dems is making things worse. If a number of Progressive-backed challengers don’t unseat the worst of the Third Wayers like Patrick Murphy and Wasserman-Schultz, thus giving the Berniecrats someone to cheer for in the general, I am afraid Trump could actually squeak by and win the top of the ticket. It may take the Hillary camp offering the VP slot to Bernie, in public, to reunite the factions. I wish I knew how he’d take such an offer.

    • Why did they shoot the cats? One would think that the money saved by not having to feed them for a couple of days would have made them worth keeping around. Plus, the naked dude sure wasn’t worth saving anyway. They should have left that task up to the great god in heaven — that’s its job, after all.

      Weird world, this one.

    • Some time after the tiger attacked Roy of Siegfried and Roy, Chris Rock observed that people said the tiger ‘went crazy’. Then he said the tiger didn’t go crazy, it ‘went tiger’. So I’d agree that big cats do what big cats do.

    • Hillary IS the lesser of two evils. Barely. I don’t know what Trump will do, but I’m convinced he’s an amoral sociopath who can’t be trusted. I know what Hillary will do. it’s already been proven that she will do the bidding of countryless multinational corporations over what is best for the majority of Americans. Her views on trade are to sell out any working class anywhere in the world if it means a few more pieces of silver for her paymasters.

      Bernie didn’t say that. He said that the American people will to look at it that way because both Trump and Clinton are clearly underwater on favorability. The polls are proving his point for him. That is what the people are saying. He also wasn’t ‘Losing Control’. That’s just lying bullshit.

      • Bernie was spot-on in his comment; Hillary is, indeed, a wee bit less undesirable than Trump, himself the most undesirable candidate for national leadership anywhere since who, Hitler maybe? Hillary might be bad, but she’s not that bad, but the phrase “lesser of two evils” describes her quite well. And yes, Hillary and Trump, together, have the highest collective negatives I’ve ever seen, and they’ve both earned it.

        Comparing the two “sides” not as Republican v. Democrat but rather as what they really are — We the People (Bernie) v. the corporate world and the MIC — and there stands the difference between what America has always pretended to be and what she’s long been, i.e. a nation where the establishment pretends that it listens to the voice of the people, but really gives a shit about nothing other than money and power. That’s what “we” are, like it or not.

        Hillary and Trump are, in their own ways, representatives of said establishment(s); Bernie is not. He speaks for We the People. Sadly, the majority of the American “people” are apparently either too blind to notice or too obsessed with hate and fear to care.

    • “Trinity Academy, a Christian school in Wichita . . .”

      Of course they can boot kids out that have queer parents. That’s Religious Liberty, the constitutional right to hate and fear that’s guaranteed in the first amendment that says “Congress shall make no law . . . prohibiting the free exercise” of religion. Means that no Christer belief can ever be outlawed by Satan-inspired non-believers.

      The constitution clearly grants the right to discriminate to all Christers everywhere! Yay! It is written! Amen! Etc.

  2. Hillary is the lesser of two evils.


    Which is the greater evil, the evil you know, see and recognize? Or the evil that is insidious, operating behind the scenes, out of the public eye?

    Trump is the embodiment of Right-Wing Hate Radio: racist, misogynist, xenophobic, Fascist. His evil is out there for everyone to see. And, for that reason, there will be a backlash against racists, misogynist, xenophobes and Fascists.

    Hillary’s evil is behind closed doors. It is the evil of secret power plays to quash all opposition; of “free trade agreements” and deregulation; of drone attacks and extra-judicial killings; of furthering the cause and enhancing the wealth and power of the Oligarchy. But because she’s a “liberal” on social issues such as gay rights and women’s rights, she will get a pass, as Obama has, from the left. The left, who protested and vilified virtually all things Bush, but gave Obama a pass when he decided not to prosecute the Bush Administration for war crimes and crimes against humanity; who gave Obama a pass when he continued drone strikes that kill a number of innocent civilians, etc., etc., etc.

    I posit that the greater evil is the evil that does its works in secret; the evil that lives in the shadows; the evil that roots out and persecutes all who dare oppose it.

    • I have no argument with your analysis of either Trump or Clinton, and what really pisses me off more than anything else is that one of those two is going to be the next POTUS. There’s not been a worse choice in my entire lifetime, and I was already two when Roosevelt won his fourth term. All I can really say this time is that if Trump should win, I want out. I cannot envision living in a country headed by the most “racist, misogynist, xenophobic, Fascist” in the history of the country (and probably of the world, with but one notable exception). I will not assist him in his quest. I’ll not stay home, I’ll not vote for a third party. I’ll either bite the bullet and vote for Hillary or get lucky and croak before election day. If she wins, I’ll find a way to deal with her accession, no matter how foul it should become. The Drumpf alternative is far far worse. And if he should happen to gain full power of the state, his first war will kill more innocent people in one day than have all the drone strikes in the last eight years have managed. Trump is the absolute bottom of the pit of all the politicians in this country that have gained the spot on the electoral stage where he now stands.

      Therefore. Hillary has my vote. Yuk.

      • Why does it seem like everyone has adopted the Oligarchy’s meme that Hillary is the Democratic nominee?

        Granted, they’ve pushed that meme from before Day One, when more than 500 party insiders pledged their superdelegate votes to her. But Bernie hasn’t thrown in the towel, and California hasn’t voted yet.

        Hmmmm…ever wonder why the primaries start in the south and finish with California, instead of the other way around? The most populace state votes last, hence doesn’t count.

        I will vote this November. But if Hillary is the Democratic nominee, I won’t be voting Democrat. If she’s the nominee, it is due to pure political power plays, and not what’s best for the country – just what’s best for the ruling class. I won’t play that game.

        In some ways, I hope Trump gets elected if Hillary is the Democratic nominee. Trump’s presidency will have one of two results: he’ll be impeached and removed from office; or there will be massive civil unrest. Either way, he’ll be a wake-up call for the country.

        And, if Hillary gets the nomination, I am seriously considering doing what I have suggested to other progressives – registering Republican. Imagine, if you will, a progressive takeover of the Republican Party. (sounds like a Twilight Zone episode, doesn’t it?)

        • I think Bernie’s defeat was pre-ordained a year ago, probably before he officially announced. It’s that top load of unelected delegates that pretty much guarantee Hillary, no matter how CA goes.

          If Trump still manages, I’ll work to find a way out of this country. Not an easy option at my age, but worth a try. The things I detest more than corporate welfare and a ruling oligarchy are racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and fascism, and they, as you noted earlier — along with the itch for kick-ass war — define Trump.

          The last time I voted for a Republican was when I voted against LBJ and his Vietnam war adventure way back in 1964. Unfortunately, he still won in spite of my contrary vote, and the near 60,000 Americans who were KIA over there — including several personal friends — still haunt me.

          Twilight Zone indeed; the twilight of a nation that was once able to pretend it was different. Better. No mas.

        • I’m glad we don’t register by party here in Alabama. We just go in on any primary, and request the ballot for one party or the other. I could have voted for Trump, if only to keep Cruz from catching on and being the Rs nominee. I voted Dem, because I wanted to vote for Bernie. It didn’t help much except to make me feel better.

    • Hi House. Hadn’t been following much racing of any kind this year. Between work and family and vacation and early start to the golf season, I have not had much sports time as I like. Hinch seems like a real nice guy though so I am happy for him. And really cheering for after last year!

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