The Watering Hole, Tuesday May 24, 2016 – Environmental News and Food Politics


A history of snowfall on Greenland, hidden in ancient leaf waxes

An early study in this field finds that snowfall at one key location in western Greenland may have intensified from 6,000 to 4,000 years ago, a period when the planet’s Northern Hemisphere was warmer than it is today.

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19 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday May 24, 2016 – Environmental News and Food Politics

  1. See, see, this global warming thing is absolute nonsense. Snowfall in Greenland proves beyond the shadow of a dolt, that it’s bowguts.

  2. Looks like Lindsay Graham has been spending some time on his knees, and I don’t mean praying.
    After initially stating that the only person Drumpf could beat in a general election was Satan, he backtracked a few days ago, telling potential donors that Drumpf was their man. Mr. ‘NeverTrump’ Lindsey Graham Tells Donors To Support Trump
    How’d that crow taste, Lindsay?

  3. According to Sum Ting Wong:

    Trump and Clinton are, according to recent polls, the Most Disliked (probable) Nominees in Decades. What does that say about

    a) The 2 party system’s candidate selection process,
    b) The government that is likely to result from same,
    c) The mental prowess of voters who endorse the process (and/or either of the candidates),
    d) The political intent/prowess of the respective party establishments that enable the process,
    e) The potential consequences of the end result?

    Just askin’.

    • This black leader’s 130-year-old book prophetically predicted the rise of Donald Trump

      Courtesy of civil rights activist and journalist T. Thomas Fortune:

      “Political parties in this country do not lead, but follow, public opinion,” he stated. “They hang upon the applause of the rabble, and succeed or fail in their efforts to administer the affairs of Government in proportion as they interpret the wishes of the rabble. Not alone do parties defer to the wishes of the illiterate, the ‘great unwashed’ majority, but individuals as well, who prefer to ride upon the wave of success as the champions of great wrongs rather than to go into retirement as the champions of just principles. The voice of the Charmer is all too powerful to be successfully resisted.”

      “Republics have always been fruitful of demagogues,” Fortune continued. “Such vermin find the soil of democratic government the most fertile and congenial for their operations, because the audiences to which they speak, the passions to which they appeal, are not always of the most reflective, humane or enlightened. Demagogues are the parasites of republics; and that our country is afflicted with an abnormal number of them is to be expected from the tentative nature of our institutions, the extent of our territory and the heterogeneity of our vast population.”

      To which I can only reply Touché, and QED.

    • For sure it would take 100 years to find more than zero greatest conservative thinkers, so let the party begin, Ben Glechh.

  4. Leading White Nationalist Predicts Trump Administration Will Be Stacked With ‘People Who Think The Way We Do’

    Donald Trump is the only candidate in the last 50 years of whom I could realistically imagine his tossing off to a group of journalists a question such as, Well, what’s wrong with white people wanting to remain a majority in their own country? I can imagine him saying that. He will not necessarily, but I can imagine it. I cannot imagine any other candidate ever saying such a thing.

    ‘White People’? ‘Majority’? ‘THEIR country’? Is this dude unaware that ‘white people’ invaded this continent and in effect ‘perfected’ the fine art of genocide on the aboriginal First People inhabitants?

    I can even imagine him saying, Well you know, ultimately, you just can’t expect as many blacks per capita to be in the advanced placement courses because they’re just not as smart. I mean I can imagine that with a little bit greater difficulty than the remark about being majorities, but that too is not an utterly inconceivable thing for Donald Trump to say. And if the president of the United States makes remarks of that kind, they simply cannot be brushed aside.

    Well, I can only say that I’ve met and gotten to know a whole lot of “black” people whose ordinary brilliance makes this guy look like the idiot he clearly is.

    21st century Amurkkkan-style Adolf Hitler, anyone?


  5. Donald Trump To Court Anti-LGBT Hate Groups, ‘Prophets’ And Televangelists

    The meeting will be cohosted by the Family Research Council, Vision America and AFA Action, the political arm of the American Family Association, three of the most vicious anti-LGBT hate groups in the country.

    Trump has already pledged to use nominees to the Supreme Court to pave the way for the reversal of the landmark rulings on abortion rights and marriage equality and has vowed to defund Planned Parenthood, key priorities of right-wing activists.

    The one thing I’m unable to understand is this:

    How/why are so many “Christian” leaders so completely filled and obsessed with so much vicious HATE? Something is horribly upside down when compared with that which this society has long pretended itself to be. Forget all that crap we were taught in school about Amurkkka being “the land of opportunity” and “the land of the free” and “the home of the brave.” This now despicable piece of rock, this one-eyed Jack we call “home,” is showing the other side of its face, its true self. I see it every time I ‘see’ (or hear) Trump or his supporters, and the salient conclusion is that we are the precise opposite of what we’ve long proclaimed ourselves to be.

  6. The stupid is strong and pervasive.

    I was out enjoying a beautiful evening and chatting with a neighbor when right-wing guy made an appearance. He was very excited to tell me the news that “Portland just passed a law against denying global warming” opined that it was “real fascism” and now you can “get arrested for what you think. So, when I came inside, I researched the story for all of 20 seconds and discovered that the truth is just a bit less fascist than one would be led to believe by the right-wing screechers.

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