TWH 6/1/16 – – In other news


Both Trump and Hillary chicken out of debating Sanders – citing allergies to herbs and spices.

Trump announces drought in California officially over because they can buy bottled water in the grocery stores.

Timmy fell down a well.

Little old lady sues Boy Scout for taking her across the street against her will.

House Democrats introduce bill to create separate public bathrooms for Republicans. Independent voters petition for their own bathrooms.

Suzie’s cat finally came down out of the tree.

Frigidaire cites climate change as reason for record profits.





8 thoughts on “TWH 6/1/16 – – In other news

  1. I heard it was a good idea for chickens to stay away from people named Sanders.

    • Worse yet, all the images NASA has captured of distant galaxies are of what those galaxies looked like several billion light years ago. Wait’ll Greta hears THAT! And I’ve got five bucks that says after she learns the speed of light is ONLY 186,282.397 mps, she’ll blame Obama.

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