The Watering Hole; Thursday June 2 2016; The “Descent of Man” (aka Conservatism)

“I’ve always been crazy, it’s kept me from goin’ insane”
(Waylon Jennings)

Waylon probably didn’t intend it at the time, but as it turns out he summed up today’s Wingnut-Evangelical-Political Right’s subliminal reality in just those ten words. [They’ve] always been crazy, absolutely. As to whether that’s kept [them] from goin’ insane I’ll not speculate;  better to leave that detail to folks who do such things for a living.

But– as long as we’re SPEAKING OF INSANITY!, here are some of

  1. The latest reasons that Drumpf is clearly THE best choice in November!!

James Robison: Donald Trump Could Save America From Hell

Anti-Vaxxer: President Trump ‘Absolutely Will Investigate’ The Vaccine-Autism Link Nonsense

Scott Lively: President Trump Should ‘Apologize To The World’ For Obama’s ‘Fascist LGBT Agenda’

2. Next, the latest in why Hillary better-don’t win:

Roger Stone And Rick Wiles Wonder About Hillary Clinton’s Lesbian Affairs

Far-Right Pundit Warns Hillary Clinton Is A Modern-day Jezebel

3. LGBT rights anyone? YOU BETTER NOT WANT THAT! Here’s the latest implicit why’s and therefore’s from people who clearly KNOW the consequences of (and the reasons for — see Dobson, below) all the hell that’s going to bust loose any day now:

Trump-Aligned Pastor: Trans Rights Will Provoke ‘The Judgment Of God

Perry Atkinson: Protecting Transgender Rights Is The ‘Social, Educational And Spiritual Molestation Of Our Children’

Gov. Phil Bryant: Christians Will Line Up For Crucifixion To Defend Anti-LGBT Discrimination

NOM’s Brian Brown To Lead Global Anti-LGBT Efforts At World Congress Of Families

James Dobson Goes On Anti-Trans Rant: ‘God Help Us!’

4. Summary: Vote for Drumpf, cuz here’s what happens if not enough do and the Supreme Court goes Librul:

Larry Pratt: If Conservatives Lose The Supreme Court, We May ‘Have To Resort To The Bullet Box

5. And finally, something that might, to the untrained eye, seem totally unrelated (even though it forever remains descriptive of the bulk of the undercurrents which drive Right Wing Lunacy):

Creationist Ken Ham goes bonkers over media coverage of ‘sin-cursed’ gorilla’s death

Ham has yet to realize that same thing the bulk of conservatives everywhere seem doomed to never know or understand for the rest of their respective eternities: They have, each and all, been overly and overtly diminished on their evolutionary path from Great Ape to what they’ve become today, and the gorilla clearly remains the far superior creature by comparison.** As Mark Twain suggested a century ago, man is clearly descended from the HIGHER animals, a thesis which is, today, PROVEN by wingnuts everywhere — and one that undoubtedly explains the cause of all Wingnut shortfalls, insanity included.

**See also Trump, Donald J. (aka Drumpf, Donald J.)







18 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Thursday June 2 2016; The “Descent of Man” (aka Conservatism)

  1. Many of Trump’s hospitality endeavors have experienced up to a 59% drop in business. I don’t know how dependent Donald’s family is for his success to maintain their own lifestyles but, any corporation would have canned their Chairperson or CEO for public behavior like Donald’s. Hmm, historically, how have greedy members of rich families dealt with such problems?

  2. Not much of a golfer or fan of anything golf, but it did my old heart some good to see the PGA Tour pull one of their “majors” from Trump’s Doral golf course and move it to none other than Mexico City beginning in 2017.


  3. frugal, my condolences for you having to expose yourself to the tidal wave of stupid you obviously survived whilst researching today’s topic.
    Today’s not so surprising announcement by Drumpf’s hair:
    Gonna reopen the grifter factory that is Drumpf U (stands for Up yours?) as soon as litigation is finished.
    Once a grifter, always a grifter. Gotta wonder if he’s gonna choose Caribou Barbie for his blowing, er, running mate.

  4. Oh, and Larry Pratt? If Conservatives Lose The Supreme Court, We May ‘Have To Resort To The Bullet Box…
    Why wait Larry. Load em up and start blasting. Right Now. Do IT;. Don’t take the chickenshit way out, because you KNOW you are going to get your electoral ass kicked in November.
    Start shooting people right now. Just make sure you’re at a Trump rally when you do it.

    • Beckyboy was just suspended for failing to challenge a guest who made a much more veiled threat against Trumpy. Pratt will probably spend the next month celebrating his threat on FAUX”News” and Am radio. Sigh…

      I guess we need to add IOKTTL (It’s OK to Threaten Liberals) to our list of acronyms; right next to IOKIYAR.

    • 3500 in 30 yrs = 350 in 10 years = 35 in 1 year, or just short of three per month over the last 3 decades. I wonder how much Trump has cost taxpayers over and above what he’s paid in?

      Trump makes Hillary look like Mother Teresa in comparison.

      • It makes one wonder if one of the secrets of his tax returns is that he makes more from suing and/of stiffing people than he makes in salary. Lord knows I’m not a big fan of Hillary but We The People have a pretty good idea of who pays her, why they pay her, how much she earns, and who she pays in turn.

        • Yep. And for sure, she’s not the ideal or ‘prefect’ candidate. But meanwhile, I’m beginning to enjoy watching what very well could prove to be Trump’s own SELF-destruction. The last week or two have proven revealing, I think, to the masses out there who dream of being rich one day, even though their chance of that is about one in a billion. Still, The more of an ass Trump makes of himself, the less are going to be the ones who’ll vote for him — or so I dare to hope, at least. And if that should prove to be the case, we’ll likely wind up with Hillary, but than, at least, the SCOTUS will enjoy the best chance in decades of becoming progressive as opposed to the dismally regressive shithole it’s been since when, since St. Raygun? Time will tell, I guess.

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