The Watering Hole; Friday June 3 2016; The “Descent” of Man Can Lead To Insanity: Proof!

“I have been studying the traits and dispositions of the lower animals
(so-called), and contrasting them with the traits and dispositions of man.
I find the result humiliating to me. For it obliges me to renounce my
allegiance to the Darwinian theory of the Ascent of Man from the Lower
Animals; since it now seems plain to me that the theory ought to be
vacated in favor of a new and truer one, this new and truer one to be named
the Descent of Man from the Higher Animals.
(Mark Twain)

“I’ve always been crazy, it’s kept me from goin’ insane
(Waylon Jennings)

I think I’m finally ready to proclaim Republicans as having taken that one step beyond crazy (which, of course, they’ve always been), and that they have now — finally and obviously — crossed over the bar into the realm of the  insane. Yep. True story. Following are a mere five episodes that prove the point — and note I’ve not even included anything by Ted Nugent or Wayne LaPierre! They’ll show up soon, no doubt, but more as icing on the cake rather than as parcel to  the foundational bedrock portrayed below:

Trump: ‘Germany’s Going Down. They’re All Going

Trump, who has frequently criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her stance on refugees and because she, in his view, robbed him of the 2015 TIME Person of the Year title, told [Michael] Savage [Weiner] that refugees will destroy the continent: “I’ll tell you, you’re going to destroy Europe. Germany’s going down. They’re all going down. It’s unbelievable; unbelievable what’s happening in Europe.”

White Nationalists: Trump May Not Meet All Our Expectations, But Neither Did Jesus

White nationalists James Edwards and Keith Alexander discussed Donald Trump’s success on their racist, anti-Semitic podcast, “The Political Cesspool,” on Saturday, with Alexander comparing Trump to Jesus. Alexander said that Jesus, like Trump, didn’t fully meet conservatives’ expectations in his day and was rejected as the messiah, a mistake that he said Americans shouldn’t make with Trump. . . .

“The most important thing about Trump is what comes after Trump,” Edwards said. “And I think his campaign has proven that Americans are ready for hardcore nationalist politics and populism.” . . .

Alexander continued, “[Trump] is a leader, not an intellectual, and as a result he’s bound to be a disappointment to people that would like to see Pat Buchanan in his position, but we have to take what we can get. We can’t expect purity in every regard. Those who do, it’s just like Jesus. Jesus didn’t meet the expectations of the conservative intellectual Pharisees of his time to be the messiah and, as a result, they rejected the messiah. We don’t need to make their mistake.”

The Movers Behind The Anti-LGBT ‘Religious Liberty’ Movement

In the first few months of this year, for the second year in a row, more than 100 anti-LGBT bills have been introduced in state legislatures, many of them promoted under the banner of protecting religious liberty. A new report by People For the American Way Foundation, “Who is Weaponizing Religious Liberty?,” explains that “it takes a right-wing village to turn a cherished American principle into a destructive culture-war weapon.”

The report makes clear that the wave of anti-equality legislation promoted in the name of religious liberty is not an outgrowth of local conflicts but the latest step in a long-term campaign by national Religious Right legal and political groups to resist legal equality for LGBT people. As Americans have come to know and embrace their LGBT family members and friends, harsh anti-gay rhetoric has become less effective, says the report, leading social conservatives to try to reclaim the moral and political high ground by reframing debates over marriage equality and nondiscrimination protections as questions of religious liberty.

The groups covered in the report include:

• Family Research Council and FRC Action
• Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action
• National Organization for Marriage
• Alliance Defending Freedom
• Liberty Counsel
• American Family Association
• Becket Fund for Religious Liberty
• American Principles Project

Jim Bakker: Anti-Trump Forces May Impose Martial Law Or Cancel The Election

When televangelist Jim Bakker and far-right writer Michael Snyder discussed the upcoming presidential election last week, both were rather excited about the prospect of Donald Trump winning in November.

That is, if the election ever takes place.

Both Bakker and Snyder feared that powerful forces may try to cancel the election, and Bakker warned that we “may not even get to the election” because “there’s going to be a martial law declared.” “Some have actually prophesied this,” Bakker added.

William Gheen: ‘Roots’ Remake Part Of Globalist Plot to Spark Anti-White Violence

William Gheen, the head of the fringe anti-immigrant group Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC), told WorldNetDaily yesterday that the remake of the famous 1977 miniseries “Roots” that aired over Memorial Day weekend is part of a globalist plot to “agitate black voters into voting for Democrats” and spark anti-white violence.

“We are under attack,” he said. “The enemy is here. And they are springing a trap from within.”

[. . .]

Gheen says it’s the same global factions who were behind the creation of the European Union that are now pushing for violent uprisings in the U.S. and to push the nation over the edge into chaos and, they hope, a new social order.

“They hate the United States and its Judeo-Christian heritage, our Constitution, our gun rights, this is all considered remnants of a white male-dominated, colonial civilization that they want destroyed irrevocably,” Gheen said. “It’s a demographic form of genocide which they believe will have no resurgence in history.”

So there, those five brief chunks of crazy define, here in Amurkka, the ‘gentle’ transition from crazy to insane, each the clear product of The Descent of Man From the HIGHER Animals (today’s Republican Party, generally speaking). Now, I’m not proclaiming each and every Republican to be insane; we’ll wait till the November votes are counted — that will give us an exact and precise number.

Meanwhile, I do indeed look forward to the takeover of the Amurkkkan political system by non-crazy and non-insane people. And if that means no more White Males, I’ll happily settle for any/all of opposite gender and/or those of various ethnicities, each and all  of which strike fear into the hearts and “minds” of fear-laden crazies.

Vamos a’ ver. We shall see. Five months plus a few days to go, and counting!

“It is a solemn thought: dead, the noblest man’s meat is inferior to pork.”
(Mark Twain)




47 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday June 3 2016; The “Descent” of Man Can Lead To Insanity: Proof!

  1. “The Political Cesspool” seems an appropriate name for a forum in which Trump is compared to Jesus. I’ve been unable to enjoy the new “Roots” because they put in to much stuff that isn’t even hinted at in the book.

  2. Speaking of “insane”:

    Trump Enters Rally To One Of Hitler’s Favorite Songs

    Donald Trump held an unhinged rally in San Jose tonight. Clearly Hillary Clinton’s harsh criticism of him earlier in the day unsettled him enough to really turn up the heat.

    In addition to confusing his wife with his daughter, Trump staged his entrance to one of Adolf Hitler’s favorite tunes, Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries. . . .

    He also calls for Hillary Clinton to be tossed in jail, because that’s what fascists do — jail the opposition.

    According to others with the stomach to actually watch this debacle, Trump was spitting, repeating the same sentences over and over, and basically venting his spleen all over San Jose

  3. Jesus, like Trump, didn’t fully meet conservatives’ expectations in his day and was rejected as the messiah

    Jesus doesn’t meet Conservatives’ expectations today, either. so WTF are they talking about?

    • Frankly, I have to wonder if Trump has any idea about any of that, given that his apparent position is that he ALWAYS speaks nothing but the TRUTH — i.e. anything and everything he ever says, each and every time he says anything at all — TRUTH TRUTH ONLY TRUTH! and that anyone who might challenge said premise is clearly LYING LYING LYING! Just an uneducated guess, but I do suspect that’s THE typical mental process in narcissistic egomaniacs everywhere.

        • Indeed. Machiavelli rang a bell, in fact, so I searched some old “quote” archives on my hard drive, and here’s Machiavelli:

          “For the great majority of mankind are satisfied with appearances, as though they were realities, and are often more influenced by the things that seem than by those that are.” –Niccolo Machiavelli – (1469-1527) Italian Statesman and Political Philosopher – Source: Discourses, 1513-1517

          “For in every city these two opposite parties [people vs aristocracy] are to be found, arising from the desire of the populace to avoid oppression of the great, and the desire of the great to command and oppress the people….For when the nobility see that they are unable to resist the people, they unite in exalting one of their number and creating him prince, so as to be able to carry out their own designs under the shadow of his authority.” ~Machiavelli, The Prince, ch. IX

          “[I]t is safer [for the ruler] to be feared than loved”. ~Machiavelli in The Prince (Chapter XVII); sixteenth century

          Drumpf (and his peculiar popularity amongst those who “think” like him) ably defined. Add “Machiavellian” to ‘narcissistic egomaniac, and voila.

  4. As the election draws closer, Hair Drumpf unravels when it becomes clear that he is generally unacceptable to a wide majority of Americans. Then we will hear and see the ‘bullet box’ meme played out in real time

  5. Hearing about the demos in San Jose ….. I was suddenly struck by a song – (I mean riots in San Jose? I was there last week – that’s not a place that feels like it could riot about anything)

    Trump-town Riots

    • I wager that most of the idiots at Drumpf rallies are groupies that go to all the rallies. No job, no life. Drumpf Heads – like Dead Heads but without the drugs, caring for each other and great music.

      • Yup once you’ve played Captain Poopypants and “Cat Scratch Fever” more than once…. well I suppose it’s time for Ride of the Valkyries and maybe the Horst Wessell song?

        • Ah, yes the scene wherein the Panzer rolls right up into the fire and exploding ammo dump! Reminding me of the 1967 meme “Kill Cong for Christ!”

  6. Breaking News!!

    Josh Bernstein: Hillary Clinton Will Be ‘The First Lesbian President’ Just As Obama Is ‘The First Gay President’

    Clinton “would be the first lesbian president,” he said, which “is probably fitting because we already have the first gay president in Barack Obama.”

    Multiple members of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church that Obama attended knew that he was gay and then “ended up dead because they were probably going to tell their stories,” Bernstein said. “There is definitely some mystery surrounding Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton.”


  7. So far, I wouldn’t have Windows 10 if it wasn’t my only option with this new computer. If I had upgraded, I’d definitely choose to reverse back to Seven. This is crappy.

    • Me too. Windows seven is the first and only one I have liked. If it stops working or I have to get a new computer I’m pretty sure I will go back to Linux.

    • I had never heard of Betty Bowers before, but when I get home from work, I’m gonna Youtubes some of her classy classics…

  8. So, I;m watching the evening news and I see a clip where the orange fascist is speaking, next to his HUUGGE plane in Redding CA., and he points to someone in the crowd and says “Look at my African-American over here!”, and I realize it’s the same as when we made fun of the racists of 40 years ago who said “Some of my best friends are black”.

  9. Muhammad Ali has passed into the ethereal realm of consciousness. Another icon of my young self has moved on and I’m saddened.

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