TWH 6/8/16

All’s fair in love and war;
Politics too, for what’s in store:
She had the lead before the start,
With 400-plus delegates in her cart.

She won the race, fair and square;
To face the man with the golden hair;
Media backed and corporate owned,
And devious ways all carefully honed.

The race is won, your votes don’t count:
The head start she got you cannot surmount.
Bow down to Hillary, the Anointed One;
Her reign as President has already begun.

But sometimes chaos prevails over order;
As we take a step closer to becoming Mordor.


The Oligarchy declared Hillary the presumptive nominee, based on a secret poll of superdelegates, just before the final primaries.

Then, before the votes in the final primaries were counted, Hillary declared herself the victor of the Democratic nomination. This, based on a 400+ superdelegate head start she got months before the first primary, months before anyone else decided to run. She doesn’t have enough delegates to secure the nomination without the votes of the party elites, insiders and lobbyists. But that doesn’t stop her from coronating herself.

A woman asked Ben Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

The Founding Father replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

This election cycle, more than any in the past, proves we could not keep it.

The Republican Party is the party of mysoginists, homophobes, racists, xenophobes and all things not “christian”.

The Democratic Party is the party of the Oligarchy*. The Oligarchy will grant the lower classes tolerance towards women and people of color, as long as its economic interests are furthered through Trade Agreements, tax cuts, and wars.



* The Republican Party also serves the economic interests of the Oligarchy. Economically speaking, it does not matter which Party is in control.

19 thoughts on “TWH 6/8/16

  1. Greg Palast is reporting that California poll workers have been instructed to not help Independent voters vote in the Democratic Primary. If the independent voter does not specifically request the correct “crossover” ballot, they are to be given one without the presidential candidates on it. This is in violation of state law. I believe the Sanders camp when they say the election is rigged.

    • The electoral system is rigged, and the entire of the corporate world is on board to make sure and guarantee that the rigging is properly pulled, arranged, and adjusted so as to keep the establishment sails full and the ship on course.

      As of today, the rigging has held, and the ‘Yo Ho Ho’ cheers are louder than ever.

    • Wayne. my son-in-law is a no-party-preference voter. He was not allowed to vote in the presidential primary in California.

      • According to the Greg Palast column I read, his rights were violated. NPPs are allowed to ask for a Democratic crossover ballot. The thing is, if they specifically use the word “crossover,” poll workers were instructed to give them a regular NPP ballot that has no presidential candidates on it, even though they know what the voter wants. If the voter asks why the presidential candidates aren’t on it, workers were instructed to say that NPPs could not vote for a presidential candidate, again, in violation of the law.

        Your son has a case, but I don’t know what anybody will do about it.

        I found the column on line.

        • I requested a Democratic ballot (did not use the word “crossover”) and received it.
          It was not rocket science. And every voter has the opportunity to know what their rights are. Every one running to be a presidential candidate in the primary is affiliated with a PARTY. Some of us registered to vote (no party preference) but we vote for a candidate in a PARTY. there is no party called “No Party Preference”. If those people wanted a no party preference ballot they got a ballot where there were no party candidates running for positions in CA ( judges for example).

      • I am too and voted. All the NPP needed to do was request a Democratic ballot. How sad that NPP folks did not bother to READ when they asked for their ballots.

        Additionally California is not being stolen from Sanders. NO ONE tells me, a registered No party preference that I cannot have a Democratic ballot. I got one, filled it in and thats that. There are three parties that allow NPP voters to vote in the primary. Democratic, Libertarian, American Independent Party.
        The voter REQUESTS one of those ballots. If the voter requests a no party preference ballot, they will get a ballot with candidates that are not running for a party position. ALL people running for Presidential nomination are affiliated WITH A PARTY.
        And Sanders & Clinton BOTH Were on the Democratic ballot.

      • Briseadh na Faire I too am NPP registered and absolutely did vote. I simply requested a Democratic ballot. As outlined in the state voter website I have posted in this thread. It was quite easy.

  2. Neither Hillary nor Bernie have enough delegates to secure the nomination without the votes of the party elites, insiders and lobbyists.

    • Ergo super delegates.

      Super delegates have one pre-determined task: to make certain that what the Establishment wants, the Establishment gets. Period.

      Pursuit of power has always included the need for super delegates or their armed equivalent, made to appear legit but about as far from legit as one can get. They’re almost as useful as rigged voting machines, voter suppression, etc., but not quite so visible.

  3. It will still come down to the convention, and Sanders can still move the agenda to the progressive side. That said, when it comes down to voting in November, I’m not voting for Drumpf, and I’m not not voting. As distasteful as it might be to vote for another Clinton, I’ll be damned if I’ll stand aside and watch a doofus like Drumpf win without a fight.

    • There may be a way to make your vote count for something without it having to be for someone you can’t stomach seeing win. It depends on how close your home state will be in the POTUS election. If one or the other of the Dem or Repubs will definitely win your state, then use your vote to help a third party get enough votes nationally so they can automatically field candidates without having to gather signatures. I’ve done that a few times since NY always goes to the Democrat. If the Green Party candidate for POTUS (Dr. Jill Stein?) gets 5% of the national popular vote, the Green Party can automatically field candidates for POTUS and Congress without having to gather signatures. Not only is that hard work, but it’s easy to get a whole sheet of 25 names thrown out because of one error (which is how my corrupt state controls things.) Do this whether your state will definitely go red or blue. If Trump is going to win your home state, then this will definitely make your vote count. Vote for anybody you want on the down ticket side.

      That’s my suggestion. I know Hillary (or Bernie) will win NYS, so I’ll vote for Dr Stein to help the Green Party get 5% of the national vote. I want to see a wider selection of Congress Critter Parties, not just D’s and R’s, with a few “Independents” (which I’ve learned simply means independent of the two major parties.)

      • Colorado is a swing state, and the electoral tally will be a close one. If Trump loses to Hillary by one vote I’ll know I did my job; I’ll deal with the pain of voting for non-Bernie (Hillary) later, when the situation allows.

        • Yeah, if your state’s going to be close either way, then it’s not worth the risk. But I seriously doubt NY will vote for Trump, since we’ve had more exposure to him over the years and we know how unfit for public office he is.

      • I’ll probably vote for Jill Stein since I don’t have to worry about Hillary winning Alabama, unless I see valid polling that says different.

  4. Ironic isn’t it – the POTUS for the 22 of the last 28 years will be either a Clinton or a Bush (assuming this place doesn’t meltdown completely and elect an orange-haired baboon instead)

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