Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people: We cannot regulate gun ownership

Hate speech doesn’t kill people. people kill people. We cannot regulate hate speech.

Racism doesn’t kill people, people kill people. We cannot regulate racism.

Intolerance towards gays doesn’t kill people, people kill people. We cannot regulate tolerance.

Prejudice doesn’t kill people, people kill people. We cannot regulate prejudice.

Hate, racism, intolerance, prejudice – – these are not traits we are born with. Babies don’t hate; they don’t discriminate based on color or gender. They love equally regardless of color or gender. They are taught to hate, taught to be racists, taught intolerace, taught prejudice. And some eventually are taught to use guns.

They are taught that its ok to kill those who offend them, those they have been taught to hate. And we make available tools that are designed to kill scores of people in seconds, before anyone has any time to react, to flee, to fight back.

Why? Why do we make assault rifles available to virtually anyone who wants one?

Because babies are also taught to fear.


13 thoughts on “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

  1. And Drumpf would reply, “So let’s teach babies to use assault rifles”
    Mucking Foron.
    Drumpf may be sucking up temporarily to the LGBT community, but it’s just another of his flim flam bullshit routines.
    And anyone with any savvy at all sees right through it.

  2. The bitter truth remains intact, obvious to some: this country is dying. Slowly but surely. I’ve been watching the progression for more than fifty years. It’s been slow, but steady with only a handful of interruptions. Eight years ago I had hope — Obama; change for the better; “Yes We Can!”; maybe; fingers crossed. But no, we can’t; not possible. Too much hate, too much fear. He’s black after all, and this here’s a WHITE!! country. Hate and fear wins again. The grand irony: America is losing to Amurkkka. Yuk.

      • Surprised she’s trying to flip flop her way out of her past.
        She’s Hillsborough Baptist, through and through.

        • Wonder why she chose a life of crime? Based on the TV clip or two I’ve seen, she could have made enough to retire on, a few years ago, just by posing for Playboy.

      • And that’s what Andy should have grilled her about. Something like…

        “How many investigations, other than Trump University, did you drop in return for campaign contributions?”

        Then, perhaps, a follow up that goes something like…

        “Could you tell the viewers what the RICO Act means to you?”

    • Well? As a rightwhiner she can make the case that refusing to cut her remarks out of the interview was “selective editing”.

      • Except that it was a live interview, so they couldn’t edit out what she said before she said it. 🙂

        But you’re right. As a rightwhiner, logic and common sense are never part of the equation.

        • Exactly! If the “librul media” doesn’t edit out their BS it is, for some reason yet explained, the fault of said “librul media” for making them “look bad”.

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