The Watering Hole; Friday June 17 2016; Trump Summarized


I’m not going to say much today; so many others have already done the job of summarizing Trump that I thought it would be simpler to just point out some multi-directional links to articles that examine him from a variety of standpoints, not a one of which points to a single redeeming quality. No surprise there, I guess. Anyway, here they are, today’s collective summary intermingled with hints of the hell that’ll rain down upon all of us if somehow Drumpf should get elected POTUS.

Trump’s reckless, dangerous Islamophobia helps the Islamic State

Donald Is Becoming More And More Unhinged — Will He Survive To November?

Donald Trump Claims Obama Secretly Supports ISIS, Cites Debunked Conspiracy Theory As Proof

Donald Trump tells people to ‘ask the gays’ about how great he is. ‘The gays’ respond—and it is EPIC

Donald Trump’s Four Decades Of Racism

OK. Now, because I am, like Fox News, always and invariably driven to be totally fair and balanced, here are a pair of tidbits (the only two I could find, actually) that explain the other and more beautiful side of Trump’s story:

Ann Coulter: Donald Trump Is ‘Our Only Hope’

Ann Coulter: God Raised Up Trump To Save Us From 1,000 Years Of Darkness

And finally, a photo — one which pretty much sums up my attitude concerning Trump, his candidacy, and the probable impact on us all should he somehow manage a win:

Trump Zieg Heil

Zieg Heil, America.


37 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday June 17 2016; Trump Summarized

  1. Breaking Gnus, This Just In!!

    ‘Obama Was Known To Be A Homosexual In Chicago With Rahm Emanuel’

    [Steven] Pieczenik: Here’s where we get into the intelligence community and what I said a long time ago: When the CIA recruits an individual, particularly a president of the United States, there has to be a psychological deficit and lacunae in their personality. In the case of Bill Clinton, it was the fact his mother was a prostitute, she ran a whorehouse in Hope, Arkansas, and he was nothing but the bastard child of the john.

    In the case of Obama, he was known to be a homosexual in Chicago with Rahm Emanuel, who was a trained ballet dancer, and he was recruited by the CIA repeatedly and basically threatened by them and the Muslim Brotherhood and everything else. That’s why the political correctness comes in.

    Now, in the case of Hillary Clinton, I’ve known her for years and I’ve known her other family members, she is a well-known lesbian. The reason why she’s been recruited and could be threatened is she’s has a history of lesbian affairs which is relevant only to the fact that it’s a national security problem. [Huma] Abedin may be her lover, Abedin may be her lesbian lover, I could care less. But the point of fact is not one of our presidents, presently or in the future, other than Trump, is a highly compromised candidate.

    [Alex] Jones: And that’s why they hate Trump. He’s not compromised. He’s open about women.

    • If the Clintons and Obamas were not public figures, this would amount to libel. He is not backing any of this up with any facts or sources, just claiming it’s “known.”

      And you have to be one sick perverted little monkey to believe that the CIA “recruits” our presidential candidates and threatens them if they don’t agree to be recruited. I mean, that’s just fucking sick.

      If one had an IQ in the three-digit range, one would assume that if anything Alex Jones said was true, there would be evidence of it from someplace other than Alex Jones (and his ilk.) But one of the characteristics of paranoid psychopaths like Jones is that if you try to deny what they claim, they’ll just say the evidence was (naturally) destroyed to keep anyone from learning the “truth.”

      • Amen. Absolutely. They write the story, broadcast it, and create the myth in the process. And somehow they apparently make a lot of money doing it. How many dumb shits ‘out there’ does it take for all that to happen? Millions? Tens of millions? Maybe more? Why are there so many dumb shits? Is stoopid more prevalent in Amurkkka than elsewhere? Is it true that life exists on earth because this planet has long been an intergalactic colony for the criminally insane?

        I should ask Alex Jones maybe. He prolly knows.

    • Of course he says that. It is well known that Alex Jones and all of his guests delight in giving donkeys multiple orgasms using the tea-bagging technique donkeys greatly prefer. The CIA and NSA and alien space scientists have this all on video, but they can’t let you see it or they’d have to sterilize you.

    • That kind of rhetoric cost one British MP, a rising star, a young mother of two here life yesterday, when a right-wing Brexit supporter stabbed and shot her to death on a Yorkshire street corner yesterday.

      • He was also, if the media has it right, a neo-Nazi white supremacist in true ‘American’ fashion. There was also a bit about how maybe his gun was homemade, something he learned how to do on Amurkkkan websites. I guess time will tell, but it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the hate we have to live with over here also has a receptive audience over there.

  2. 8th-Grader impersonates 2016 US presidential candidates in graduation speech Donald Trump, Sen.Ted Cruz, Obama, Hillary Clinton and Sen.Bernie Sanders. 😀

  3. Does Trump like Chris Christie because he likes to have “a funny fat guy” around?

    Slate has an incredible and somewhat disturbing series of interviews with former employees on Donald Trump’s reality show The Apprentice, which reveals that Trump is “obsessed with menstruation” and is as stingy with charities and his crew as he is with veterans’ organizations. But if you are fascinated by the curious Trump-Christie relationship, in which Trump repeatedly degrades Christie in public, while also (reportedly) forcing him to do things like “fetch McDonald’s” in private, than I would direct your attention to the section, “He Likes to Keep ‘a Fat Guy’ Around.”

    “There was a fat contestant who was a buffoon and a fuckup,” recalls the midlevel producer. “And he would fuck up week after week, and the producers would figure that he’d screwed up so badly that Trump would have to fire him. But Trump kept deciding to fire someone else. The producers had to scramble because of course Trump can never be seen to make a bad call on the show, so we had to re-engineer the footage to make a different contestant look bad. Later, I heard a producer talk to him, and Trump said, ‘Everybody loves a fat guy. People will watch if you have a funny fat guy around. Trust me, it’s good for ratings.’ I look at Chris Christie now and I swear that’s what’s happening.”

    So there you have it: Trump like Chris Christie because he thinks he’s good for ratings—and because someone has to pick up Trump’s Big Mac.

    I’ve only seen Trump when he wasn’t behind a podium a few times, but it looks to me like he’s almost as big as Christie. I think having Christie around helps him believe he’s thinner than he really is.

  4. Question for the community:
    If Trump were to give an unlawful order to the military under his commanderinchiefness, and they disobeyed his illegal and unlawful order, and he put them in jail, would that be ground for impeachment?
    Or would that just serve us right for electing an idiot.

    • The ‘military’ oath specifies that they are sworn to obey all “legal and lawful orders”. I think that any effort on the part of Trump to circumvent or oust the military commanders would – or at least should – make it blatantly obvious that Trump is unfit to be President/Commander-in-Chief. Hopefully enough that the few sane folks in Congress would seriously discuss impeachment.

    • As Jane said, the oath we took said we would obey “the lawful orders of those appointed over us.” No one is under any obligation under the UCMJ to obey an unlawful order, nor do they have to be bullied into obeying it just because someone higher claims it’s legal (when it clearly isn’t.) The SCOTUS ruled on this when an enlisted person was ordered by a general to pick up the general’s underage girlfriend. The driver refused, was courtmartialed, lost, appealed, and won.

      Anyone who tries to jail someone who refused to obey an unlawful order would, themselves, be in violation of the UCMJ.

      A general would likely resign his or her commission before handing down an unlawful order from Trump.

      • Thank you all for your thoughtful replies.
        Drumpf is also falsely claiming ‘soldiers’ took a bunch of the reconstruction cash (remember the nine pallets?) . This asshole is a disgrace.
        I have thought through what his first few months in office would look like, here’s some possible outcomes.

        He dismantles Obama care. 24 million Americans lose health insurance.
        He deports six to eight million undocumented immigrants.
        People who are unable to pay their medical bills are placed into indentured servitude, mowing lawns and cleaning the homes of the 1% who represent the health care industry. Doctors and hospital CEOs are encouraged to grow their own crops so that the indentured will have work to do, picking crops and weeding.
        Construction will be hit hard so indentured can be put to work building shanty residences just on the other side of the walls they are building around the 1%er homes.
        Not too farfetched, what a Drumpf administration means to Amurka.

        • Don’t forget that bridges will collapse all over the place for lack of repair, and ground traffic will be impeded everywhere. Food production will drop drastically due to climate change (which will be good for Trump’s belt size); the forests will burn up one by one; sea levels will drown coastal towns everywhere even as we get rid of alladem bogus renewable energy things. Windmills, solar, batteries — get rid of it, mine our coal and frack our gas!

          Trump has the capacity to make DumbassDubya look god-like.

          But at least the AR-15 will be safe.

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