Sunday Roast: What if animals were round?

I laughed myself stupid watching this on facebook, so I thought I would share the wealth, sotospeak.

With all the god-damned bullets and tRump shit flying around, I think bouncy round animals are just what the doctor ordered.

Just so you know, I was totally out of town on the day of the zebra shoot, but that could have been Jane falling out of the tree.  😉

Here’s a longer version…so very wrong.  😆

Happy Father’s Day, all you dads.  My dad would have LOVED the round animals.  🙂

This is our daily open thread — Please discuss this important issue.

41 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: What if animals were round?

  1. Why Azerbaijan called its race the ‘European’ Grand Prix

    Azerbaijan is at pains to project an image of itself as being ‘European’. It has already hosted the Eurovision song contest and the European athletic games – the latter amid some controversy over its poor human rights record and refusal to admit journalists who had written anything critical about the country.

    It’s not hard to see why an undemocratic and highly corrupt regime which suppresses freedom of speech and imprisons and tortures its critics would wish to adopt a title which by implication associates itself with countries to which the same does not apply.

    One wonders whether it occurred to Bernie Ecclestone the very Europeanness he repeatedly disparages has, on this occasion, turned out to be rather lucrative for him.

    I had to look up Azerbaijan on the map. It’s just north of Iran, on the Caspian Sea. It’s really more in the Middle East rather than Europe.

  2. Speaking of round animals, well, animals anyway – – I want to pitch an idea to Steven Spielberg. It’s along the fundamentalist view that man walked with dinosaurs up to the days of Noah’s Ark, and that he actually could have taken dinosaurs onto the Ark, too. I’d call it:


    Sample dialogue:

    “What do you mean the Raptors got loose?”
    “That’s not all – the Unicorns are – – gone.”
    “I’m gonna catch hell for this.”

  3. I got up this morning to find that one of my round animals: added a line to my draft post for tomorrow (I don’t know if he was trying to type my name, but apparently got stuck on ‘j’); managed to access the computer’s control panel; then tried to change my wallpaper AND picked out a new picture. He (I’m betting on Squiggy) was at least smart enough NOT to pick one of the few photos of himself, which would have been REALLY creepy!

    • This new computer at least doesn’t have the power button directly on top where Gisela can put one of her pointy little feet on it and cut the power off. She does like to sit on my right armrest where I park the trackball, so I can’t use it at a comfortable position. I have to pick her up and snuzzle her until she struggles to make me let go, (at least thirty or more seconds), which gets her over to the left armrest, where she can sit as long as she likes.

      • Normally I do shut the computer down before I go to bed, but since it was about 3:00am I just left it on. Luckily I did save my draft, otherwise I don’t know how much more Squig would have done to it. 🙂

        He likes to lay across the back of my computer chair, then slowly let himself slide down into the space behind me when I lean forward. It gets pretty uncomfortable after a bit, but it’s kinda cute.

  4. On State of the Union, Ana Navarro had this to say about GOP support for Trump: “There’s three factions, there’s people who actually genuinely like Donald Trump, like Jeffrey Lord, there’s those who have fallen in line, who think out of party loyalty, to defend and protect the down ballot candidates, they have got to support him, (snip)…and I think the third faction, is the one that I’m in, which is, no way no hell, no chance, will we ever support Donald Trump.
    I was just at the Romney retreat last weekend, and I can tell you, all three factions were there, and it felt like a Thanksgiving Dinner with the most dysfunctional family. You thought you were going to get stabbed with a fork at some point.”

  5. He says he hasn’t been vetted for Donald Trump’s VP pick, but I’m hoping Jeff Sessions is Trump’s choice. I really don’t want to hear Chris Christie or Newt Gingrich on TV, and I’ll have more fun if Jeffy Beauregard ends up on the ticket.

    • Just a guess, but based on my near 74 years of living elsewhere than the deep south and the attitudes implicit, I’d bet Trump-Sessions ticket support would diminish, esp. amongst ppl with an IQ > 99.

    • So anytime someone refers to CheetoJesus, it’s just another name for Trump?

      That would be a great way to humiliate the Donald. If every time we mentioned him anywhere, we called him CheetoJesus.

  6. A little while ago I helped Nicole Sandler by calling in to hers and Randi Rhodes’ new studio for an audio check of her phone system. It turned out she could hear me and I could hear her, but the listeners couldn’t hear me. She’s emailing her engineer to see if he can help her make it work right in case she needs the phone to work tomorrow when she does her first show from the new place. She got the Skype to work with another regular from her chat room, and he and I could hear each other too, but the only time I could be heard was when she had her audio causing a major echo. That’s from about 9:25 until about 10:30. I’m the guy with the southern accent. The other guy, Vtblom. is a Vermonter now living in Florida. (It’s just so cool that I’m getting to help bring Randi back to Progressive Talk even in a small way.)

  7. End Of Conservative Supreme Court: Clarence Thomas May Be Next To Leave

    Justice Clarence Thomas, a reliable conservative vote on the Supreme Court, is mulling retirement after the presidential election, according to court watchers.

    Thomas, appointed by former President George H.W. Bush and approved by the Senate after a bitter confirmation, has been considering retirement for a while and never planned to stay until he died, they said. He likes to spend summers in his RV with his wife.

    His retirement would have a substantial impact on control of the court. The next president is expected to immediately replace the seat opened by the death of conservative Justice Antonin Scalia, providing a one-vote edge in the court that is currently divided 4-4.

    I highly doubt that the next president ‘immediately’ does anything about filling the vacant seat. The filibuster is still valid for SCOTUS seats, and whether the Rs have the majority or not, they will use it unless they get a justice that suits them. If Hillary were President, and the Dems win a bare majority this year, they will have to declare the filibuster void entirely to have the ability to confirm a dem-appointed justice.

    • If We the People come to our senses and don’t elect any Republican presidents but the GOoPers maintain any level of power in the Senate? There won’t be ANY SCOTUS other than Roberts puttering around an otherwise empty office in 20 years or so.

      • The longer Republicans persist in control of any government ‘power’ position, the faster will be the demise of the U.S.’s presumed “Democratic Republic” foundation, such demise to be greatly accelerated if/when ‘they’ should attain full power of the state.

        The same fate has invariably been imposed whenever fascists have attained power in any state, and when they attain full power of the state, the state’s survival is brief. History. It’s out there.

        Oh, and to Paul Ryan a special note: regardless of what you’ve been told, Ayn Rand was NOT a historian.

        • I visited with one of my more unsophisticated friends. He gets most of his “news” from the guys he works with and they are loyal FAUX”News” worshipers. He was babbling on about Democrats and I told him that the GOP has controlled the House, Senate, and SCOTUS for the majority of Obama’s term and he didn’t believe me. His boss also has him convinced that “the government can turn off” modern diesel powered construction equipment if the sensors show the exhaust isn’t clean enough. Sigh…

          He’s really a good guy and he’s smart but he’s incurious about anything outside his usual areas of interest and hates anything to do with politics. It’s getting tough to decide when I should correct him and when I should just bite my tongue because I talk to him twice a month or so and he’s hearing the BS every day. I have tried sending his girlfriend links to articles but, living in an unincorporated area outside a town with 120 people in it, she pays for her internet by the bit so she rarely passes on anything I send her.

    • OH, PLEASE Clarence – take your “NotANegro” bullshit and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

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