TWH 6/22/16 RNC Sues Trump for Hijacking its Base

morning after camel

What, me worry?

With less than four weeks to the Republican National Convention and more and more establishment Republicans jumping ship, the RNC took the unusual step of suing its presumed nominee – – for hijacking the Republican base. The Republican Party invested hundreds of millions of dollars cultivating a base of voters whom it could rely upon in election after election, ever since they embraced the “Dixiecrats” in the 60s. Hate radio and the Christian Coalition groomed this potent block of voters. Gerrymandering insured this small but reliable base would elect establishment Republicans at every level of government. Then Trump came along and, like the pie-eyed piper, swept them away from the establishment candidates. The ones like Ted Cruz, whose evangelical Christian values were primed to put him into the Whitehouse.

Indeed, in the days before the RNC filed its lawsuit, those in the Cruz camp were trying to muster enough votes to change the rules – – to allow delegates to break from Trump if voting for him violates their moral or religious beliefs. However, such a move would be sure to pit “family values” Christians against misogynist, racist, xenophobic Christians, further fracturing the Republican base.

The lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court Northern District of Ohio that includes Cleveland, Ohio in its jurisdictional boundaries, seeks a writ of mandate, or, in the alternative, a restraining order that would strip Trump of all of his elected delegates. Should it succeed, the Republican Convention would be wide open. The Republican Party could even nominate someone who never participated in the primaries.

When asked about the lawsuit, Trump seemed to be taken off-guard.

“They’re suing me?” he asked. “The Republican Party is suing the most winningest candidate ever? Well, I can tell you this. I’m gonna sue them! I’m gonna sue them like they’ve never been sued before. I’m gonna sue them so hard and so fast they’ll be begging to drop their lawsuit. And then I’m gonna sue them for suing me. I know lawsuits, and believe me, this is gonna be one doozy of a lawsuit. And I’m gonna win. Because that’s what I do. I win. I’m gonna sue and I’m gonna win. And it’s gonna be a big win. A huge win. This win will make all other wins seem like losses in comparison, it’s gonna be that big of a win. And I’m gonna make the Republican Party pay for this win, it’s gonna be that big.”

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin was seen packing up her Constitution and Flag-wrapped RV and heading for Cleveland.


18 thoughts on “TWH 6/22/16 RNC Sues Trump for Hijacking its Base

  1. Gigantic surprise of the century:

    Former lover: Orlando shooter targeted Pulse because ‘that’s where he was hurt the most’

    A Florida man identifying himself as a “friend with benefits” of Orlando mass shooter Omar Mateen told Univision on Tuesday that his assault was an act of revenge.

    “Pulse is where he was hurt the most,” the man told network anchor Maria Elena Salinas. “From the conversations we had, Pulse is where he felt used, rejected. He frequented that club because, as I said earlier, he liked the Latinos.” . . .

    According to Miguel, he met Mateen through a gay dating site and had between 15 and 20 encounters with him at a local hotel during the last three months of 2015. Univision reported that a hotel staffer confirmed that Miguel stayed there during that time period, and also said Mateen “looked familiar.”

    • Oh. So all the BS about Radical Islamic blah blah is just so much blathering from DrumpfTruck.
      Don’t expect a retraction or apology or any other reality check from the flaming garbage truck that is the Drumpfasshole.

      • “Flaming garbage truck”
        A vision that is so appropriate I will not get that out of my head for a long time.

  2. This still may be a setup. The scenario plays out at the convention that the DrumpfTruck, trailing by double digits in every poll, announces that Melania wants to get pregnant, and he has to get his tiny hands working overtime, so does not have the stamina to campaign and work the tiny hands at the same time.
    So that leaves Jack, er Paul Ryan,as the most viable candidate, and he accepts the nomination, the day before Clinton is indicted on multiple counts of stupidity./…
    Stay tuned as Drumpfians across the country arm themselves to the teeth and start shooting at USPS trucks….

  3. The 2nd most annoying thing about the speech Donald is currently delivering is the noise his inhaling makes when he takes a deep breath. In 1st place are all the lies he’s capable to put between those breaths.

    • It really irks me when he uses that extended ‘aaaaaaannnnnd’ in that bitter tone of his. That will be my number one drinking game trigger for the debates.

    • The Grand Irony was when he called Hillary a “world class liar.” Talk about the old pot-kettle thingee, and emanating from the circular pie hole of what likely is the grandest and greatest and most tremendous liar in all of recorded history!

  4. Some Senators are joining House Democrats in their floor sit-in, including this guy…

  5. Chris Hayes just reported that someone has gone to buy sleeping bags for the Democrats that are occupying the House well. Does anyone else remember Harry Reid buying cots when he was Senate Majority Leader? What happened to those cots? And the billions in cash in Iraq!

  6. It’s #brexit tomorrow – Britain not England – (I corrected the first three ignoranti on the tweeter and then tossed my dummy out the pram).

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