Brexit – Live


In the video above you find a compelling explanation what Brexit is about really. Having watched some of the debates and quite a bit of coverage on BBC, ITV and a couple more news sites, I can fully agree with him. It is about immigration. And nationalism and then some immigration.

I’ll watch some of the BBC voting night coverage and will give you the first couple of developments live as they unfold. Then I will probably collapse, because I am not as young as I used to be when I joined you all for a night of music, booze and cigarettes on Music Night.

Whatever is the result tomorrow morning, I’ll let you know.

Fair warning: If they vote “Leave”, I will be seriously pissed off, because I still haven’t given up on the hope to spend my retirement in the North of England. I would have to go to Scotland instead, because the Scots will then leave the UK and reenter the EU.

Here’s a heat map of how Britons stand on the issue:



So let’s get started….and hope for the best.

71 thoughts on “Brexit – Live

  1. So, here we go. First impressions from the results studio of the BBC indicate there is quite high turnout. This is, supposedly, favoring the “Remain” camp. Gibraltar turnout is over 80% they say.

    • Thanks for posting this, EV. I admit that I didn’t know a thing about this until it happened. 😳

      It sounds like it’s not a great idea.

  2. Newcastle and Sunderland are racing each other for being first in reporting results. First results expected in a few minutes.

  3. First results from the Geordies or the Mackems in 1 hour with the Monkey Hangers coming in 3rd …. the Smoggies are still in the pub.

  4. The Guardo has one of those population based maps of UK … puts the relatively tiny populations of Scotland, Wales and NI in perspective

  5. This is very dramatic, much closer than I wished for. Voters in the US who think, given that Trump is a moron, President Hillary is a cert. Think again.

    • house, The EuropeanUnion has its downsides, Huge bureaucracy and a democracy deficit. But it has been the best peace plan there ever was. 70 years ago we killed each other. Europe looked like Aleppo on a bad day. We have had peace ever since, because we traded and integrated, travelled migrated and opened our borders.

      The European Union’s deficits are not the real reason for the Leave campaign, however, it is about immigration and borders (sound familiar?) and distrusting the political class. I may write some more on why people are so angry here, but it will not be so much different from what you experience in the US.

    • You kind of do House…. geopolitically …. Britain pulling out is a win for the Trump philosophy….and for the forces of fascism in the world…

  6. Working class areas not for “Leave” mostly to spite the establishment. They feel left out and, honestly, they have been.

  7. I’m dragging my sorry ass to bed now. I hope to wake up to better news.Feel free to post questions and remarks and maybe just a couple of fun posts. I might need them.

    • Leave wins by 3,000+votes. I don’t know what any of this means but a possible rollout from France and Germany. Gawd help the smaller economies if that happens.

        • When I left, it was 51.5% leave…

          When you are voting with Trump, Palin, Putin and Nigel Farage…. well you are probably wrong.

          here comes the Blitz… again

          Good night and good luck – Edward R Murrow

  8. Told my kids “Remember this night…. it is one moment in your life that will change so many, many things.”

  9. I decided to see what the wing nuts on the model airplane group I visit are saying and they fall into two camps.

    1. “Yippie! All that European model stuff will be cheaper after the Euro collapses.”
    2. “Thanks for destroying the EU, Obama!”

    Nothing resembling a cogent thought or any regard for how it affects Europe and Britain. It’s all “me, me, me…”

      • He might as well be. Old retired guys with nothing better to do than fly model airplanes and whine about politics are still over-represented in the hobby. It’s very fertile ground for growing Trumpites.

        That’s one of the reasons why I gave up on model clubs a long time ago when a guy tried to get me get me kicked out for being able to fly much, much, better than he could under the guise of being “unsafe”. The funny part is that the same guy was trying to fly a giant scale model that weighed about 40 pounds and was light years beyond his skill range and ended up flying it through the windshield of someone’s minivan about a week after our confrontation!

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