The Watering Hole; Friday June 24 2016; Herr Führer . . . err . . . Hair Furor!

Today I’ll be brief.

For at least a year, one thing has been nagging at me: Donald Trump’s Hair. Every time I see him on the telly, two things happen: (a) I don’t listen to what he has to say (which is nothing anyway), and (b) I wonder about his hair. Who the hell combs it every morning? Not him, insufficient brain power.  And who trims it? Where did he get it? How many staff does it take to make him look roughly the same every day? If he were to become POTUS, how much would the national debt increase because of his hair’s upkeep expense?

So many questions, so few answers. We need to take the analytical approach.

So. Here goes nothin’ (so to speak). Thanks to Google, I managed to snag several Trump Hairdo Photos that show his daily ‘do’ from both sides. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one from the back, so exactly how the end result is knit together we’ll still have to guess.

First, the right side. Note hair up top is combed forward from somewhere in back while hair on the side is combed backward to somewhere in the back. Overlap not visible.

Next, the view from his left side. Note that some hair is apparently combed up, over, and then to the back, but remains underneath the stuff from the back that’s combed forward. Meanwhile, the side below the “part” is combed down and to the back, presumably to cover and mask the other stuff from the back that’s combed forward. Or something like that.

Trump Hair Drumpf 2

Here’s a more detailed look at the left side where one can see a bit of the hair above the “part” that’s combed to the back, presumably to cover the stuff from the back that’s combed forward (see figure 1, above), while some is also combed under the stuff from the back that’s combed forward. Also, note that the hair below the “part” is combed backwards to eventually merge with everything else back there.

Trump Hair Drumpf

Finally, a photo of a younger Donald, taken after he went bald but before the hair transplants were installed (the ones that Ivana said must have been painful enough to affect his behavior). Note that what’s growing on the left side is long, although clearly not long enough for a left to right and back comb over. Makes me think the transplants were strategically placed to aid and abet the 2 or 3 comb overs and comb forwards that seem to be in place today.

So there you have it: my own photographic analysis of —



27 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday June 24 2016; Herr Führer . . . err . . . Hair Furor!

  1. I wonder how many investors are cleaning up because of Brexit. The time to sell was before the vote. If they had voted to remain, nothing would have changed. Now, the reports are, everything is dropping, and those who sold are the geniuses. There was no upside in a Remain vote, but there is obviously a downside to the leave side winning.

  2. Britain’s exit from the EU suggests the possibility of Texas leaving the USA.

    Maybe we should just sell Texas to Mexico!

  3. I wonder how Britian leaving the EU will affect the EU – they never did adopt the Euro, so it might not have that much economic repercussions among the rest of the member states.

    EV, any thoughts? Your perspective is most welcome!

    • BnF, I’m still trying to get the mixture of fury, anger, sadness and fear under control so my synapses can sort the damage. What springs to mind is the domino effect. I will have to analyze the trade situation, investments etc. Economy within the EU is so intertwined, it will be hard to unravel. Let me mention just one example. There are some 1 mio Polish people working in the UK. Their remittances are still a very important factor in Polands economy.

      • & the value of their paychecks just took a nosedive with the collapse of the Pound.

        It’s safe to assume, also, that the cost of goods imported to Britian will go up, too.

        What a mess. Then again, when is anything born of hatred, prejudice and intolerance not a mess?

  4. I saw a picture of Trump in Scotland. He was actually wearing his “Make America Great Again” hats. Talk about rude and insensitive. What if Prince William came to America wearing a “Britain Rules” hat? That man is so tone deaf it’s amazing that anyone with an IQ in the 3-digit range thinks he would make a good president. He wouldn’t make a good public servant at any level, because the only one he cares about is himself. I don’t think he loves any of his wives or kids as much as he loves himself. Trump Steaks – made from 100% assholes.

    • I’ve been thinking about how Britain spread itself all over the world and now that those peoples they invaded have been coming back to Britain by the numbers, the braniacs don’t want them. And are willing to sacrifice their economy just to stop immigration? Yikes!

      • And then there’s one of their early paleface offspring countries that will happily spit on brown people anywhere, also deport, also stop immigration, no matter the local/global cost — IF its people are stupid enough to elect Drumpf as their fearless “leader.”

    • If CNN signed an exclusivity contract with Lewandowski that prevents him from talking on other networks while under their contract, then they should just never invite him on any shows. Then he can’t tell any lies. I wonder why Fox News Channel didn’t hire him knowing he can’t tell the truth.

  5. Filed under Drumpf will be Drumpf
    Trump Not Prepping For Debates, Will Just Be Himself. Clinton Campaign OK With That
    Can’t wait…
    Q: Mr. Trump, please give us your take on how the Afghan military is planning on stopping the Taliban before the winter sets in”
    A. “I told you Hillary was a fraud! She destroyed all emails about Taliban generals and their concubines, cause, you know, she does that all the time!”
    et cetera, et cetera, ad nausea…

    h/t C&L

  6. Filed under How Stucking FUPID can one person actually BE?
    Trump Takes Idiot to Eleven in Scotland
    Salient quotes from the Drumpfbag article
    “Amazingly, Trump landed in Scotland today to promote his golf course, seemingly without realizing that the Scots are pissed as hell about the outcome of the referendum.”
    “In a stunning display of tone-deafness, he told the assembled reporters how great it was that the U.K. has asserted its independence. And then proceeded to explain how the tumbling English pound would help his golf course make money.”

  7. Southern counties of West Virginia are under water from severe storms earlier today. 14 people reported drowned. Hope OIMF and family are high and dry.

  8. Brexit….. What a nightmare event. A vote for nationalism, selfishness and bloody mindedness. I blame less the EU but more successive UK govs, especially that of Tony Blair for implementing EU law in a way that gave up control of powers the British felt they should keep. That the English and welsh would blow up the economy in a backlash against border control or lack of it. They’ve blown up more than the economy…. They’ve blown up the Union… 1707…. 309 years… Down the tubes. A win for fascism …. Watch Holland Denmark and France now. Watch Spain and Gibraltar… And watch Putin… The EU is a beacon of rule of law and prosperity even now to nations under his shadow… He will take the blow the English delivered as an opportunity.

    Getting on a plane to Rome now in Vancouver…. Will try to move on from this… In UK the Blitz will return…. One they have brought on themselves.

  9. A Twitter user called him a “hamster heedit bampot”. (Hamster headed headcase) I posted some more insults on a separate thread.

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