The Watering Hole, Saturday, June 25, 2016: Texit Is No Brexit

Great Britain stunned the world when a referendum on whether or not to leave the European Union resulted in the Leave forces winning. The EU’s reaction was to say, “Fine, then let’s get it over with as quickly as possible,” with the word “quickly” meaning “following a two-year negotiation”. This has spurred Danial Miller, of a group called the Texas Nationalist Movement, to push their own bid to secede from the Union, which they are cleverly (not really) dubbing “Texit.” Here’s the problem with it: It won’t mean anything. Unilateral attempts to secede from the Union are unconstitutional, according to a SCOTUS decision handed down in 1869. In it, the Court said a state cannot unilaterally secede. They must either achieve their goal through revolution (like the Civil War) or with the consent of Congress (which won’t ever happen.) I can think of several reasons why Texit is a bad idea, but that’s only because unlike the people in favor of this movement, I can think.

There are dozens of military bases in TX belonging to the federal government. Should Texans choose to secede through revolution, those bases would remain in “enemy hands.” And, no, a bunch of guys in pickup trucks are not going to storm the base and take it over. I know. I’ve seen one of those bases. I spent six weeks in one. They have aircraft that can beat anything the rebels might put up. As one State Republican Executive Committee member said during a discussion of secession (from a link later below), “I’m not sending my grandson out with a 12-gauge shotgun to take on the 82nd Airborne.” And the federal forces fighting back wouldn’t just come from Texas. We have military forces in every state surrounding Texas. The rebellion would be crushed in months, if not weeks. Everything in Texas might be bigger, but not necessarily the ability to think ahead.

Like many Conservative states (and, yes, a few Liberal ones, too), Texas gets more back from the federal government than it puts in. (Miller is totally wrong on this point.) If they secede, they’ll lose all those federal dollars, many of which go to paying the salaries of Texans. Do you really think the Department of Defense is going to hire someone from a foreign country, hostile to the US, to work in any of its other bases in the rest of the country? That’s billions of dollars taken out of circulation in the Texas economy. Less money around means less money being spent, which means businesses start failing and more and more people are out of work. And now they won’t get their earned Unemployment Benefits, despite paying into the system for years. Because they’re foreigners now. Given Conservative hostility to dependence on government, I don’t see the Neutered Republic of Texas (or whatever they’ll officially name themselves) setting up a welfare-type program to help its less fortunate citizens. That’s one of the many reasons they wanted to secede in the first place. Which, again, is ironic since they depend so much on the help of their fellow Americans.

Speaking of which, if they somehow successfully secede they’ll no longer be able to call themselves our fellow Americans. Because they’ll no longer be Americans. And if they’re anything like the Texans of 1861 I’d be fine with letting them ago. The first time Texas seceded it was over White Supremacy and the defense of the Institution of Slavery, points clearly spelled out in their Declaration of Secession. When their citizens voted on the ordinance to ratify their secession, it passed by a vote of 46,153 to 14,747. (76% to 24%) Today those percentages would likely be reversed, so even having a Texit vote would be a colossal waste of taxpaying Texans’ money.

Here is Miller explaining how Texit and Brexit are alike, but not exactly alike.

Besides being wrong about Texas being a a Giver state rather than the Taker state it actually is, Miller was confused about at least a couple of other things. In the beginning of this video, Miller talks about the Orlando Pulse massacre. But he was still pushing the idea that this mass shooting had any real connection to ISIS. Though this video was made about two days after the massacre, the only connection to ISIS was the shooter’s telling 911 that he was doing it for them, even though ISIS never told him to do anything. We now know the killer was known to frequent that same nightclub, and known to have had sex with men in the past. IMHO, it was done either out of self-loathing or because he had a failed relationship with another man. But ISIS had nothing to do with it, and would not have approved of a gay man fighting on their behalf. Later in the video, Miller invoked Sam Houston in his talk about whether or not the people should have a vote on independence. Houston opposed the convention to decide secession in 1861 and stayed silent throughout. And when they overwhelmingly voted yes, he told them they were not being reasonable. I’m sure he would say the same thing today. BTW, when Houston refused to swear an oath of allegiance to the Confederate States of America, they replaced him as governor.

Texit is not a good idea, and just because a small percentage of Texans think it is does not justify pursuing it further. But it’s not a good idea because it has no power to it, and would mean nothing if Congress does not approve. I wish they would, but they won’t. Sure I think Texas is an embarrassment to the nation, but if they’re going to leave the union, let it be done peacefully and totally. We’ll take our military equipment and other federal property with us and blow up what we leave behind. We’ll erect a huge border wall around Texas (but not Mexico) to make sure their more radical citizens stay in their own country. And let’s make sure we never let them in the union again. To be fair, citizens of the United States residing in Texas now can remain citizens of the United States, but cannot have dual citizenship and continue to live in Texas. One or the other. We’ll give you time to find a place to live here, and you can go back to work in Texas if they permit Americans to do so. But if you decide to live in Texas, you’ll be treated as an expatriate, without the rights and protections of our Constitution. (If you’re lucky, the new Texas will grant you the same Constitutional rights. If you’re unlucky, they’ll also bring back Slavery.) Oh, and you’ll need a visa to enter the US. Welcome to America. We hope you enjoy your visit here. Check your weapons at the door.

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25 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, June 25, 2016: Texit Is No Brexit

  1. Texas should promote the US seceding from NAFTA, CAFTA, AND SHAFTA. In spite of the RWNJs claiming we produce more manufactured products than ever before, there’s still way too much not being produced here that’s being sold here. Before we can balance our government’s budget, we need to balance our trade. If they don’t want people receiving government money for not working, first they have to provide enough jobs so that everyone can earn enough not to need government subsidies.

    • Nothing pisses fascist movements off more than if/when ordinary ppl (incl folks of inferior race) each and all get well-paying jobs and their children become educated to the point where they can spot political fraud and the agents thereof. For that reason, no Republican anywhere will EVER vote in favor of ANYTHING that might bring “the masses” back up to the level of a thoughtful and well-educated (mixed Race) prosperity.

  2. I love the idea of TEXIT.

    Changes the electoral map to a point that Republicans would be very challenged to win another Presidential election. The threshold to win would go from 270 to 255, and those 38 Texas electors have gone red the last several cycles. (Note, the actual number of electoral votes fluctuates as adjustments to congressional districts shifts based upon population.)

    But, with TEXIT, there would have been no hanging chads. Gore had the majority of the electoral college votes if Texas was out of the picture. No Iraq war. One could hope a Gore administration would have taken the Bin Laden memos seriously and perhaps the plot could have been thwarted. (In 2000 Texas only had 32 electoral votes, but Gore still had the majority if those are removed from the equation.)

    The balance of power in Congress would narrow. Currently there are 246 Republicans and 188 Democrats in the House. That would change to 222 and 176 with TEXIT. And the Senate would only have 98 members instead of 100. The current balance is 52 R to 46 D. That would become 50 to 46. A much more workable margin.

    As Wayne points out as well TEXIT would also help reduce the deficit since they consume more than they contribute.

    It’s what they want. It’s what we all need. TEXIT.

    • Hey Z welcome back!Long time no see!

      I’d like Texit better if it’d take all of the deep south out with it, maybe also Oklahoma, Arkansas, Idaho, and possibly Kansas with it. And a one way ticket for Paul LePage, of course.

      • Thank-you. Nice to see the familiar faces on here.

        Would love nothing better than to see the hate-filled folks shoot themselves in the foot.

    • What? All that wine etc. across the channel, and not even a bottle of Guinness next to the bowl of beans? Not a fair representation of reality, IMO. πŸ˜‰

    • Barn swallows. When you drive through the country, and see these poles with all these gourds hanging on them, that’s what kind of birds they want to attract. They love eating mosquitos.

  3. I’m looking forward to hear George Will announce on Fox News Sunday how he’s ‘officially’ no longer a Republican, because of Trump.

    • George Will, on Trump’s tweeting: “He has an advantage on me because he can say everything he knows about any subject in 140 characters and I can’t.”

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