The Watering Hole, June 29, 2016

Lost Rites:

Pharmacists lost the “right” to impose their religious beliefs on their customers.

People convicted of domestic violence lost the “right” to own guns.

The Great State of Texas lost the “right” to put women through undue burdens to get an abortion.

And Brits lost the “right” to call Americans stupid.

Lost Lefts:

The Democratic Party has moved to the right of Reagan.

Elizabeth Warren, the bane of Wall Street, endorsed Hillary Clinton, the Queen of Wall Street.

Bernie Sanders has virtually disappeared from internet memes.


11 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, June 29, 2016

  1. Why does want to ‘know my location’, when I always open the 35801 zip code page? Shouldn’t that be a really big clue?

    • I bookmarked the page for 32084 and bypass the main page when I just want to know the local conditions.

      Windows 10 has alerts from the Weather Channel that pop-up that I’m still evaluating their usefulness. I’ll leave it active during hurricane season.

    • Why do the weather trends stop at the Canadian and Mexican borders?
      Why do radar weather streams show the topography of the ocean floor?
      Why do birds suddenly appear… oops, wrong post, it’s not music night.

    • I usually have it set for our home and our office Zip Codes. In winter, there can be differences in, for instance, predicted snow totals, or icy conditions in our area that are worse than the conditions 20 miles south of us.

      I hate the new TWC setup, ’cause I have to click through 3 screens just to access the 5-day forecast. Even though it’s set to my local area, they keep slapping up info about other areas that, for my purpose, are just irrelevant and annoying.

      Of course, if I notice that there’s nasty weather in areas where our Critters are located, I do check it out. Otherwise, I’m really just looking for my forecast for several days so I know how to dress for work.

  2. Drumpf campaign violates federal law. Candidate is an idiot.
    Trump Campaign Broke Law by Soliciting Foreign Donations, Groups Allege
    Someone please throw this futhermucker in jail and spare us the pain from now till November listening to his insane drivel.
    On foreign trade – “What he’s saying, Trump outlined, is plain and simple “great deals” – conventional trade tenets and ideologies be damned. “I want great deals. I don’t care if they’re free, I don’t care if they’re fair, I don’t care if they’re good, I don’t care if they’re horrendous — I just want great deals,” Trump announced. “I’ll do it all different ways. I’ll do it all different ways.”

    Just plain insane. Great deals? He’s never had a great deal except greed and fleecing investors to line his own pockets. Duck you Frumpf!

    • As I have said before. Trumpy didn’t get where he is today by making deals. He got here by breaking them.

      I would run off a few thousand bumper stickers but, considering the scum who support him, it would get a person run off the road or shot.

    • Hmmm…think this will lead to investigating Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, her foreign contacts & their donations to The Clinton Foundation?

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