The Watering Hole, Tuesday July 5, 2016 – Environmental News and Food Politics.

Murray Energy Lays Off More Than 1,800 Workers

A coal company wants to blame Obama for a 21% cut in workforce, when in reality it is fracked natural gas that power companies are shifting to.

Obama’s Fault

My grandfather who I never met died when my mother was a child of black lung disease. It is an occupation that I would not wish on anyone. Pollutes the hell out of water when mined and air when burned, and surface mining can obliterate landscapes. Sierra Club has been fighting coal for years. Beyond coal.

Open thread.

12 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday July 5, 2016 – Environmental News and Food Politics.

  1. The stacks can be seen for well over one hundred miles.
    They stick out of an otherwise open expanse of high desert.
    They are often surrounded by a brown haze when the wind isn’t blowing its usual force.
    We used them as visual navigation aids when flying because they were obvious and impossible to miss.
    The spoils cover acres and leach into ground water in spite of protective measures taken and what the talking heads claim.
    Such a beautiful landscape marred by two giant stacks that you can’t avoid.

    • Reminds me of the Four Corners Power Plants, built in the sixties near Farmington NM on Navajo land. Their coal supply came (still comes, I assume) from a large coal deposit on the Hopi reservation and is, iirc, transported to the power plants as a coal-water slurry through a huge pipeline. The plants were originally built to supply power to and for AZ metro area growth as well as the then under construction Central Arizona Project which now delivers Colorado River water to both the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas, several hundred miles away. Prior to the Four Corners plants, the power was going to come from a high dam on the Colorado River above Lake Mead in Bridge Canyon, a narrow gorge near the end of the Grand Canyon. Portions of the then Grand Canyon National Monument (now Grand Canyon National Park) were going to be flooded, along with a village in the lower (Grand Canyon) elevations of the Hualapai Indian Reservation. Bridge Canyon Dam was shelved courtesy of the Four Corners Power Plants.

      Back in those days (early sixties) there was a lot less concern over the effects of coal mining and burning than there is today. What bothered me the most about both Bridge Canyon and the Power Plants way back then was (a) flooding in the Grand Canyon, and (b) the rape of the desert required for the power plants. What bothers me most today, on reflection, is the rampant stupidity it took for our species to even consider building either the dam or the power plants. Fifty years later, the stupidity still prevails. Everywhere. See also fracking, mountaintop removal — the list is endless.

      I do believe, however, that at least three of the five Four Corners power plants are finally in the process of being permanently shut down, thanks mainly to the EPA’s carbon reduction goals. They were, like the Cholla plant, part of the Arizona Public Service (APS) power company’s huge power generating network in Arizona.

  2. An interesting take by Greg Sargent on the Morning Plum today.
    He’s calling out labor leaders who think Drumpf is on to something when decrying Clinton’s ties to trade deals (her husband made)…Referencing an article by Jonathon Cohn…asking, what’s the bottom line going to look like? What policies is Drumpf proposing? What’s the impact on labor?
    Salient quote “Trump has identified something important — trade deals may have indeed harmed a lot of people — but his threatened tariffs would likely start trade wars that would not reverse the damage in hard-hit communities, and instead would drive up prices and slow growth. What’s more, Cohn points out, Trump’s tax plan, which would deliver a windfall to top earners and cut corporate taxes, would cost up to $10 trillion in revenues over the next decade, which would likely hurt working people further:”

    • Hair Furor Drumpf should know a lot about off-shoring manufacturing at the expense of creating jobs at home. That’s about all he does what with Suits in Mexico, Ties in China, picture frames in Turkey, etc. etc. etc. Why the hell don’t more voices call him out on allathat bullshit? Why the silence?

  3. Now that the FBI has concluded that Clinton was ‘extremely careless’ over her use of multiple private servers to conduct her SecState business, wondering if her ‘electability’ will come up at the convention. Hey Bernie! Stay tuned!

  4. When the rightwhiners first started celebrating the FBI investigation I brought up a point with my right-wing neighbor. I said that the only way that there would be any charges is if there’s a law on the books that makes it a crime for the SoS to use a private server. No law? No charges. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp but I have yet to see a rightwhiner show even a glimmer of understanding it any more than they understand science.

    • Well, remember, there’s no law that prevents a would-be terrorist from buying an assault rifle, either. That’s something rightwhiners can understand and even support. No law, no charges? It’s in the constitution so it’s ok. Ask Ammo Bundy.

      OTOH, the Constitution makes no mention of Hillary Clinton, so obviously everything she does is unconstitutional. Therefore the need for today’s diaper delivery to wingnuts everywhere.

      It’s so simple, really. ///

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