The Watering Hole; Friday July 8 2016; Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest, Or ???

I need help.

A quick perusal of current newsy websites reveals that there’s a whole lot of Dumb out there in today’s political world, possibly more than at any time in the entire history of the planet, maybe even of the universe. I collected a mere eight samples (in roughly  eight minutes, give or take a few seconds), and in that process I saw nothing, not a single headline, that made me think ‘Hey – Smart!! Finally!!

So here they are in no particular order. See below for my rankings of each, also the pattern I may have uncovered.

1. Darrell Issa Calls For Government Shutdown If Hillary Clinton Is Not Charged

2. Climate Denier Marco Rubio Tries To Tackle Toxic Florida Algae, Is Baffled By Cause

3. David Whitney: Government Should Be Christian-Only

4. Laurie Higgins: ‘Obama Dishonors National Park Service’ With Stonewall Memorial

5. Birther Bradlee Dean Says Obama Support For Clinton A ‘Psyop’ Operation And Deal To Secure Pardon

6. Ann Coulter: Donald Trump Is Just Like Abe Lincoln Fighting Slavery

7. Pat Buchanan Warns ‘White America Has Begun To Die’

8. Eric Trump tells Fox News his sister Ivanka would be their father’s ideal running-mate: “She’s got the beautiful looks!”

What I did was examine the ideas implicit in the thought process of each of the eight named characters and then rank both characters and ideas based on whether they were Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest, or ??? (i.e. whatever’s the word for Dumber than the Dumbest). When I finished and checked my results, I spotted a problem: all eight wound up tied as number eight of eight in the Dumber than the Dumbest [???] category, even as the Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest categories remained blank, empty. If all of that actually defines a pattern of any sort, I guess it would be that most (maybe all) political news that’s not about the Juno Jupiter Probe is, well, parcel solely to the Dumber than the Dumbest imaginable human’s . . . umm . . . intelligence . . . mental . . . brainy . . . sigh. I give up. I need help!

Not sure where I went wrong, but I do know when to toss in the towel. Meanwhile, any and all who might stumble upon and read this post are invited to take a shot at it. Best of luck; it ain’t easy.

So be my guest, have at it.



48 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday July 8 2016; Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest, Or ???

  1. The topic of conversation today will, of course, be about Dallas and the 5 cops killed. I don’t think Dallas is enough to get the Republicans in Congress to take any meaningful action about the gun problem we have in this country. I believe the only thing that will get them to face the problem will a direct attack against Republicans.

  2. ‘Not the right tell about the suspects’ – Dallas mayor.

    That’s all anybody wants to know about.

  3. The “right to bear arms” has been touted as the right to own, and use, assault rifles to oppose an oppressive government. Is it no wonder, then, after yet another senseless shooting of a black man by a cop, that cops are seen as the front soldiers of an oppressive government?

    And, by logical extension, isn’t what happened yesterday, with the sniper attacks on police officers, EXACTLY what the NRA espouses?

  4. In re the Constitution and the second amendment’s “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” clause —

    The Constitution dates back to 1787; 2A was ratified in 1791. Brings to mind Scalia and his interpretation method (see )

    “My burden is not to show that originalism is perfect, but that it beats the other alternatives, and that, believe me, is not difficult,” Scalia said.

    Originalism suggests that the Constitution has a static meaning, Scalia said.

    Quick question: if “originalism” is the proper way to interpret Constitutional issues, if “the Constitution has a static meaning,” then wouldn’t that mean it’s unconstitutional for black people to ‘keep and bear arms’? They were mostly all slaves back then, also defined as three-fifths of a person, so I doubt any of them were allowed to own or carry guns.

    I’m surprised no wingnut white supremacist (or Donald Trump, for that matter) has suggested/demanded confiscation of black-owned guns because it’s a constitutional mandate that “they” can’t have guns.

    • It’s static, except when it’s not. Just like the bible gives no wiggle room on how you should act, except when it doesn’t. (Both subject to interpretation.)

  5. There is no shooting in the US that shocks me. None. I am shocked there isn’t more shooting. I am shocked so few politicians get shot.

  6. In re my recent post on Public Lands — here’s a newly fresh and totally disgusting add-on, courtesy of Congressional (Republican) insanity:

    Congressional Proposal Would Create A Texas-Sized ‘Republic Of Cliven Bundy’

    The U.S. House of Representatives next week is expected to vote on a proposal that would exempt 48 counties, primarily in the West, from the law that has been used for more than 100 years to protect archaeologically, culturally, and naturally significant resources in the United States, including the Grand Canyon and the Statue of Liberty.

    The counties that would be exempted from the Antiquities Act of 1906 cover more than 250,000 square miles — an area nearly the size of Texas. The amendment, which was authored by Rep. Stewart (R-UT) and Rep. Gosar (R-AZ), appears to have two main purposes . . .

    Both purposes are intended to start the conversion of Public Lands, to turn them over, eventually, to whichever money-interest decides to spend the bucks.

    Disgusting, absolutely disgusting. The legislation will fail, of course, this time . . . and until the fascists take full control. Could be any time from six months to decades, but they’re going for it.

    Glad I’m an old fart whose days are limited.

    • I seriously doubt the Democratic Senators would all let it come to a vote at all. But even if it did and it passed, Obama would veto it. And even if they somehow managed to make it into law, Obama would just use the Antiquities Act to make them all federal lands again. There is no way they can win on this one. All they can do is please their goddamn ignorant fucking base who have no idea at all how the law works.

      • I agree. The real danger won’t surface unless (or until) the House has a majority of wingnuts, the Senate has at least sixty of them, and the POTUS is at least as shallow and crazed as is Hair Furor Drumpf. If or when that all comes together, stand back and make plans to get the fuck out of here. Like I said, Could be any time from six months to decades, but they’re going for it.

  7. I’m assuming that the shooting deaths in Baton Rouge, Minneapolis and Dallas are not being blamed on guns. La Pierre said the 5 policemen in Dallas didn’t deserve being shot. He said nothing about the 2 civilians’ deaths!

  8. Oath Keepers Calls For Establishment Of Militias In Response To Dallas Ambush

    Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the Oath Keepers, responded today to last night’s sniper ambush of police officers near a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas by calling for “patriotic Americans” to “go armed at all times” and “reestablish the militia system.”

    Rhodes wrote on the Oath Keepers website that the shooting was the product of “the Marxist agenda to divide and conquer along racial lines and inspire blind hatred against all police, and against this nation in general,” warning that it would be used to “further militarize” the police and “trample on the right of the people to keep and bear arms.”

    Tying the shooting in Dallas to the attack on an Orlando gay nightclub by an ISIS-inspired terrorist, Rhodes wrote that what “is now needed, more than ever, is the reestablishment of the militia of the people, trained, equipped and organized in each town, to defend against what is now clearly a ‘Tet Offensive’ American style.”

    Somehow I think his ‘root cause’ of what’s going wrong in the country doesn’t come close to matching mine.

  9. Today’s Watering Hole, about the lies told by the Dallas PD, is in progress and will be posted in a little while. Thank you for your patience.

    If my little Squiggy Boy will let me write it.

  10. Not meaning to excuse intolerable behavior, but it’s now coming out that the sniper in Dallas was kicked out of the Army, sent home from Afquagistan, after being trained to do one thing, really well. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Let me guess. He wasn’t trained to be an Army barber, or even a recruiter?

      Me, I’ve never been in the military, but I do know this much: trained barbers cut hair, trained recruiters recruit, and trained killers/snipers kill/snipe, often for no good reason other than that they can.

      I’m all for cutting the “defense” budget by 99%, maybe more. Use the money to confiscate guns everywhere and melt the damn things down, all the while putting the gun mfg industry out of business, out on the street where they belong. In a tent with Wayne LaPierre.

      Punishment can be fun.

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