The Watering Hole, Tuesday July 12, 2016

In place of the usual environmental or food politics post, let’s have a conversation about the future (because the present seems so awful at the moment). I think the presumptive nominee Hillary will be our next president. Aside from filling Supreme Court vacancies (and I hope she picks a couple of brainy 13 year olds), we all know that unless she has a house and a senate, we are in store for more gridlock. Is Trump so awful that Republicans will be no-shows, and as a result, will Dems carry the day across all open seats?

Will there be a measure of gun sanity in our future?

Single payer healthcare?

Reasonable college and trade school tuition?

Environmental sanity?

Geopolitical stability?


What say ye?

22 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday July 12, 2016

  1. Unless or until progressive-liberal Dems control the Senate with at least sixty votes, and have full control of the House, and there is a Progressive Liberal SCOTUS and a Progressive Liberal POTUS, there will be NO legislated gun sanity, NO universal single payer healthcare, NO reasonable college tuition, NO environmental sanity, and NO geopolitical stability. The reason is a simple one: ain’t no money in common sense, no power, so no Fascist Republican alive today will ever support anything sensical, and will leave no stone unturned in their resistance to same. But of course military spending will continue to increase. There’s money in it. Just ask Dick Cheney.

    Republicans have worked for seventy years to convert the strong and gentle/generous America envisioned by FDR into the money-grabbing greed-based and hateful/fear-filled society we see and detest today, and it will take the equivalent of an electoral miracle to turn her around. And should Hair Furor prevail along with an electoral majority, then it’s all over but the shouting; our chance of escaping the Fascist boot heel reduce to roughly zero.

    • Actually, frugal, FDR was trying to change the hateful/fear-filled society we see and detest into a strong and gentle/generous America, but the Conservatives opposed him every step of the way. We had the Great Depression (and every economic downturn in our nation’s history) precisely because of Conservative principles in action.

      Remember hearing about the robber barons of the late 1800s? That wasn’t Liberalism in action, it was pure Conservatism. And it was very, very bad for the country as a whole. But at the same time they were doing that, they pushed this idea that being good at making money was the most noble thing you could do. Again, pure greed and selfishness (hallmarks of the Conservative mindset) ruled the day, as it always has in this country.

      • Yes, I agree. In fact, in FDR’s day, the NYTimes quoted Henry Wallace (1944) who very effectively defined fascism in this country, of that era. FDR had, however, the political strength to effectively rebuild and restructure of the country during his (thankfully) extended presidency. He didn’t get it all done by any means, but it wasn’t till three-plus decades later when the Republicans, under Reagan, reverted to the fascist roots which drove them prior to and during FDR’s four terms (last one abbreviated). IF the country could once again put the fascist movement away for a lengthy nap, the country has another chance. If not, if the fascists prevail, it’ll soon all be over.

        If only Bernie’s governing philosophy could gain an irrepressible majority . . .

        Unfortunately for all of us, fascistic tenets of money, power, and greed appeal very strongly to the uneducated and fear-driven masses.

  2. A little off-topic, but I thought this funny enough to share. Whenever I try to do a Google search by typing in a question, I’m also amused by the guesses Google makes about what I might be wanting to search. They have that same problem in the UK.

  3. I don’t know the future, but I see inequality as the root of most of our trouble, We need the one thing that Obama promised and was prevented from trying to deliver, hope. People become desperate and turn on each other when they see no way forward in their own lives. We can’t send hungry children to school and expect them to learn to their potential. We can’t expect our brightest and best to change the world when they graduate with more debt than opportunity. We need banks that are more interested in growing their assets by investing and growing the communities they serve than they are in gambling on Wall Street in order to extract some quick shareholder value. We need to listen to each other instead of listening to those who would manipulate our baser instincts in order to further their own agenda. We need to stop seeing life as a zero sum game where something given to one is something taken from someone else and view it as the interconnected web it is, where every good act, no matter how small, can ripple outward and maybe produce something beautiful.

    • Well spake OIMF.
      Until we realize that the consumption culture is largely to blame for the rampant inequality we suffer from, when how much do I need, versus what do I want becomes the innate question we ask ourselves daily, we will remained shackled to this neo-feudal wage slave system.

  4. There’s crazy. And then there’s Larry Klayman crazy. I wonder if he’s doing it just so that the rigthwhiners can claim “Obama got sued too” when anyone brings up the fact that Trumpy has spent more time and money on litigation than most of us do sleeping and buying houses, respectively. On the other hand; it could be fun.

    It would be fun to watch the plaintiffs drag this out into an actual court case and then drag it out for months and years and then kick his ass and force him to pay the court costs. Especially if they find a way to have President Obama testify and stick Klayman with the bill for the extra security too.

    • “for endangering not just my life, as a white law enforcement person of Jewish origin, but also for all Americans, white, black, yellow or brown, no matter what their race or religion.”

      He’s not a “law enforcement person”, he;s a lawyer! Already the lawsuit is being filed on bogus grounds.

    • So,,, I be confused, Larry Klayhead. How has the president ” chosen to associate himself with these lowlifes in his quest to ram his latent hatred of whites, Jews and Christians down everyone’s throats. ”
      What actions has he taken or words he has spoken that would possibly be interpreted as anything resembling such an association…
      And, yes, as is pointed out by Wayne…Being an officer of the court does not make one qualified to self identify as ‘law enforcement’. More like legal bloodsucker.
      Can’t wait to see the first blush of ‘standing’ used to throw this bullshit suit in the gutter where it belongs.

      • Again with the “rammed down the throat” thing. Something is terribly wrong with these people. I suspect Klansman just wants attention, and donations.

  5. Now this is cool!

    In memory of Dad’s birthday I decided to look him up on Google. I found his patents, issued between 1959 and 1965 for actuators to position a head in a disk drive. I can’t figure out how to post a link to the PDF, much less explain what any of it means, but it did confirm that we might not have disk drives, as we know them today, without his pioneering work.

    Miss you, Dad!

      • And it gets cooler! I did figure out how to download the PDF and send it to my oldest friend. He sent it to another old friend I had lost contact with and he sent me a great email. It turns out that Dad, and I never heard this before, wrote the letter of recommendation that got my other old friend his first job out of college! By the end of the email the tears were flowing freely but they are good tears.

        I began at the point where I was celebrating Dad’s effect on people and came around, full circle, to the effect he had on one person; among many including myself.

        This has been a really good day!

        • That’s wonderful. How sweet to realize your dad made large contributions to technology and still had time to make those small contributions to humanity that still resonate so many years later. All any of us can do is advance the common good, sometimes in leaps, sometimes in baby steps. A good day indeed.

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