I will leave out all discussion on republics, inasmuch as in another place I have written of them at length, and will address myself only to principalities. In doing so I will keep to the order indicated above, and discuss how such principalities are to be ruled and preserved.

I say at once there are fewer difficulties in holding hereditary states, and those long accustomed to the family of their prince, than new ones; for it is sufficient only not to transgress the customs of his ancestors, and to deal prudently with circumstances as they arise, for a prince of average powers to maintain himself in his state, unless he be deprived of it by some extraordinary and excessive force; and if he should be so deprived of it, whenever anything sinister happens to the usurper, he will regain it.

We have in Italy, for example, the Duke of Ferrara, who could not have withstood the attacks of the Venetians in ’84, nor those of Pope Julius in ’10, unless he had been long established in his dominions. For the hereditary prince has less cause and less necessity to offend; hence it happens that he will be more loved; and unless extraordinary vices cause him to be hated, it is reasonable to expect that his subjects will be naturally well disposed towards him; and in the antiquity and duration of his rule the memories and motives that make for change are lost, for one change always leaves the toothing for another.



11 thoughts on “THE WATERING HOLE, WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2016

      • And, as far as we know, Trump hasn’t killed millions of people, but he is supported by people who would be happy to do so on his behalf, so they have that second part in common.

        • Indeed. The main difference is, I think, that Hitler had and held an intense hatred for Jews. Trump’s hatred is not that focused unless/until someone helps him with the the zoom button and the focusing knob. After that, it doesn’t matter — he has often demonstrated the ability to hate anyone at any time, depending on what he thinks is in it for him. That’s his big appeal to the focused haters out there; hate Muslims? OK. Women? Sure. Blacks? You betcha. China? Yeehaw. Nato? Yay! Messicans? Absolutely! Mosquitoes? SLAP!!

          Trump is the most dangerous ‘nothing’ that has shown up on this festered planet in a long time (a week at least). Tools-with-no-purpose can be like that.

  1. How good or bad a businessman is Herr Drumpf?
    Perhaps the answer can be found in this tidbit… Why won’t retailers move into Trump Tower?
    Salient quote:
    Seven years after the tower bearing the braggadocio’s name was completed with postcard-worthy views, the presumptive Republican nominee has not managed to lease out even one of his huge riverfront retail spaces at Trump Tower.

  2. No one should be the least bit surprised when Drumpf proclaims his Veep pick…Himself.

  3. I left the following comment at The Hill:

    Can you flag and block yourself? You should!

    I’m not quite sure what in those 8 words was cause for removal but Discus says it was!

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