The Watering Hole; Thursday July 14 2016; Total and Complete Irrationality, Republican Style

Welcome to the Republican Party of Donald Trump.

I ran across this video a couple of days ago, watched it (something I don’t often do), and realized afterward just how far this country has sunk into the muck and mire of total societal failure, how we’ve become a culture in which irrationality has bubbled to the surface to “refresh” all that old scum atop our pond.

The video’s audio is probably NSFW (video itself, no worries); for those so confined a full transcript can be found here, along with some ancillary comments and a quick summation of the charges filed against the perpetrator of the nonsense, one Mark Gordon, age 52, of rural San Diego County, California.

So there you have it, a preview of what will likely become the behavioral norm amongst Donald Trump’s most visible base of supporters should he somehow find the means to become POTUS.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently suggested that should Trump wind up in the Oval Office, “it’s time for us to move to New Zealand.” I couldn’t agree more; surely the SW corner of the Polynesian Triangle has far more to offer those with a functioning mind than it could ever offer Trump supporters — or Republicans of any persuasion, for that matter. Paradise, i.o.w. 😀


9 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Thursday July 14 2016; Total and Complete Irrationality, Republican Style

  1. Well well Ramona CA makes the national news again. I live in this rightwing redneck town. The “incident” occurred on Rangeland Rd. The bumper sticker on his truck is quite common here. I cannot upload a picture I took about 6 mos ago of the back window of a truck in front of me that said “diesel fuel makes me horny”. And there are so many Trump bumper stickers.
    This is all over the Ramona Facebook groups. Apparently Mark Gordon is rather well known here in east BuFu. He is supposedly running for some sort of office, but I didn’t read what that was and haven’t spoken to anyone around town that knows. At least not yet.
    The sheriffs dept. arrested him and the document was posted to one of the Facebook groups. Bail was set at $30k and he made bail and was released.
    By the way, this guy is a pilot. That and some other personal things about him are also posted. There is a lot of denial that this incident/attitude is rather common. I finally stopped reading the comments in these groups.
    Some years ago, I had an Obama bumper sticker on my car. It was torn off, and my tail lights were vandalized. That was the first time I ever displayed a political sticker, and the last time. In May, my neighbor, who is a pledged Sanders delegate and is going to Philly this month, had a large magnetic Bernie sign on the door of his truck that was parked in the lot of the Stater Bros grocery plaza in town. He returned to his truck to find the sign ripped into pieces and shoved under the windshield wipers. At least the truck wasn’t damaged.
    Rant over. Going back to sleep for now.

  2. Trump’s VP Pick: Mike Pence? Newt Gingrich? Chris Christie? Or ????

    Seems like that’s the only newsworthy on the horizon. Everywhere. Why? Does anyone anywhere actually give a shit, knowing full well that whomever he names, it will have to be at least as big a loser as Trump Hisseff?

    A few years back, Hair Furor said the Hillary Clinton would make a fine VP or President even. Maybe he’ll name her. Reduce the competition in the General a little bit.

    Meanwhile, the Yukamundo is starting to feel terminal.

    • All three of those men have their issues which would make them unsuitable for POTUS or VPOTUS. If Christie gets appointed to a cabinet position, I would interrogate him under oath as to what he and Trump discussed right before Christie endorsed him. If they discussed a cabinet job for his endorsement, they broke the law. And I speculate that this is what was on Christie’s mind when he stood behind Trump, like a deer in headlights. He was probably wondering to himself, “Did I make an illegal deal with Trump?” Newt has his own Bag O’ Ethics Problems, not least of which is being driven from his job due to his lack of ethics. And Pence has openly stated that he thinks Indianans want everyone to be like Jesus.

      Then again, I’m a Liberal and things like that matter to me.

  3. Trump has postponed his press conference tomorrow, ‘because of the terror attack’ in France.
    I guess he isn’t willing to share the news cycle with terrorists.

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