The Watering Hole, Monday, July 18, 2016: An Unfunny Trainwreck

Presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee and Narcissistic Mendacious Carnival Barker Donald J. Trump and his choice to be his running mate, Indiana Governor and anti-Woman, anti-LGBT, pro-Christian-and-no-other-religion department store female underwear mannequin, Mike Pence, sat down with CBS 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl for their first joint interview since the announcement was made. You’d think they just met in the hallway. It did not go as well as the Republican Party might hope, unless their hope was that Trump would forget to rein in his ego even a little bit and Pence would forget that his political career is coming to an end this November.

See the interview and a great summary of why this was a complete and total trainwreck here. While you’re there, count the lies Stahl allows Trump to Gish Gallop into his comments. Lies such as that he was against the Iraq War from the beginning, that Hillary Clinton “invented ISIS with her stupid policies,” and many others. And his refusal to directly answer questions like “How are you going to declare war on ISIS?” are very scary. This man is a buffoon, and there is absolutely no rational reason to believe he is competent in the least way to handle the responsibilities of being president. You cannot convince me otherwise. Go ahead. Try.

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21 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, July 18, 2016: An Unfunny Trainwreck

  1. In all my life I’ve never before seen a better reason to prepare — should Trump happen to prevail in November — to GTFO of this country ASAH(umanly)Possible! Near as I could tell, the sole moment of truth that emerged from his piehole was when he said that his family would be speaking at the convention. Beyond that, everything else he said came out of his piehole’s way-back door — as usual.

    As for Pence, the less said, the better. He essentially defines the phrase “a real zero of a man’ better than I’ve ever seen (with the possible exception of, say, Dan Quayle and W. Bush).

    Yesterday, our neighbors’ new baby was baptized, and we went to the post-ceremony celebration at their home. These neighbors are some of the nicest/finest people we’ve yet to meet — they’re from Venezuela, here legally (and their new “natural born” little girl is eligible to become POTUS in a few years!). Anyway, also as guests were some friends of theirs, a Venezuelan man and wife who currently live in Denver. They were great folks as well. The lady took a few moments to showcase some hand-sewn goods from Peru that she was selling; the money she got for the goods was intended to go to children in Venezuela, to help them survive the terrible economic problems the country is struggling to endure. During the course of conversation, she lambasted Trump, said she knew several people in Denver — natural born Americans — that were preparing to leave the US should Trump get elected POTUS. Then she laid it out when she said that in her mind (educated by reality), Trump would be at least as bad for the United States as Hugo Chavez had been for Venezuela. That from one who had watched first-hand the crumbling of a nation by greed and by the lust for power — those things that fascist tyrants like Hitler and like Trump have in common with leftist/commie tyrants like Stalin, like Fidelissimo, et al.

    Meanwhile, we wonder about the cost of one-way tickets out of here . . .

  2. Stahl repeatedly asked Pence to answer her question(s) and the idiot kept avoiding and not answering. (Water boarding you idiot). Mr midwestern values.

    • I just took a copy of the NY Magazine article to my landlord but he had a visitor. I handed the article to my landlord saying it was worth 10 points for Hillary and was ready to leave when my landlord said to wait. He first introduced the other man as the head of the local Republican Party and me to him as an ardent supporter of Hillary. I extended my hand and introduced myself and told the fellow, “Sucks to be you!”

  3. All kidding aside, this is going to be a rollicking good time in Cleveland. The blinders are on, whips are ready, and the race for maximum lunacy is about to begin. Invest in Jiffy popcorn and all dairy stocks, the price of butter is about to skyrocket.
    Drumpf will win the nomination and the Wizard of Oz will marvel that the Tin Man (no heart), the Scarecrow (no brain) and the Lion (total coward) have all come together in one flim-flam snake oil salesman. And adding a sack of pence to it to remediate the stench won’t help in the slightest.

  4. And here’s the gem of the morning from USAToday…Drumpf’s strategerizy to get the female vote…
    Trump’s female strategy: A new tone. Also, Ivanka
    From the deluded Drumpf “strategisteress”:
    “There are a lot of undercover Trump voters, and a lot of them are female,” KellyAnne Conway, a pollster and strategist who supported Texas Sen. Ted Cruz during the primaries but recently joined the Trump campaign, said in an interview. “They agree with him on issues but they aren’t there yet” to support him as a candidate

    Aren’t even on the same planet, with the exception of a few Stepford brides with abusive husbands and the typical dumbass trailer trash who hate all non-lily-whites just because…

    • “Undercover Trump voters”? WTF is that supposed to mean? They only support him in bed? Do they vote for him fraudulently under a different name? It’s no surprise to me that Ted lost if she was helping him.

  5. Full moon + Republican National Convention.
    I think not.
    Barking mad, howl at the moon sycophants gather in Cleveland.
    I’m going back to watching Night Court.
    Twelve seconds of a duck dynasty hair farmer was eleven and a half seconds too much for me.

    • But it was okay for a half-second?

      We tuned in when the former Navy Seal was ‘speaking’ – he was kinda crazy-eyed. That was enough for us – back to our Mets trailing the Cubbies.

  6. Wow! What vacuous spittle I’ve subjected myself to, listening to republican speech after speech of hollow rhetoric, anger, lies and projection of hate. Really disgusting shit. Anyhoo don’t watch; wait for Stewart/Colbert wrap-up.

    • If I was gonna watch this shit I’d have watched the VA delegation’s failed mutiny.Sucks to be them.

  7. And this happened too.

    Rather than address HIS convention, where every network would carry his speech, Trumpy decided to call in to Bill0, on the only openly right-wing network, to talk about how horrible black people are because they don’t want to be gunned down by white cops for no reason! Trumpy doesn’t even care if America, as a whole, hears his message. He is only speaking to a small minority of truly vile shit-stains!

    One way or another; I think this RNC convention is going to shape our future. Either We The People finally decide to crush these bugs or we will descend into a new Dark Age; with nuclear fucking weapons!

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