The Watering Hole, Tuesday July 19, 2016 – Environmental News and Food Politics

From the NY Times –Donald Trump on the Environment:


He does not just deny that climate change is occurring; he calls it a hoax, and says those who warn of global warming only want to raise taxes. He is less outspoken on other environmental issues, though he sued unsuccessfully in 2013 to block plans for wind turbines in Scotland that would power 65,000 homes, arguing, in part, that they would mar the view from a golf course he was proposing to build.

Read here.

Per Mother Jones – Mike Pence on the Environment:

“Global warming is a myth.”

Two peas in a pod.

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So Happy Together… la la la…    la…

Open thread.

24 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday July 19, 2016 – Environmental News and Food Politics

  1. What an uneventful event…..boring, like most things Republican. Bob Dole, the walking cadaver. making an appearance was the highlight.

  2. I will give Melania credit, she is fluent in five languages, which is 5 more than any of the others who spoke.

  3. So my take away form the RNC Convention so far (and it’s been like this the last few RNC conventions): if you don’t vote for us you will die.

  4. Where’s Wayne:

    Oh when the roll is called up yonder
    Tonight at the RNC
    I’ll be looking for a delegate
    To invoke Rule thirty-seven B

    • That is, of course, because it’s Obama’s personal responsibility to take care of everything. Problem is, he’s a Muslim and could care less about anything that matters. So nothing gets done no matter how hard the Repubs in the Senate and the House try. Obama just won’t let ’em do nothin’.

    • I heard one of Trump’s sons say that the campaign is now a movement. I agree, Trump’s campaign is a movement, a bowel movement.

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