Sunday Roast: Stupid stuff that makes me giggle

There’s a site on the vast interwebs called “Sad and Useless, the most depressive humor site on the internet,” and it has a post where people on the internet rename animals — which totally makes sense, if you think about it.

We’ve already enjoyed the brilliantly renamed Stab Rabbit, so here are a few more:

OMG, it’s our Wayne!!  Everybody wave!  *waving*

I mean seriously, who would actually call this thing an ostrich?  Pure silliness!

Finally, my favorite…Run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!

If you’d like to giggle up even more of a storm, go the site — they have more!!

This is our daily open thread — Make up names for your favorite animals!

29 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Stupid stuff that makes me giggle

      • My happiness just increased 100 fold, just because you said hi!

        The heat index is at 100 and I’ve retreated into AC for only the 3rd time this year.

          • Here at 6000+ ft elevation, it’s been between 90 and 100 for the better part of 2 wks. Low humidity though, so night time temps are pleasant. It was just over 60 when I got up at 5:30 this morning. The extra high temps are very unusual for us here. We are SO lucky there’s no such thing as global warming – hard to imagine what THAT would be like! I should ask Inhofe, maybe. He’d know.

            • I’m in Pachy’s general area and we haven’t had any significant rain.
              For a place that usually receives rain like clockwork almost everyday this time of year, this is abnormal. Things are getting dry and starting to turn brown which is quite unusual for these parts.

            • Thank goodness for the low humidity, right? We’ve had a fairly mild summer up until now, but the temps are going start inching up in the next few days. That 40+ degree swing at night saves our burning hineys.

  1. Jeff Gordon’s ‘retirement’ ends in just a few minutes when the green flag drops for the Brickyard 400. His last race was 245 days ago at Homestead, Florida.

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