The Watering Hole; Friday July 29 2016; RiffRaff Riffs

Riff: a melodic phrase, often constantly repeated, forming an accompaniment or part of an accompaniment for a soloist.

Donald Trump Invites Russia to Find Missing Hillary Clinton’s Emails

On Thursday morning, a fair number of media gabbers (on MSNBC, Morning Joe) were referring to Trump’s absurd suggestion — that Russia should hack Hillary’s emails, hopefully find the ‘33,000’ that were missing, deleted, whatever — was really only a Riff on Trump’s part. Now, I always thought I had at least a basic idea as to what a “riff” was supposed to be, and no matter how many times I watched the video of Trump’s Russia comments, I didn’t see any sign of a “riff.” No melodic phrase . . . constantly repeated . . . no accompaniment for a soloist.  So I kept wondering: why call what he said a Riff?

Hmmm. Riff . . . Riff? . . . Raff?  RiffRaff!  Yeah!!! Trump!!

Riffraff: people who are not respectable : people who have very low social status

Finally I have it figured: when Trump speaks, it’s a RiffRaff Riff!!

Trump’s not alone in that, of course. So, in order to add substance and definition to RiffRaff Riff, here are a handful of Non-Trumpian examples snagged from very recent RWW posts:

Michael Savage: The U.S. Government ‘Has Been Occupied By ISIS’

“That devil in the White House has flooded America with people from countries that never belonged here . . .

“This is the America of the future: Don’t work, practice a religion that hates everybody else. How in the world can a nation survive this? A nation can survive its fools and even the criminals, but it cannot survive an enemy within; it cannot survive a traitor within.

“How do we know how many work in this government? It’s as though we’ve been occupied already. Every day I wake up and I think that the government itself has been occupied by ISIS or ISIS sympathizers or ISIS propagandists. It doesn’t matter anymore because there’s no discussion of it at the DNC — what does that tell you Hillary will do if, God forbid, that harridan criminal is elected?”

Classic RiffRaff Riff, right?

Here’s another one:

Frank Gaffney: Democrats ‘Aligned With Our Enemies,’ Will ‘Doom All Of Us’

“The bigger question, which I think more and more of us are tumbling to watching this spectacle is not just the ignoring of that reality, it is the aligning with our enemies. You talked earlier about Tim Kaine having done a lot of that with the Muslim Brotherhood. He’s not alone. There are whole bunches of them in the progressive movement. Look at the Palestinian flags. Look at people burning Israel’s flag and burning the American flag. These people are on the wrong side. I’m sorry for Democrats, I used to be one myself, who are now being completely disenfranchised by a party that is aligned with our enemies and not with America. They will doom all of us if they have their way.”

That one’s almost musical! A genuine RiffRaff Riff! Yay Gaffney!

OK, one more. This one may be beyond a RiffRaff Riff, might even qualify as a RiffRaff Symphony — you be the judge:

Wayne Allyn Root:
Obama’s DNC Speech ‘Could Have Been Written By Lucifer Himself’ And ‘Delivered By The Anti-Christ’

I give both political and business speeches all over America, and all over the world. I know a great speech when I see and hear one. Obama’s speech last night at the DNC was masterful. It was one of the greatest political speeches I’ve ever heard.

There was one problem: It was 100 percent fiction, fraud and fantasy.

If it were given by any CEO in America at a shareholders meeting, or a press conference in front of the media, that CEO would face life in prison for fraud and misrepresentation.

Any screenwriter in Hollywood could have made it up out of thin air and won an Academy Award. It could have been a speech written by Bernie Madoff.

It could have been written by Lucifer himself, to be delivered by the anti-Christ.

(. . .)

Obama himself is the psychopath, sociopath and ego-maniac who rules as a tyrant, by issuing executive orders, ignoring the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law, and making believe Congress doesn’t exist. Every word directed at Trump described Obama, Obama’s last eight years of rule and Obama’s voters.

Lucifer himself would be proud.

There. RiffRaff Riffs defined!! Thanks, Hair Furor Drumpf — finally we can all agree on what to call (and how to define) most any conservative baloney, regardless of the speaker/writer!! We owe it all to you, Hair Furor (along with due credit also to Morning Joe, of course).

(Bowing in Trump’s general direction)


32 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday July 29 2016; RiffRaff Riffs

  1. There is something seriously wrong with anyone who wakes up every morning thinking about how our government has been occupied by ISIS. I think health insurance companies are now required to cover mental health services.

    • I’m glad he lives in Charlottesville, home of UVA and Thomas Jefferson. 45 miles to the NE and my town wouldn’t even want the gentleman to have a place to worship.

        • Precisely. The ONLY person has ever loved or can ever love is himself. All others on the planet are here solely for his convenience, and if they get in his way, there comes the Trump Hates Love personification.

      • My right-wing friends really are struggling with the statement “love trumps hate.” On it’s face, what’s there to really disagree with? But they can’t stand that Hilary said it.

  2. Ann Coulter Compares Mothers Of The Movement’s Children To ISIS Terrorists

    In her syndicated column today, Ann Coulter lashed out at Hillary Clinton for featuring the Mothers of the Movement, a group of African-American mothers who have lost children to gun violence and police abuses, at the Democratic National Convention.

    Titling her column “When Do The Mothers Of ISIS Speak?,” Coulter criticized the DNC for “celebrating the anti-police group Black Lives Matter” and including Lezley McSpadden, the mother of Michael Brown, whose only “claim to fame,” according to Coulter, is “raising a hoodlum” and “giving birth to, and then carefully nurturing, a violent, cop-assaulting criminal.”

    Such a Sweetie COW pie she is. Owned by love hate.

  3. A study of grand irony, also of inborn stupidity.

    Mike Pence: ‘I Don’t Think Name Calling Has Any Place In Public Life’

    Yesterday on “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” Mike Pence defended the “extremely considerate and kind” Donald Trump from President Obama’s suggestion that Trump is a “demagogue,” and said he was insulted that anyone would ever tag Trump in such a way: “I don’t think name calling has any place in public life.”

  4. I visited my landlord this morning. I gave him a picture of the Donald with TRAITOR printed across it. I also gave him copies of 4 articles about Trump and Manafort and the Russian connection.

    Interestingly enough he did not have Fox on, he was watching a local channel doing an in depth examination of pizza options in the Jacksonville area. We spoke briefly about Peckerhead Pete’s shrimp business but digressed on the best method to cook shrimp, crabs and lobster.

    We agreed that we were witnessing historic times. I commented, “Scalia and the death of the Republican party thanks to con man Trump!”

    Whee I rose to leave I paused at the wall displaying his pictures. Pointing to the one of him shaking Ronald Reagan’s hand, I turned and said, “Reagan said ‘Tear down this wall,’ and Trump wants to build a wall.” Pointing to the picture of my landlord talking to GHW Bush at the Whitehouse I said, “Just think, you’ve lived to witness the birth of the Reagan Revolution and now the demise of conservatism!”

    I enjoyed my walk back.

  5. MSNBC unearths three-year-old interview with Trump in Moscow: ‘I do have a relationship’ with Putin

    MSNBC unearthed an interview from three years ago that suggests Trump not only knows Putin, but also was aware Putin was monitoring him in some fashion. The interview was conducted by MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts in Moscow, ahead of a Miss Universe pageant.

    “I do have a relationship, and I can tell you that he’s very interested in what we’re doing here today,” Trump told Roberts, when asked about his relationship with Putin. “He’s probably very interested in what you and I are saying today and I’m sure he’s going to be seeing it in some form. But I do have a relationship with him and I think it’s very interesting to see what’s happened.”

    He then reiterated his frequent praise of Putin as a leader while disparaging President Barack Obama.

    “I mean look, he’s done a very brilliant job in terms of what he represents and what he’s representing,” Trump said. “If you look at what he’s done with Syria, if you look at so many of the different things, he has really eaten our president’s lunch, let’s not kid ourselves.”

    Trump claimed in an interview Wednesday with CBS that, “I have nothing to do with Russia.”

  6. Wayne Grudem: It’s A Sin Not To Vote For Donald Trump

    “This year we have an unusual opportunity to defeat Hillary Clinton and the pro-abortion, pro-gender-confusion, anti-religious liberty, tax-and-spend, big government liberalism that she champions,” he said. “I believe that defeating that kind of liberalism would be a morally right action. Therefore I feel the force of the words of James: ‘Whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin’ (James 4:17).”

    Some may feel it is easier just to stay away from this messy Trump-Clinton election, and perhaps not even vote. But the teachings of Scripture do not allow us to escape moral responsibility by saying that we decided to do nothing. The prophet Obadiah rebuked the people of the Edom for standing by and doing nothing to help when the Babylonians conquered Jerusalem: “On the day that you stood aloof, on the day that . . . foreigners entered his gates and cast lots for Jerusalem, you were like one of them.” (Obadiah 1:11).

    One thing I realized a LONG time ago about sinning: it can be SO MUCH MORE FUCKING FUN than just . . . than doing what god said/says!

    Msg. to Drumpf: I’m voting for Hillary. As for Obadiah, Bite me.

    • I can’t decide which is more amusing. The fact that the fundies will vote for a twice divorced, tax return hiding, fraud indicted, thin-skinned bully who has never held any position of public trust but has been accused of rape over a former Secretary of State and U.S. senator of great accomplishment who has also remained married to a guy she had every reason to divorce; or the fact that they actually think Hillary is a “librul”.

      • The greatest sin on earth is being and acting like a librul; libruls want to take everything you got and give it to lazy bums who ain’t white like they oughtta be, and who prolly don’t even go to church. Jesus never liked them buggers neither. It’s in the buybull.

    • Message to Grudem: I plan to heed the words of James. I know the right thing to do, and I plan to do it. As for Obadiah, I will not permit fascists to enter DC, nor will I stand aloof while they afflict my fellow men.

  7. Mike Pence slams Obama: Politics is not the place for name calling.

    Apparently Pence has been in a deep coma during Obama’s presidency, didn’t watch his own party’s presidential debates and plugs his ears when his running mate opens his big mouth. Typical GOP/Christian right b.s “Do as I say, not as I do.” Calling Mister Pot, Kettle is on line 2.

  8. I’m not a big country music fan but I recently saw a documentary on ‘The Highwaymen’ (Waylon, Willie, Johnny, Kris K) on PBS’s American Masters and felt compelled to try something different and recorded a vocal cover of their song ‘Highwayman’

  9. A friend sent me the link to this video and now I’m feeling very, very, old and very, very, inadequate! I’ll have to do a little research and see what the young folk are up to now. Even if the music isn’t your favorite style I think you will appreciate the talent and performing chops.

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