The Watering Hole; Friday August 5 2015; “From the Odors Borne . . . When the Wind is Within”

I infer from the Odors borne —
Of its Voice — to affirm — when the Wind is within —
Can the Dumb — define the Divine?
(Emily Dickinson)


First the good news:


A neuroscientist explains what may be wrong with Trump supporters’ brains

I doubt they’ve got it all figured, but at least it’s a start. If they can pin it down, maybe some refreshed gun laws will disallow all Republicans from buying guns? We can hope. Meanwhile, here’s more work for neuroscientists everywhere, aka From the odors borne . . . when the Wind is within:

William Gheen: Obama Administration-Backed Socialists Will Rig The Election

Ann Coulter: Democrats Want To ‘Make America Muslim’

Bryan Fischer: $400 Million Payment To Iran Is ‘Our Sharia Compliant President Paying A Jizya Tax’

Glenn Beck’s Current Caliphate: Russia Is Trying To Collapse America And Foment Revolution

D’Souza: Obama’s Foreign Policy An ‘Un-American Project’

Donald Trump: ‘We’ve Got To Stop Being The Stupid Country Run By Very Stupid People’

And speaking of “Very Stupid People” . . .


‘We’re fixing it’

Right. Sure. Ok. If you say so. Better hurry though, because

GOP reaches ‘new level of panic’ over Trump’s candidacy

Personally, I find it easier to view the entire fiasco through the eyes of one of America’s Greatest Poets, one who somehow managed to sum up, some 150 years ago, today’s Republican Party Fiasco, when she wrote:

What madness, by their side,
A vision to provide
Of future days
They cannot praise.

My soul, to find them, come,
They cannot call, they’re dumb . . .
(Emily Dickinson)

The perfect summation: “They’re dumb.” Yes. Indeed. No argument; and too, it’s equally clear that The Dumb CANNOT Define the Divine (not even sure the Divine can define the Dumb in these days of the Trumpanista Noise Machine — need more data, clearly).




55 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday August 5 2015; “From the Odors Borne . . . When the Wind is Within”

    • He saw that video on the same channel as when he saw the muslims celebrating the fall of the trade towers in New Jersey.

    • Fascinating that a significant number of his knuckle-draggers neither heard of nor care about the Khan spat.

  1. The stooped with Drumpf and his intellectually vacant supporters is deep. A virtual bottomless cesspool of shitstained broken glass.

    • I feel sorry for the horse.

      Reminds me of that old joke about the time two guys — make ’em Putin and Trump — were riding on the same horse. They met some hikers who were laughing at them, overheard one of them say, “look at the two assholes on that horse!” So Trump got off and walked around in back of the horse and was about to raise the horse’s tail to see for himself when all of a sudden Putin spurred the horse. It took off running, and Trump hasn’t seen either Putin or the horse ever since.

      • So this horse walks into a bar and the bartender says: Why the long face?
        The horse replies, you’d have a long face too if had two useless dicks.

      • No question she does, especially following Drumpf’s endorsement of Russia’s annexation of Crimea and invasion of Ukraine…. everyone with a border to Putin’s New Fascist Russia is scared shitless about the orange-haired spunktrumpet

  2. Anyone catch David Duke this AM on NPR? Steve Inskeep could barely keep from throwing up.

    • Number of hours my TV will be tuned to Olympic anything: 0

      Number of commercials for Olympics run by NBC during races I will likely watch: Way too many.

  3. ‘We’re fixing it’ – soon as I’ve finished this sandwich here… oh and these Cheetos too … and is that a doughnut?

  4. Good news!! Truth revealed!!

    Wayne Allyn Root: Donald Trump Is A Vicious, Vengeful, Foul-Mouthed ‘War President’ Sent By God

    “I think we need a war president and I think God sent us someone named Donald Trump,” Root said. “I think he’s perfect for this election. We needed someone who is a bit coarse and foul-mouthed and vicious and fights with a gun in a gunfight, not with a knife in a gun fight.”

    “I think he’s the right guy at that right time,” he continued, “and I get very mad when Christians try and tell me that they’re not going to vote for him because he’s just too coarse and too foul and too vicious and he says offensive things. When you read the Bible, I read tons of vengeful things, I read tons of war and death and people being punished by God. God is not always nice; this God takes vengeance when he’s mad at you and he sends really vicious people when you need them.”

    “We’re in a war to save America, I think from the devil, I think from the Antichrist, I think from a biblical prophecy that someone is going to take down this country and it’s pretty clear to me it’s happening right now,” Root concluded.

    It’s all just SO SIMPLE! — once you’re brain is dead.

  5. Am I the only person that noticed that Trump referenced New York Philharmonic Hall, a venue at Lincoln Center that was renamed Avery Fisher Hall in 1973 and renamed David Geffen Hall last year. I wonder if Trump uses the original name because Aver Fisher’s $50 million donation and David Geffen’s $100 million donation remind him of what a loser he is?

    • I would think that a yuuge donation person like Trump would have beaten out both Fisher and Geffen, had it named Drumpf Hall, maybe Drumpf Purple Heart Hall.

  6. #50 with a dour optimism, a classic, a musical tome of unbending honesty, and my swan song for America.

  7. Derrike Cope’s car explodes yesterday during the Xfinity race at Watkins Glen. Nascar has impounded the car for evaluation and has not yet released a reason for the explosion. I’ve seen a lot of engines let go during races, but I’ve never seen one blow like this.

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