Sunday Leftovers: Mocking Trump

I found one of these videos posted in the Raw Story comments by “sam202.”  All the words are Trump’s own, but a genius named Peter Serafinowicz dubbed him to sound all catty and Liberace-like.

I think the dubbed voice is more appropriate for the gossipy content of Trump’s speeches anyway.

This is our totally late — so late we’re down to leftovers — open thread.

26 thoughts on “Sunday Leftovers: Mocking Trump

  1. Today’s Reliable Sources is all about how unfair the media is to Trump. As Badmoodman used to say, that’s the joke.
    Oh, they’re reporting how CNN and MSRNC are fact-checking Trump and his surrogates in real time via the chyrons.

  2. Let me make myself CLEAR!

    For a long time, I’ve had an accelerating distaste for Republicans and their “politics” involving hate, fear and greed, including the handing over of every viable asset in the world to their benefactors, the rich fucksticks. But my attitude has evolved, has changed. Today there’s no longer a ‘growing distaste,’ it’s far more simply stated this way:

    I HATE STUPID FUCKERS! Republicans, i.o.w.

    OTOH, I highly respect black people, illegal and legal immigrants, Asians, Mexicans, Hispanics, Italians, Greeks, Russians, Indians, Muslims, Hindus, Polynesians, Eskimos, Aboriginal Americans, Aboriginal Australians, Polish people, Finlanders, British, Scots, Germans, the Dutch, even the French — EXCEPT FOR THOSE AMONG THEM, INCLUDING INTERBREDS, WHO MIGHT IDENTIFY AS REPUBLICANS, AKA STUPID FUCKERS!

    Like Trump, for example.

    • Don’t waste energy on hate, friend. Enjoy the fact that we are not as limited by fear as the “stupid fuckers”. We can go through our days without wearing a gun, fearing our neighbors, or piss our pants over the fact that secret terrorists are planning to attack our local Dairy Queen.

      • Fear is alien to me, always has been. And I’ve always hated hate, the concept. Then came Trump and the portion of the Republican Party that worships him, and now every time I turn on the TV and watch some news, I fall off the wagon. Personally, I’ll contribute $5 toward Trump’s one-way ticket to Russia and $10 toward Snowden’s return fare once the hostage exchange is finalized and Putin is satisfied with his new lap dog.

        Until then, I guess I’d better quit watching the news!

    • All I can generate for Dump is contempt. How dare he treat our country like his own personal playground? He’s only there to break all the equipment and leave the place full of garbage and ex-wives.

  3. Sigh… Trumpy is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to batsacat crazy GOoPers running for office. Call me crazy but I would rather vote for people who consider weapons to be the absolute last, and worst, possible solution for a problem.

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