August 9, 2016

Seventy-one years ago today in Nagasaki Japan, this:

Tens of thousands of innocent people were killed instantly, tens of thousands more died in months to come, from radiation. Three days earlier, the city and people Hiroshima had the same horrors visited upon them. Proof of our “greatness,” some have said, some still say.


Are we, as humans, willing to let it all happen again, and on a scale thousands-fold larger? It’s been reported that Donald Trump, in a meeting with foreign policy experts and advisors, three times asked them the question why the United States shouldn’t use nuclear weapons. We have them, after all, why not use them?

Just last year, the argument was put forward that the United States spend one trillion dollars over the span of 2-3 decades to “modernize” its nuclear arsenal.

Why? Are we nuts? (I know, answer obvious). Apparently we’ve learned NOTHING in 71 years, other than how to destroy cities, elect fools and waste money. Too bad we can’t find the money to pay for researching the means to destroy fools instead.

I know, dream on.

R.I.P. Nagasaki victims.


The Worldly hope men set their Hearts upon
Turns Ashes – or it prospers; and anon,
Like Snow upon the Desert’s dusty Face,
Lighting a little hour or two – is gone.
(Omar Khayyam, ca. 1100 A.D.)




22 thoughts on “August 9, 2016

  1. The Drumpfenfuher is a mad man. Our allies and enemies are watching this all in disbelief, and it’s just too fucking bad we have to live through it. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll learn from all of this.

    • Interesting. Maybe we should all hope to come back as a Bonsai tree! Best part would be that there wouldn’t be any more Donald Trumps out there. There’s never been a stupid Bonsai, afaik anyway. 😉

  2. Nancy Letourneau nails it at WaPo today
    What Trump is Going to Change: Nothing
    Salient quote(s)
    “Asked by Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo what his campaign needs to do to escape from the polling hole it has sunk into, Trump said his campaign needs only “steadiness” and for him to continue “just doing what I’m doing.””

    “As he often does, Trump pointed to the size of the crowds at his rallies as evidence that his campaign is successfully reaching voters.”

    “I certainly don’t think it’s appropriate to start changing all of a sudden when you’ve been winning,” he said. “I mean I’ve beaten many people, and now we’re down to one. And we’ll see how it all works out, but I think it’s going to work out well.”

    Hair Drumpfuhrer is so much like Adolf Hitler, as the Russians were kicking the German army back through Eastern Europe in 43 and 44… In denial, and that ain’t a river in Egypt.

        • I’m thinking that if Hillary wins and Trump simply says one time, post-election, the word “rigged” — every Republican I know (and most of the ones I don’t know) will immediately yell ‘RIGGED RIGGED RIGGED RIGGED RIGGED . . .’ for months to come, maybe years. And if Issahole (R-CA) happens to get reelected, that the House will waste more money investigating the RIGGED election than they pissed away on Benghazi AND emails, combined, times ten. And he’ll have Mr. weird-shaped-head Gowdy (R-SC) helping him every step of the way.

          We ain’t seen nothin’ yet, i.o.w.

          Oh — and Drumpf will declare bankruptcy. Again.

        • But it’s been the Republicans who’ve been rigging elections thanks to the electronic voting machines that Shrub required everyone to get. They are easily hackable if you know how to do it, and they can fool the precinct monitors into thinking they’ve been reset to zero when they’ve actually been set to Trump +500, Clinton -500. Go to Black Box Voting to more.

          The only reason Conservatives would suggest the election was rigged is because that’s what THEY would do if they thought they could get away with it. And they can, because they have before. They will never, ever accept the simple fact that a majority of Americans do not want to live under Conservative rule, no matter what they say they want. Most are too ill-informed to realize Republicans are going to give the wealthy more tax breaks than they could ever need or use and ignore or cut off programs that help the poor, which are often Republicans.

        • The biggest way elections have been rigged in the last several cycles is through Gerrymandering, and tinkering with the electoral college process in some states.

          • The ‘electoral college process’ is, it seems to me, a terribly outdated setup, one that should be done away with via Constitutional amendment. Don’t have to look very far back to see electoral rigging — Ohio for Bush in 2004, and the Florida fiasco (for Bush) in 2000. Popular vote via SECURE! voting machines would easily do the electoral trick these days, and with no mystery. No need anymore for the electors to get together with their respective electoral percentage numbers — not when tens of millions of votes can be counted in an hour or two. I do understand that without an EC, Wyoming’s electoral power compared to California’s might shrink a little, but oh well.

            • Ironically, Trump is the type of candidate that the Founders were fearing when they set up the electoral college. Someone who could strike all the populist chords, but would be a disaster for the Republic. Some electors in states where they’re still free to vote their conscience have rumbled about not casting for Trump.

  3. Now, this IS funny
    Donald Trump Says ‘I Want to Debate Very Badly.’ But He Has Conditions
    Quoth the HairBrained
    “I renegotiated the debates in the primaries, remember? They were making a fortune on them and they had us in for three and a half hours and I said that’s ridiculous,” Trump said. “I’m sure they’ll be open to any suggestions I have, because I think they’ll be very fair suggestions. But I haven’t [seen the conditions] yet. They’re actually presented to me tonight.”

    So, to be clear, he wants debates, loves to make a fool of himself, but he has reservations and conditions, except that he doesn’t know what they are, just that he will be told tonight what they are.
    Sure HairFuhrer, you assklown.

    • My guess is that his main condition will be that yes, he LOVES to debate, but not with anyone else on stage, particularly a woman. She might make him look like a stupid shit, and that would NOT be fair. It would, in fact, be PROOF that the debate was RIGGED!

  4. Saw this humorous meme about Trump’s 2nd Amendment comment:

    Trump Voter: I like Trump because he says what he means.
    Trump: ‘Someone shoot my opponent.’
    Trump Voter: He didn’t mean that.

  5. Trump supporter: I like Trump because he says what he means.

    Trump: Shoot Hillary.

    Trump supporter: That’s not what he meant to say.

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